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Disneyland Vacation Journal - Free Printable
May 12, 2016
Author: Adelle Belnap

The amazing memories made at Disneyland are so magical you will want to remember them forever! The first time riding Splash Mountain, getting a high score on Toy Story Mania, the moment when your child meets the famous Mickey Mouse or beautiful Queen Elsa, and all the other small, special moments spent together at the Happiest Place on Earth are priceless! I can still remember the look on my 2-year old daughter's face when the nighttime fireworks lit up the sky above Sleeping Beauty's Castle. I couldn't decide between watching the show, or just staring at her beautiful, excited, mystified face. Her face won. That Disneyland memory is an absolute treasure.  
I thought it would be fun to create a simple Disneyland Vacation Journal that would help capture experiences from a Disneyland vacation from a child's perspective. I designed fun, kid-friendly templates with themed writing prompts to help give kids a jumping off place for recording their experiences. There are also several blank photo pages so they can glue in photographs, ticket stubs, maps, receipts, etc. These books are easy to make and simple to use. I hope you enjoy them and they keep a magical record of your children's Disneyland vacation forever!

Keep your Disneyland vacation memories alive with our FREE Printable Disneyland Vacation ournal!

To start, download and print off one copy of each page. I used a matte finished cardstock, so that the paper is thick and durable, but it is still easy to write on, as opposed to a really glossy paper. There are four pages of journal text prompts, two pages with photo spots, and a cover sheet. When you print the photo pages, do NOT scale to fit the content.
Disneyland Vacation Journal PDFs:

Cut the sheets in half. Our local print shop has a cutting board that is free to use. They sure make it easy! The center of a regular sheet of paper is 5.5 inches.

Put the sheets in order with the book cover on top. Then you can arrange the Disneyland vacation journal however you want. I alternated the pages in a pattern of two journal pages then one photo page and continued until the pages were all inserted into the book. Finish the book with the blank page from the second half of the book cover sheet of paper. Make sure all of your pages are lined up in the same direction. You don't want any upside down or backwards!  

The best way to finish the book is to have it bound. The UPS Store printed and bound my books for only $3.00 each!  It was so easy to do. I know most print shops and office supply stores can bind books for the public as well. If you don't want to bind the books, another option is using a hole punch and metal rings from the craft store.
Once you've bound your Disneyland vacation journal, let your kids fill in the journal pages with their own words and emotions. I helped my youngest son read the bigger words, but then had him write his own thoughts. Misspelled words and simple grammatical errors are totally ok and adorable. It would be a fun project to do in the car on the way home from the vacation or even in the hotel at night.

It was fun for me to see what my kids wrote in their books. I had no idea my daughter's favorite ride was Space Mountain! She is braver than me. Her favorite memory was swimming in the Disneyland Hotel Mickey Mouse swimming pool. I imagine that would make the list for a lot of kids.  It's pretty awesome.

I hope these little journals are a treasure for you and your family. Of course, before you can begin making your own precious Disneyland memories, you need to get your Disneyland vacation on the books! At Get Away Today we understand how important it is to make time for family vacations, and how important it is that those vacations are affordable. That's actually why Get Away Today was founded! We want every family to have the best experience at the best price possible. Check out our discount Disneyland vacation packages online or call our vacation experts at 855-GET-AWAY. Then go make your Disneyland vacation memories!

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OMG yay! Found this again! I used this printable 5 years ago and this year we are finally going back! So will use it again, thanks so much!! I wish I could show you the one my son did back then, it's such a special keepsake!! xx

Beautiful journal. Thank you so much. I'm hoping to take my kids to Disneyland next year.

Hi there! We only have a Disneyland version at this time, but will keep other parks in our mind for future blogs similar to this. Thank you! :)

do you have a Disney Cruise version??

I love this but do you have a Disney world version?

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