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Frozen Fun - Three Frozen Activities for Magic at Home
January 23, 2014
Author: Adelle Belnap

Have you had a chance to see the Disney movie, Frozen, yet? If so, you have probably been singing songs about sharing sandwiches, letting go, and building snowmen! There is also a good chance the snowman in your backyard is named Olaf. My family loved this adorable film! To keep the movie magic alive in our home, we have been having some serious Frozen Fun.

Do you want to play along?  Here are three Frozen Fun ideas for your family to enjoy.

Elsa's Frozen Ice Castles

Let your kids creativity flow with this fun and simple activity. All you need is shaving cream and a little imagination.

Pour the shaving cream onto a place mat.

Scoop, squish, swirl and play with the gel until it forms nice white fluffy peaks.

Keep adding the shaving cream until there are plenty of soapy suds to build with.

Enjoy building tall Frozen Ice Towers and feel free to Let It Go!

Frozen Freeze Tag with Warm Hugs

Get moving with this fun Frozen version of the classic game of Freeze Tag. Harness Elsa's Icy Powers and the magic of Olaf's Warm Hugs in this family friendly activity. At the beginning of each round pick one person to be Elsa and another player to be Olaf. Everyone else is a runner.

You will need a can of silly string for each player. You can buy silly sting at many dollar stores.

The silly string acts as Elsa's power. The "It" person is Elsa. Elsa chases the other players and try to freeze them with the silly string.

If a person gets hit with the silly string, they are frozen. They need to wait in that position until the Olaf player comes and gives them a warm hug.

Once the frozen player has been hugged, they are un-frozen and can continue to run and play.

The play continues until either Elsa has frozen all of the players or until her powers run out. Then it is time to trade roles and play again! This game really is so fun and cute. Be ready for silly laughter and lots of nice warm hugs.

Elsa's Frozen Powers Bracelet

Add some icy fun to your princess's play with the sparkly and snowy frozen powers bracelet. Click the image below for a full tutorial.

I hope you enjoy these Frozen Fun activities as much as we did! You can now meet Elsa and Anna inside Fantasyland at Disneyland and with our discount Disneyland tickets it is the best time to go! If you need help getting there, book our Disneyland packages online or by calling 855-GET-AWAY.

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Hope this works

Hey BeezyMama, We used the Gillette Shave Gel (instead of cream), which comes out as a light blue and then gets white as it is played with. It's fun because it keeps the light blue tinge without any food coloring or mess. :) We hope your daughter has a great birthday party!

Hi! This might be a silly question...but it looks like you used a little coloring to blue the cream? What did you use and about how much..or method? thanks! Frozen Bday party for my 3yo daughter this weekend and this looks like a fun activity for the kids. Thanks!

I had to make X mas deco Frozen theme, this really helped!

Love this idea! Hope you don't mind me featuring it on my blog :) http://www.sassydealz.com/2014/05/frozen-crafts-activities-kids.html

Love Frozen so much! These would have been way fun at our Frozen Birthday Party. See the pics: http://pagingsupermom.com/2014/01/frozen-birthday-party-ideas/

My girls loved Frozen....I will have to show them these FUN ideas!!

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