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Disneyland Vacation: "Are We There Yet? " Map and Activity
August 21, 2013
Author: Jennifer Tanner

There is nothing more exciting than piling everyone in the car and taking a road trip - especially when it’s a road trip that leads to the Happiest Place on Earth! But, we’ve all been there – everyone starts out cheerful at first, but as the miles start to pass by, the weariness sets in, and your kids start to feel tired and bored. Then comes the dreaded question: “Are we there yet?!” Our ROAD TRIP FUN MAP is a great way to make your road trip more enjoyable for everyone, and never hear those words again!

Our map is customized for a road trip from Salt Lake City to Disneyland, but you can use this concept and create your own version to make it specific to your route. Traveling from SLC to Disney? Download our map for free! See free download link at the bottom of this blog post.

There are 3 different .jpg files - The Map, The Fun Facts Cards, and the Car. After you have printed out your 3 files, have them laminated. (We had ours printed and laminated at FedEx Office).

Now you are ready to cut. Choose which size car you’d like to use. We chose the smallest one. Cut it out, and also cut out your Fun Facts Cards.

Put a piece of heavy-duty tape or poster putty on the back of your car and stick it to the road map. Now you’re ready to go!

As you are traveling, there are many places along the road that are fascinating to talk about! Our map has some landmarks that are easily identified by even the youngest of kids. When you reach the next landmark on the map, your child will move the car to that spot. Each landmark has a Fun Fact Card that goes along with it. The Fun Fact Card gives a fact about that particular place, and then asks a thought-provoking question to get a conversation started. This provides some meaningful and educational discussions during the trip and often time leads to learning more about each other, and laughing a lot!

Our map is sure to keep everyone engaged and entertained for a long period of time, and provide a more relaxed environment in the car. Instead of asking “Are we there yet?” your kids will become the navigators, and will stay busy being absorbed in watching for the next landmark!

Free Downloads:
Road Trip Map Download
Fun Facts Card Download
Car Download

Ready to plan your next road trip? Get Away Today is your Disneyland expert. Call us today to reserve your vacation and let us help you plan the road trip of a lifetime!

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Thank you Get Away Today!! I thought I might be losing my mind!! You're right, you could definitely go that route! Thanks for the fun map!! My family and I enjoyed using it on our trip!

Hi Disney freak! Death Valley isn't on the quickest way to Disneyland from Salt Lake City, but the route can easily be adjusted to include the stop. This map was created for a route that did include that, but you can always edit to create your own route. :)

Death Valley isn't on the way to Disneyland from Salt Lake City. Am I missing something?

We are going to do this on our next trip to Disney! So fun.

I love this idea!

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