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3 Ways to Make a Beach Towel Better
December 11, 2013
Author: Adelle Belnap

Are you heading to the beach? Check out these fun and simple ways to transform your beach towel from ordinary to extraordinary.

How to Make a Beach Towel Better

How to Make a Beach Towel Better - DIY Poncho

If you have kids, you know that one of the hardest part about going to the ocean or to the pool is transporting all of the gear. You have a cooler, diaper bag, snacks, life jackets, pool toys, towels and more. This lack of space inspired the beach towel poncho. Kids can wear their towel, thus freeing up hands and bag space for other items! The poncho also acts as a cover-up from the sun and keeps kids warm when they are wet. It is incredibly easy to do and transforms the beach towel to something so handy and convenient.

DIY Poncho Supplies

One Bath or Beach Towel
12 inches Double Folded Bias Tape
Sewing Supplies

Fold the towel in half so the long sides are bent. It will look almost square. (Sometimes this is referred to as the "Hamburger Fold" as opposed to the "Hot Dog Fold" where the towel would be long and thin like a hot dog bun.)

Cut a 5 inch slit down the center of the towel. This creates the hole that will pull over the child's head.

Sew your bias tape along each side of the slit. Make sure you are catching the bias tape with your sewing stitch on the under side of your towel. Bias tape has one side that is slightly wider than the other. I like to put the longer side on the underneath. This makes it easier to catch it when I am sewing.

When you get to the end of the slit, tuck the bias tape under so it makes a nice finished look.

After you have stitched both sides, do a zig-zag stitch around the entire neckline.

It's as easy as that! This design is great because the hole almost disappears entirely when the towel is laid flat. So, it can still be used for laying in the sand. Kids think it is great and it is one less thing for Mom or Dad to carry.

How to Make a Beach Towel Better - Tic Tac Toe Towel Game

The Tic Tac Toe Towel is inspired purely by fun. It is always nice to be entertained. Why not make your beach towel a game board? You can be creative with your game pieces. Collect shells on the beach or use candy or chips from the snack bag. This simple transformation can provide hours of fun for the whole family.

Beach Towel Game Supplies

One Beach Towel
68 Inches of 1 Inch Thick Ribbon
Sewing Supplies

Fold your towel in half lengthwise and than again widthwise to find the center point on your towel. Mark it with a pin or with a small marker dot.

Cut four pieces of ribbon that are 17 inches long. My ribbon is 1 inch thick. Starting at your center point, measure 2 1/2 inches in each direction. Lay your strips of ribbon so they form a square around the center point along the 2 1/2 inch line. Your square should measure 5x5 inches along the inside.

Straighten the ribbon. Each section of your board should measure 5 inches. Once you're satisfied with your game board layout, pin it in place using straight pins. Be sure to pin each edge and along the intersections.

Sew along the ribbon. Line the edge of the ribbon up directly with your needle guide so the stitch is right along the edge.

Once all of the pieces are sewed in place, your board is complete! Have fun.

How to Make a Beach Towel Better - DIY Towel Pocket

A towel pocket is a handy way to make your beach towel more efficient. Instead of carrying a purse to the beach, you can slip a few of your belongings into the pocket on your towel. You won't have to worry about an extra bag.

Towel Pocket Supplies

One Towel
One Coordinating Wash Cloth
Sewing Supplies

Start with your wash cloth. Cut it into two pieces by trimming three inches off the top.

Fold the cut edge of the fabric over about 1/4 inch and sew it down. Do this for the small piece and for the larger piece as well.

Pin the 3 inch strip onto the larger section of cloth. This forms an upper pocket for small compartments.

Sew along the sides and bottom of the small pocket. Leave the top open. I wanted to make this top pocket into three small compartments, so I sewed down the pocket in two places.

Place the entire pocket onto the beach towel. Center it in place towards the bottom of the towel. Pin it in place and then sew along the sides and bottom. Make sure to leave the top open! I made the large pouch into two sections by sewing a line down the pouch. If you want to make it extra secure, sew around the pouch using a zig-zag stitch.

It's as easy as that! Now you can fill your towel with all sorts of fun supplies.

Whether you are headed to the beach, the pool, or looking for ways to pack light for a cruise, try using these simple tricks to make your beach towel even better! And if you want help finding that perfect cruise or beach vacation, check out our specials online or call one of our travel experts at 855-GET-AWAY.




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