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DIY Rocket Raccoon Ears
May 2, 2017
Author: Adelle Belnap

With this Rocket Raccoon ears tutorial you can easily create your own ears to wear to a Guardians of the Galaxy party, movie premiere or at Disneyland!  

Rocket Raccoon Ears

Do you ever dream about saving the world? How about saving an entire Galaxy? It takes some pretty brave heroes to take on that challenge. Good thing for us, the Guardians of the Galaxy are crazy enough to try.

Become a part of the adventure this summer at Disney California Adventure Park! The brand new Guardians of the Galaxy - Mission: BREAKOUT! ride is set to open on May, 27 2017. You can join Rocket Raccoon as he attempts the amazing feat of rescuing the Guardians from the Collector! How much of a plan does Rocket Raccoon have? Well, you will have to find out in person this summer.

Get ready for the fun with this easy Rocket Raccoon ears tutorial. Rocket claims that, "Ain't no thing like me, except me!" But, with these cute Rocket Raccoon ears, he may have to reconsider. 

Take a day to trade out your Mickey Mouse ears for Rocket Raccoon ears as you and your family participate in the Summer of Heroes at Disney California Adventure Park. It is going to be totally super!

For your own Rocket Raccoon ears, you will need:

12x12 inches of raccoon-like fur fabric

This DIY tutorial is easy to follow and the entire process can be completed in less than 30 minutes.

Start by printing the Rocket Raccoon ears template here. Cut the ear pattern from the paper. Use the pattern and trace the outline onto the black craft foam. You will need four total for your ears.  

Rocket Raccoon Ears Trace


Plug in your hot glue gun and let it start heating up. Next, cut two 13 inch sections of wire. I used my wire cutting pliers for this step, so I didn't damage my scissors.

Rocket Raccoon Ears Measure Wire

Fold the wire in half. The center point of the wire goes at the tip of the foam ear. Shape the wire to match the shape of the ear. The edges will reach past the ends by about a half inch on each side. Use the hot glue to secure the wire to the foam ear. 

Rocket Raccoon Ears Glue Wire

Repeat the process with the second piece of wire and a second foam ear.

Grab another foam ear and cover it with hot glue. Then place it on top of the wire so the wire is sandwiched inside the two foam ear pieces. Repeat with the second ear. 

Rocket Raccoon Ears Glue Foam

Use the Rocket Raccoon ears template to cut the fur fabric. Place the pattern onto the back of the fabric. Cut around the pattern leaving a half inch border. You want it to be slightly bigger than the foam shapes. 

Rocket Raccoon Ears Cut Ear

Cutting furry fabric is always a bit messy since the fur gets everywhere! Try to keep the long fur away from the scissors when you are cutting, so you don't trim the hair too short. Once you pull away all of the excess fur scraps from the cut section, the ears won't shed anymore. I promise!

Use the hot glue to attach the furry ear fabric to the foam pieces. Cover the back of the fabric with glue and press it on. Then, press another furry ear piece to the back to make a complete furry Rocket Raccoon ear! Make sure the edges are all secure and closed with glue. 

Rocket Raccoon Ears Glue Ear

When both finished Rocket Raccoon ears are ready, use the wire ends to attach them to the headband. Wrap the wire around the headband tightly. I curved the bottom of the ear behind the headband a little bit to give the ears a more natural look. The wire makes it easy to give the ears shape! Put a dab of hot glue on the wrapped wires to keep them in place. It's that easy.

Rocket Raccoon Ears Wrap Wire

I hope you enjoy making your own Rocket ears with this simple Rocket Raccoon Ears Tutorial. I hear that the new Guardians of the Galaxy attraction is going to be out of this world. It sounds like the perfect place for a galactic adventure to me! 

For the best price on your galactic adventure, book any of our Disneyland packages online or over the phone by calling 855-GET-AWAY. You'll be able to enjoy the Summer of Heroes at Disney California Adventure to the fullest when you know you got the best deal. Plus, those extra savings can go towards a Guardians of the Galaxy souvenir fund! 

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