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China at Epcot® will immerse you in the fascinating story of the country’s ancestors.

China at Epcot®

Watch as the story of China and its history unfolds at the World Showcase pavilion in Epcot®. You’ll be amazed by gravity-defying acrobats and have the chance to meet a beloved warrior princess. See below for all there is to see and do while visiting China at Epcot®.

Attractions & Entertainment in China at Epcot®:

House of the Whispering Willows, Jeweled Dragon Acrobats, Meet Mulan in China, Reflections of China

Shopping in China at Epcot®:

Good Fortune Gifts, House of Good Fortune, Village Traders

Dining in China at Epcot®:

Joy of Tea, Lotus Blossom Café, Nine Dragons Restaurant, Refreshment Cool Post

Ni hao! China at Epcot® will leave you awed as soon as you take a step through the arched gateway, inspired by Beijing’s Temple of Heave. Intricate details can be found all through the pavilion, especially when viewing the carvings throughout the architecture. Multiple bamboo groves and bonds make China at Epcot® both a beautiful and relaxing place to step away from the crowds.

The attractive pavilion offers more than just beauty. You can be dazzled by the Jeweled Dragon acrobats or even meet Mulan. Then learn all about the country during the Reflections of China film. You’ll feel like you are truly walking along the Great Wall of China or the Yangtze River during this iconic feature. Disney has recently announced they are in the process of creating a new film for the pavilion with never-before-seen technology. With a new immersive camera and film system, we can’t wait to see the new footage when it debuts!

China at Epcot® also offers the opportunity to enjoy traditional Chinese food at the Nine Dragons Restaurant and Lotus Blossom Café. Once you’ve had your fill, don’t forget to stop at the House of Good Fortune for souvenirs. Silk clothing, jade carvings and Yixing teapots are only a few of the distinct gifts you’ll find at the China pavilion.

Please note, the above information about China at Epcot® may be incomplete, seasonal, and/or subject to change at any time.