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Disneyland Resort
Disney 60th Attraction Highlights
September 21, 2015
Author: Jordan Ulibarri


We love Disneyland history and looking back at memories over the years. This article is no longer being updated, but is a great way to look back and see what was happening at Disneyland when this was originally published.

Disneyland Diamond Celebration is in full force and has been incredibly popular. There are plenty of reasons behind the success and magic of Disneyland's 60th Anniversary festivities, but some of the most substantial are the new additions to some of our favorite Disneyland attractions. Our contact, David, came to our office last week to give us a behind-the-scenes peak at what has changed at the attractions, so of course we wanted to return the favor and share with you.
In addition to the dazzling decor, new nighttime spectaculars, and tasty treats available just for the celebration, Disneyland upgraded three classic attractions; the Haunted Mansion, the Matterhorn and Peter Pan's Flight. Disneyland continues to maintain the integrity and original magic that makes these attractions so special, while adding new technology to enhance the guest experience. Or in Walt Disney's words, "plussing it" - taking something incredible and making it even better. Here are some of the biggest additions that have been added to classic attractions for the Disneyland Diamond Celebration: 
Matterhorn Bobsleds:  
New technology, animatronics and special effects bring the classic Matterhorn Bobsleds new life. Highlighted by the completely revamped Abominable Snowman, Disney Imagineers used real life history and studies on animals and like creatures to create the most realistic and true to nature Yeti possible. Commonly referred to as Harold, this snowman is complete with more movement and tension and is incredibly protective of his mountain home. With these exciting additions, Matterhorn Bobsleds are a new thrilling experience, while maintaining the core that everyone has fallen in love with over the years. 
Check out the behind the scenes look from Disneyland:  

Peter Pan's Flight: 
Peter Pan's Flight is a guest favorite and Disney Imagineers were careful to keep that love in mind while enhancing the attraction beyond anything that has ever been done before. Guests are in store for many magical surprises around every corner. Beginning from the addition of Tinker Bell and new figures of the Darling children, all the way to animations on the rivers and roads, every detail has been thought of and upgraded to complement the fan favorite original attraction. 
Disneyland put together a little sneak peak of what you can experience on the updated Peter Pan's Flight: 

Haunted Mansion: 
The illusive Hatbox Ghost has reappeared at Haunted Mansion for the first time since the attraction opened. One of the original 999 Happy Haunts inside of Haunted Mansion, but due to restraints on technology, the Hatbox Ghost never made his official appearance. He has stuck around, but has never been seen by guests until now! He will even continue to socialize with guests throughout the holidays in Haunted Mansion Holiday, with plenty of festive accessories. 
Take a look at the spooks, thrills and innovative technology the Hatbox ghost is adding to this classic attraction: 

There are so many reasons to experience the Disneyland Diamond Celebration, with many more surprises coming! This limited time spectacular continues to innovate, while celebrating the original magic and charm behind what makes Disneyland so extraordinary. Book your Disneyland package online or call our travel experts at 855-GET-AWAY. 
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