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How to Make Your Costumes Glow
October 1, 2015
Author: Adelle Belnap

One of the most spectacular events at the Disneyland Diamond Celebration is the Paint the Night Parade. At dark, Disney's evening streets are filled with beautiful shining parade floats and glowing characters. Over 1.5 million lights shine bright during the procession through Main Street. It is not to be missed! I had the *bright* idea to create our own Paint the Night Parade costumes to use at home, and it was just in time for Halloween. Dressing up like a princess is wonderful. Dressing up like an enchanted glowing princess is even better!

This tutorial shows how to transform our deluxe princess dresses into glowing costumes perfect for both Halloween and Paint the Night. The best part about these adorable dresses is that they are incredibly comfortable. There are no itchy seams or scratchy linings. After we took pictures for this post, my girls literally played in their dresses for hours. The glowing beauties danced through our house way past their bedtime. Cinderella would have approved. Disney magic is the best!

You will need:
Glow Sticks (Plenty of them!)
Princess Dress or Other Costume
1/4 yard of Sheer Fabric

The sheer fabric should match the costume. I used multiple colors for the princess dresses because I wanted the dress to look as natural as possible after I finished. So, for the Elsa costume, I chose a pretty turquoise and for Snow White we used red, yellow, and white. Choose high quality fabric. You don't want it too thin or else it might rip when you push the glow sticks through it.

Cut the fabric into 2 inch strips. Fold the strip in half and sew it together to form a tube. Leave about 1/4 inch edge on the fabric. It will make the next step easier!


The strips will be added to the edges of the costume, or anywhere you want to add glow sticks. You want to leave the ends open, so that the glow sticks can slide into it. Fold the unfinished edge of the fabric underneath itself and then sew the tube onto the the dress.

You might have to sew two cuts of fabric together to make a long tube to go all the way around Elsa's cape. Once you have the fabric tubes sewn on all of the best places, then it is time to have fun!

Here is a picture of what the dresses look like during the day. This is before we add the "magic." If you look closely, you can see the edges all all lined with the fabric tubes.


Crack the glow sticks and shake them to get the insides nice and bright. We picked colors to match the dresses.

I found an awesome deal on Amazon for these glowsticks. Buying them in bulk is a must! You need about 20 glow sticks per dress. When you are ready to shine, hook the glow sticks together with the little plastic connectors that come with the package and then thread them into the fabric tubes.

Glow sticks typically last about 14-18 hours, so the costumes will glow all night with no problem. Aren't they fun?
You can spruce up the costumes even more with glow stick princess crowns. We put together this tutorial last year, and it is so much fun!

Wouldn't it be fun to light up Halloween Night with Paint the Night Costumes? The kids would certainly be easy to spot with their glowing neon costumes. When the glow sticks lose their light, you can easily slide them out. The dress is fun with them our without them. When you get in the mood to add the glow, pop in fresh glow sticks and let the party begin!
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