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Incredibles Countdown Chain
April 25, 2018
Author: Kimberly Fidler

Count down the days until your Incredible Disney Vacation with this fun Incredibles family countdown chain. Make your own vacation paper chain with our template and simple tutorial. 

Incredibles Countdown Chain Header

Pixar Fest is in full swing at the Disney Parks and it is one amazing party. Are you looking forward to spending time with your favorite Pixar pals this Summer at Disneyland? I sure am! One of my favorite Pixar families is The Incredibles. The popular super hero family is ready for action. 

They make an appearance in the spectacular Paint the Night parade that has been launched exclusively at Disney California Adventure Park as part of Pixar Fest. The new Incredibles Float is totally wicked! 

Speed, thrills, and excitement are part of an average day as a super hero! Guests get to be part of the adventure with the new Incredicoaster at Pixar Pier. Perviously known as California Screamin, the Incredicoaster is the fastest and longest rollercoaster at the Disneyland Resort. With the coasters new Incredibles look and design, guests will see a combination of lighting effects, thematic music, character appearances, and super hero action on the attraction! Who is going to be first in line? 

Incredibles Countdown Chain Mrs Incredible

The Incredibles family will be mingling with guests, so keep your eye out for meet and greet opportunities with the whole gang. Who is your favorite Incredible? I think Dash is my fav. He is so full of life and ready to tackle anything. Speaking of the crew, did you know they have a brand new movie coming out this Summer? It has a been almost a decade since the Pixar movie first hit the big screen. Now, the super family is back and ready to save the day...again! I can't wait. 

If you feel like the wait until the start of your next Disney vacation is as long as the wait for the Incredibles movie sequel, then this craft is the perfect activity for you. The Incredibles Disney Vacation Countdown makes the days before your trip fly by. Maybe not quite as fast as Dash, but the days will disappear just like Violet! 

Incredibles Countdown Chain Top

This Disney Vacation Countdown is so easy. You will need a few basic supplies and our free template to begin.


1 sheet black cardstock 
1 sheet peach cardstock
2 sheets red cardstock
Double Sided Tape

Download the template here. Print it onto cardstock paper. Use color ink. 

Incredibles Countdown Chain Template

Gather your colored cardstock paper. Slice the paper into strips that are 1.5 inches thick and 8.5 inches long. The paper is already 8.5 inches wide, so you will only have to make cuts along the sides. To build the chain, you need 2 red strips for every 1 black and peach strip. 

Attach the paper strips together to form a chain. Start with the black strip. make a loop by connecting the two ends together and over lap them. Staple the loop in place. 

Incredibles Countdown Chain Links

String the peach strip through the black and make a loop. Staple it into place.

Repeat the process with two red strips. This is the pattern that will continue for the entire paper Disney Vacation Countdown chain. Follow it until you have as many days on the paper chain as you have days before your vacation departure. 

Next, cut out the paper masks and Incredibles logos from the template. You will need one mask for every peach strip on your chain. You will need one Incredibles logo for every other red strip on your chain. 

Incredibles Countdown Chain Logo

Use a small piece of double sided tape to attach the mask to the center of each peach loop. Use the tape to attach the logos to the red strip. It should be added to the red strip that is facing the same direction as the peach strip. That way, you actually see the logo when the chain is hanging up for display. 

Once all of the sections have their accessories, you can see that the Disney Vacation Countdown chain is a whole bunch of Mr. Incredible's hooked together. So fun!

Incredibles Countdown Chain Guy

Cut out the header from the template. It says, "The days until our Incredible Disney Vacation..."

Loop a string around the top link in the chain.

Incredibles Countdown Chain String

Tape the string to the back of the Incredibles header. Then hang it up in a visible location in your home! If your chain is really long, loop it around your whole room! 

Each day, remove a single link from the end of the chain. When the links have all disappeared, it is time to go to Disneyland! 

Incredibles Countdown Chain Pixar Fest

We hope you enjoy counting down the days to your INCREDIBLE Disney vacation. If you still need to book this super family trip, give our travel experts a call at 855-GET-AWAY or book online! Get Away Today everything you need to make this magical adventure the best ever! 

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Incredibles Disney Countdown Chain

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