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Frozen Tutorial: Elsa's Frozen Powers Bracelet
January 21, 2014
Author: Adelle Belnap

Disney's Frozen has quickly become one of my family's favorite Disney movies. One of the very best scenes from the movie Frozen is when Elsa builds her amazing ice castle. The music and animation work in perfect harmony to create absolute magic on screen. Ever since my little girls watched the movie in the theaters, they have been singing "Let it Go" and dancing around the house like the beautiful ice queen. Disney has the music video on their website, and we have watched it countless times!

We thought it would be fun to do a Frozen craft that made them feel like they had icy powers like the ice queen does. Since my girls love all things sparkly and beautiful, we made Frozen Power Ribbon Bracelets. Now they can dance and sing and flow their icy powers around the room, just like Elsa!

Add a little bit of sparkle to your day with these adorable Let it Go Bracelets. Let your children dance and spin as they pretend to use their icy powers. This craft is easy enough for all ages to participate. You will need a collection of blue, green, white, and silver ribbon. You can get a spool of ribbon at most craft stores for about a dollar. I liked having a wide variety.

You will also need a few rubber bracelets and some Washi Tape. If you have never used Washi Tape before, get ready to have some fun! Washi Tape is great for so many craft projects because it sticks to itself, but doesn't leave a sticky mess on anything else. There are countless colors and patterns to choose from. I used our blue tape so it fit in with the icy theme.

Start by wrapping the rubber bracelet with tape. Wrap around the entire circle, overlapping the tape edges so the bracelet is covered completely.

When you finish wrapping, leave about 2 inches of tape free to use for attaching the ribbons.

Attach the ribbon to the bracelet using the tape. I attached about six ribbons for each bracelet. They stay in place more securely if you attach about three at a time. Bind them tightly with tape.

If you want to add extra sparkle to your bracelets, you can wrap a piece of ribbon around the bracelet as well. Tape it to the bracelet with your Washi Tape on each edge of the flowing ribbons.

See how pretty it looks!

Now, when your little kids are pretending to be Queen Elsa, they can really let their powers flow.

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Hi - we didn't add anything else to the bracelets, we just used ribbons that were already embellished with sequins, beads and sparkles. :)

What do u call those sparkly round plastic things u can put on the bracelets as well? thank you.

Melissa, I would do the ribbons at least a yard long. (about 36 inches) I hope you have fun making them. We are getting excited about the rumors for the Frozen sequel. It is going to be fun to see what happens to Elsa next!

How long did you make the ribbons

I got that awesome Washi Tape holder at Costco. I love it! Costco is funny with keeping things in stock, but you could always check and see. The ribbon holder was from Michaels Craft Store. I found it in the craft organizing section. It came in a box and my husband put it together for me. I'd recommend it as well. Hope that helps! Thanks for stopping by.

Where did you get the tape and ribbon holders?

Hi Carol, What a fun birthday party! Each bracelet requires approximately one yard of washi tape. One standard roll would be enough for several bracelets. Good luck with your party - the girls will love their bracelets. :)

Planning to do this for a birthday party - about how much Washi tape do you need for each bracelet? Want to be sure I bought enough

We will definitely be adding this project to our weekend fun! Once again, I really appreciate your creativity & willingness to share with others! Thank you!

Oops - I guess someone was listening to the Beatles. :) We've corrected it to "Let it Go!" Thanks!

Tag for this article has "Let it be"?

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