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Free Printable Baby Groot Bags for Your Next Road Trip
April 19, 2017
Author: Adelle Belnap


These Baby Groot bags are the perfect way to make road tripping with family a fun adventure! Entertain your kids with these surprise activity and snack bags. Just use our free printable Baby Groot bag template to transform an ordinary trip into the best trip in the galaxy with a Road Trip Rescue!

Baby Groot Bags Movie

Family road trips are the perfect way to create memories as you explore fun destinations together. With a little bit of planning, the miles on the road can actually be really fun. Some of my very favorite vacations have started with hours and hours in the car. Make the most of that time together by making it an adventure. 

Put together these Baby Groot bags to save the day when you need a little bit of help from the heroes to get through a sticky situation. Do you need a snack? There's a bag for that! Bored? Open an activity bag! No matter what situation arises, you have a Baby Groot bag ready to save the day.  

Baby Groot Bags Options

These bags are inspired by one of the most popular Guardians of the Galaxy characters, Groot! He is a tree of few words, but he is remarkably powerful and everybody likes him. Not to mention, we can't wait to watch him grow when Guardians of the Galaxy 2 comes out next month!

For the Baby Groot bags, you will need:

Scotch tape
Snacks (optional) 
Coloring book (optional)
Movie (optional)
CD (optional)
Goodies of your choice

To start, you will need to download the Baby Groot Bags template here. This is the image that will be printed onto the bags. 

Buy some large brown paper lunch sacs from the grocery store, or have them shipped to you via Amazon. Count out how many road trip bags you will need and then cut an inch off the top of each bag. 

Baby Groot Bags Paper

Then, take turns printing the Baby Groot Bags template onto the bags one at a time. The best way to print onto paper bags is to tape the bag onto a regular sheet of paper. This makes it so your bag doesn't jam in the printer. It also keeps it straight as the image is being printed onto the bag.

Use clear scotch tape. Center the bag onto the sheet of paper and then tape the very top edge of the bag to the top of the page. You want the bag as close to the top of the paper as possible. I folded the extra tape over onto the backside of the sheet of printer paper. Make sure it is nice and flat and smooth. 

Baby Groot Bags Tape

Place the paper into the printer so that the taped side of the bag is in the top position. In my printer, the papers feed through upside down, so I placed the paper with the bag face down and the backside of the plain paper on the top. 

Baby Groot Bags Printed

Print the image. Choose the box "scale to fit media" to be sure the image makes it onto the bag. Some of my bags came out just a little bit smudged with ink. I have a pretty old printer, so yours might not have that issue! I didn't really mind the messy ink spots though. They felt super hero authentic. 

Baby Groot Bags Printed Groot

Once all of the bags are printed, cut the tops off using scissors to make it look more like Groot. He is a tree afterall! I like the jagged top.

Baby Groot Bags Top Cut

Next, label the Baby Groot bags based on what you want to use them for. I like having a variety. I picked road trip activities that I thought my kids would enjoy. They like having snacks to eat, drinks, movies, games, little toys, and coloring and craft items. I have found that mints and chewing gum help my daughter to avoid getting too car sick.So, those are great items to have in the Baby Groot bags, too.

Baby Groot Bag Goodies

Have fun making the labels. Your bags can say things like, "Open when your ears are bored." Or, "Open when your mouth is dry." Or, "Open when you feel woozy."

Fill the Baby Groot bags with your favorite surprises - we suggest checking out our Printable Super Hero Drink Labels pictured below for even more super hero fun. Just make sure to close the tops with a little piece of tape to keep the contents top secret. You don't want to unleash your super powers too soon! 

Baby Groot Bags with Drink

I hope these Baby Groot bags help you have an extraordinary family road trip experience. The Baby Groot bags have an element of surprise, giving the kids something to look forward to during long car rides. They love opening each bag to discover what is inside and it goes to show that it doesn't take much to create a little bit of magic. 

Baby Groot Bags Finished with Gear

These Baby Groot bags would be the perfect thing to come to your rescue on your next road trip to Disneyland - especially if you'll be visiting during the Summer of Heros event at Disney California Adventure this summer. Just imagine how much fun your kids will have meeting Groot after he's helped them have such a great car ride! Your wallet will feel just as super when you take advantage of our discounted Disneyland tickets and Extra Night Free hotel specials. You can book online or over the phone by calling 855-GET-AWAY. 

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