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Lime MICKEY Recipe

By Adelle Belnap 07/10/2014

Lime Rickeys are a pretty popular drink around these parts. Once you try a sip, you will know why! Adding a touch of grape syrup to a lemon lime soda creates a delicious summertime refreshment. Since we love bringing Disney magic home, we deiced to change things up a bit with a new twist to our favorite drink - Lime Mickeys!

Here's what you'll need:

Grape Syrup (recipe below)

Lemon Lime Soda




The secret to a tasty Lime Mickey is the homemade grape syrup. It is sweet and adds just the right amount of grape flavor to the beverage. You can make a batch in a matter of minutes.

You will need:

2 C Sugar
1 C Water
1 Package of Grape Koolaid

Combine the water and sugar in saucepan. Stir over medium heat until the sugar is dissolved. Let the contents boil for a few minutes and then remove from heat.

Add the flavor packet and stir until it is completely incorporated.

Transfer the syrup into a container that will be good for pouring and for storage.

Start making your Lime Mickey by cutting a lime into round slices. Put a few slices of lime at the bottom of your glass and then add ice. Cut a small slit into the side of two lime circles and hang them over the side of your glass to create the Mickey ears.

Pour some grape syrup into the cup. It is very sweet, so start with just a little bit and then add more later if you want more flavor. Then add your lemon lime soda to taste. Stir with a spoon or straw to mix the flavors together. Enjoy!

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Adelle Belnap