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How Much Does It Cost To Drive?

posted by Blake Bott
Monday Dec. 08, 2008

When planning a vacation, one of the first questions you may ask yourself is "How much will it cost?"  Deciding how to get there can majorly affect the cost of your vacation.  We've created a formula that you can use to determine how much it will cost your family to drive to our two most popular vacation destinations:  Disneyland and San Diego!  Just select the information that applies to you and start your vacation planning!

Vehicles: MPG Tank Size
Average Minivan: 24 mpg. 20 gallons
Average SUV: 24 mpg. 20 gallons
Large SUV: 20 mpg. 29 gallons
Average Sedan: 30 mpg. 16 gallons
Large Sedan: 27 mpg. 18 gallons
City: Disneyland* San Diego*
Albuquerque: 784 miles 814 miles
Austin: 1,363 miles 1,300 miles
Boise: 1,020 miles 1,087 miles
Dallas: 1,422 miles 1,360 miles
Denver: 1,015 miles 1,082 miles
Fresno: 245 miles 339 miles
Houston: 1,532 miles 1,469 miles
Las Vegas: 273 miles 340 miles
Phoenix: 358 miles 355 miles
Portland: 989 miles 1,082 miles
Sacramento: 412 miles 505 miles
Salt Lake City: 677 miles 744 miles
San Antonio: 1,338 miles 1,275 miles
San Francisco: 501 miles 407 miles
Seattle: 1,164 miles 1,257 miles
Tucson: 419 miles 409 miles

  Average MPG: 25 mpg
  Average Tank: 20 gallons
  National Average: $1.70 a gallon
  Average Price per Tank: $34.00
  Average Miles a Tank: 500 miles

The Formulas:

MPG x Tank Size = Miles per Tank
Gas Price x Tank Size = Price per Tank

Destination Distance x 2 = Round Trip Mileage
Round Trip Mileage / Miles per Tank = Times Needed to Fill Up
Times Needed to Fill Up x Price per Tank = Total Cost To Drive!

*Destination Mileage is Only One Way!


Vehicle = Mini Van
Starting Destination = Salt Lake City, Utah
Ending Destination = Disneyland

24 mpg x 20 gallons = 480 miles per tank
$1.53 a gallon (Utah Average) x 20 gallons = $30.60 per tank

SLC to Disneyland (Roundtrip) = 1,354 miles
1,354 miles / 480 miles per tank = 2.8 times needed to fill up
2.8 x $30.60 = $85.68 Total Cost For Gas!!!

With low gas prices and our low vacation prices, your vacation package to the Disneyland® Resort or San Diego is closer than you think!  Take advantage of our free night specials for even more savings! Book any of our Disneyland packages or other great destinations online or call our agents at 855-GET-AWAY.


Jacque on December 23, 2008 at 11:07 AM
Thanks. I think we're going to drive to Disneyland. We debated between flying or driving, but this sure helped us see how affordable it would be to drive right now. I'm going to email this to some friends and get them to come to!
Mysterious Person on September 14, 2014 at 11:41 PM
Thank you so much! I am planning a trip to DL and my mother says I have to save half the price and she will take me... Thanks for the help!!! :D
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