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Disney Vacation Countdown Craft Sticks
January 11, 2018
Author: Adelle Belnap

Count down the days to your Disney trip with this simple Disney Vacation Countdown Craft! Write Disney inspired activities onto the Mickey Mouse craft sticks. Do one activity a day until it's time for your vacation to begin. 

Disney Vacation Countdown Craft Sticks

Waiting for a Disney vacation to arrive is never easy. The days seem to pass so slowly. My kids love to ask the question, "Is it time for us to go yet?" Help make the countdown fun for everyone with this simple Disney Vacation Countdown Craft. It will add some Disney magic to your home and make the waiting to depart a part of the adventure!

You only need a few basic art supplies to make your own Disney Vacation Countdown craft. You will need:

1 inch circle hole punch
hot glue gun
Black Sharpie marker
Mason jar and decorations

Start by cutting out the black paper Mickey Mouse head silhouettes. You will need one, 1 inch circle and two, 3/4 inch circles for each day of your Disney vacation countdown. I suggest starting at least two weeks before your trip begins. So, cut enough to make 14 Mickey Mouse sticks or more if you want to add more days to the countdown.

You can find circle punch cutters at most craft stores or on Amazon. They are so handy to have for a wide variety of projects. I recommend having them on hand.

Disney Vacation Countdown Craft Sticks Punch

Plug in your hot glue gun and get it warming. I like hot glue because it is so instant. It dries immediately. When the glue is ready, add two small dots of glue to the top edges of the craft stick. Attach the Mickey Mouse ears to the glue and press them into place. 

Disney Vacation Countdown Craft Sticks Ears

Then, add a small glue spot to the center of the top of the craft stick between the Mickey ears. Press the large circle onto the glue and secure it in place. 

Disney Vacation Countdown Craft Sticks Mickey

This finishes off the Mickey face. It is so quick and easy! You can get them all done in a matter of minutes.

Disney Vacation Countdown Craft Sticks Sticks

Now it's time to add the activity suggestions to the sticks. I used a black Sharpie marker. 

Disney Vacation Countdown Craft Sticks Activities

They should all be Disney related, because it is a Disney Vacation Countdown Craft. Here are 20 ideas on what you could put on your sticks. You can use these activities or make up your own that work for your family.

Make Mickey Mouse Pancakes
Practice Star Wars Jedi Fighting Moves
Learn How To Do A Proper Curtsy
See How Long You Can Bounce Like Tigger
Race Around The House Like Lightening McQueen
Watch A Disney Movie
Practice Signing Your Own Autograph
Count How Many Disney Movies You Can Name As A Group
Turn On The Star Wars Theme Song And Walk Around Like Darth Vader
Take A Bath and Splash Like Splash Mountain

Disney Vacation Countdown Craft Sticks Vacation

Place your finished Mickey Mouse countdown activity sticks in a jar. I decorated my mason jar so it felt a little bit festive. You could paint the glass, wrap it with Disney washi tape, cover the jar with Disney scrapbook paper or tie it up with a cute ribbon. The kids can even help!

Take out one stick per day and complete the activity that is written on it. Have fun dancing, singing, playing, and eating together. When the last stick is removed from the jar, it is time for your Disney vacation to begin! 

Disney Vacation Countdown Craft Sticks Party

I hope these active and fun Disney activities will help make the days before your Disney vacation magical and memorable! To book your Disneyland vacation, be sure to visit our website or call one of our travel experts at 855-GET-AWAY. You'll always be able to find the best prices for discount Disneyland tickets and reduced hotel rates when you book with Get Away Today. Make 2018 the best year yet by booking your Disneyland vacation! 

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