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Frozen Snow Globe Craft
November 28, 2019
Author: Adelle Belnap

Make a Frozen Snow Globe with this simple tutorial and printable. You can make your own personal flurry with this cute Frozen craft.

Frozen Snow Globe Tutorial

Frozen Snow Globe Craft

Frozen is back and better than ever before! If you have some Frozen fans in your life than this project is a perfect addition to your Holiday celebrations. Christmas is such a fun time of the year. The Frozen theme fits right in with the winter holiday. Olaf is for sure my favorite snowman. Sorry Frosty!

Frozen Snow Globe Finished

If you are like me, you're probably always on the lookout for fun family party activities! I love having a little project or game for my kids and their friends and cousins to do at Christmas events. It makes parties more festive and memorable. I hope this Frozen Snow Globe craft can bring the magic of Disney and the spirit of Christmas into your homes this Holiday Season!

Frozen Snow Globe Craft Supplies:

Frozen Snow Globe - Free Template

Start by downloading the Frozen Snow Globe Template here. You will need to print one page for every paper plate snow globe you are creating. The template is designed in color. Use a nice cardstock paper so you have some heft to the project! 

Make sure NOT to scale the print size when you print. You may get a warning that you will have some clipping that will occur. Don't worry about that. Print it at 100 percent.

Frozen Snow Globe Template

Cut around the outside edge of the cute snow scene circle. There is a thin grey border around the whole circle. Keep the border attached! Take your time and cut a smooth edge around. Then, cut out the black Frozen Snow Globe stand that is also part of the template. 

Frozen Snow Globe Circle Cut Out

Frozen Snow Globe - Foam Beads

Now, you get to add the snow! Elsa is perfect for this step in the project. Place a small pile of foam beads in the center of the cut circle. They are kinda crazy to work with. So, place them gently in their spot. Don't bump or wiggle the table of the template or the balls go rolling.

Frozen Snow Globe Foam Beads Pile

I ordered the foam beads on Amazon. You can also find them at the craft store. Kids use them to make slime, so check by the slime supplies.

Frozen Snow Globe Foam Beads Bag

Plug in a glue gun and get it heated. If you have a setting on your glue gun, change it to the lowest setting. Then, pipe a ring of hot glue around the outside edge of the entire circle. The glue should be placed on the inside line of the grey border right on the edge of the Frozen scene. The grey border will be on the OUTSIDE of the plate. 

Frozen Snow Globe Glue

If you want to test placing the clear 7-inch plastic plate on top of the paper to see where the edge lines up with the paper, you can! That is where the glue needs to be.

Frozen Snow Globe Clear Plate

Frozen Snow Globe - Gluing It Together

Push the plate onto the hot glue and hold it in place for a minute while the glue sets up. I had to do a little ring of glue along the outside of the plate as well. I had missed a few little spots and wanted to make sure that my plate stayed in place. You can add a ring of glue around the plate as well!

The last little part of the Frozen Snow Globe project is to attach the black paper base. Use the hot glue to attach the base at the bottom center of the snow globe. The circle of the snow globe should overlap onto the front of the base about 1 inch. Make sure to center the image with the base so it looks straight. 

Frozen Snow Globe Stand

The snow beads inside shake and scatter all around when you move the Frozen Snow Globe around! It is a little flurry of snow for Elsa, Anna, and their friends. I had fun creating a blizzard. 

Frozen Snow Globe Shake

I think it is kind of funny to watch Anna and Kristoff get buried under a pile of snow when all of the snow settles to the base of the plate. 

This is such a fun little Christmas craft for the Disney Frozen fans in your life. It only takes about five to ten minutes to complete. Let it snow this Christmas holiday with a fun paper Frozen Snow Globe!

Frozen Snow Globe Tutorial


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