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Knott's Berry Farm: Camp Snoopy for Kids
May 15, 2024

UPDATED MAY 2024. Did you know that Knott's Berry Farm is America's very first amusement park? It was created to entertain customers while they waited in line to purchase Mrs. Knott's famous baked goods and popular chicken dinner. The entertainment became every bit as popular as the food and thus, a theme park was born.

Fifteen years later, another theme park opened just a few miles away to what is now known as the Disneyland Resort. Along with Disneyland, the Knott Family Park continued to innovate and grow, including a place just for kids!
Photo Courtesy of Knott's Berry Farm

Camp Snoopy at Knott’s Berry Farm

In 1983 Knott’s debuted the first amusement park "land" and designed the space specifically for kids—Camp Snoopy!

Camp Snoopy is a Peanuts themed wooded wonderland full of children's rides and entertainment. Knott's Berry Farm renovated Camp Snoopy in 2024 and we’re so excited to share what’s new and fun for all ages!

Camp Snoopy is home to the following attractions:
  • Snoopy’s Tenderpaw Twister Coaster (new in 2024)
  • Balloon Race
  • Beagle Express (upgraded in 2024)
  • Charlie Brown’s Kite Flyer
  • Huff and Puff
  • Linus Launcher
  • Pig Pen’s Mud Buddies
  • Rapid River Run
  • Camp Snoopy’s Off-Road Rally (new in 2024)
  • Sally’s Swing Along (new in 2024)
  • Sierra Sidewinder
  • Woodstock’s Airmail (in a new area called Camp Post Office)
In addition to many kid friendly activities rides, there are also two dining locations at Camp Snoopy, Cave Inn Snacks and Grizzly Creek Lodge.
Photo Courtesy of Knott's Berry Farm

Knott’s Berry Farm Rides for Kids

There are so many fun and unique rides for children of all ages at Knott’s, especially at Camp Snoopy. Your kids will want to go on the rides over and over again! And good news—the attractions are exciting enough to please my older kids, but not too scary for my younger kids.

From first rides to spinning fun, the rides at Camp Snoopy are designed with everyone’s favorite Peanut characters in mind.

Balloon Race

  • Hop in a a colorful PEANUTS® themed balloon, watch as you lift and fly above the beautiful High Sierra’s that surrounds Camp Snoopy
  • Guests must be 36 inches or accompanied by a supervising companion

Charlie Brown’s Kite Flyer

  • Swing high above it all in a free hanging and suspended swing from an elevated, turning, “tree”
  • Guests must be 36 inches or accompanied by a supervising companion

Beagle Express

  • All aboard the miniature replica steam locomotive similar to the one operating in Ghost Town, the scenic trip takes in the sights of Camp Snoopy and Fiesta Village
  • Guests must be 46 inches or accompanied by a supervising companion

Huff and Puff

  • Climb aboard your very own miniature mining cart as you pump and push your way through the High Sierra Mountains
  • Guests must be under 52 inches

Linus Launcher

  • Recreates the classic PEANUTS™ moment when Snoopy grabs Linus’ blanket and takes him on a wild ride
  • Guests must be 42 inches or 36 inches accompanied by a supervising companion

Pig Pen’s Mud Buddies

  • Climb aboard a colorful all-terrain vehicle for a thrilling trek up, down and around the rough and rocky mountains
  • Guests must be 36 inches or accompanied by a supervising companion

Rapid River Run

  • Up, down and all around as you travel on this tugboat through the beautiful rivers surrounding Camp Snoopy
  • Guests must be 42 inches or accompanied by a supervising companion

Camp Snoopy’s Off-Road Rally

  • Jump in a colorful four-wheel jeep, each themed to Snoopy or a PEANUTS character
  • Drive through an expanded track and terrain, and race to the finish line
  • In this fun and colorful road rally, riders will encounter funny road signs and obstacles to go over, around, and under
  • Guests must be 36 inches or accompanied by a supervising companion

Sierra Sidewinder

  • Get ready for a twist through a series of nose-dives, banks, dips, and turns at a speed of 37 mph while rotating on the axis of this coaster
  • Guests must be 48 inches to ride alone or 42 inches accompanied by a supervising companion

Woodstock’s Airmail

  • A great beginner ride with all of the ups, downs and thrills of Supreme Scream, but made for little ones
  • Guests must be 36 inches to ride
Photo Courtesy of Knott's Berry Farm

Camp Snoopy Play and Dine

One of the best things about Camp Snoopy is the landscaping and atmosphere. Even on a hot day, you’ll find so much natural shade. The entire area is dotted with tall, mature pine trees and accented with bright flowers, a bubbling stream and even a giant waterfall. There is a bridge that kids can use to walk over the river and into a cave under the waterfall.

For places to eat at Camp Snoopy you’ll find Cave Inn Snacks with soft pretzels, churros, soft-serve ice cream, and ICEEs. It’s a great place to refuel as a quick stop for all campers.

Grizzly Creek Lodge serves hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza, chicken tenders, fresh salads, and Snoopy's Kids Meals. Dine inside or on the patio by Grizzly Creek Falls.

There is also a picnic area in the center of Camp Snoopy with picnic tables and an area with play tree logs, mushrooms, and rocks for tiny visitors to crawl through and play on. All your little ones will love getting the wiggles out in the picnic park area.

In addition to great food, rides and play space you might even meet Snoopy! He meets guests throughout the day for hugs and pictures with all of the kids.

And don’t forget Camp Snoopy Theatre for live performances on select dates at Knott’s Berry Farm. Charlie Brown, Lucy, Linus, their friend JT, and the world’s most popular beagle, Snoopy bring fun and music to Camp Snoopy!

Visit Camp Snoopy at Knott’s Berry Farm

If you have not had a chance to take your family to Knott's Berry Farm, this season is a great time to give it a try!! If you have older kids or adrenaline seekers in your family, there are tons of roller coasters and thrill rides.

In 2024 you’ll also experience the new Snoopy Theater. Campers will gather under a giant, new rustic-beamed theatre, filled with log benches for seating that surround a large firepit at the base of the stage. The firepit will be lit in the evenings for special campfire entertainment. During the day, the theater will debut a new Camp Snoopy show and offer more shade and a larger stroller parking area.

Camp Snoopy tends to be less crowded than other amusement parks, which makes it even better! There are also so many fun attractions that families of all ages can all enjoy together. History buffs will love the recreation of Calico Ghost Town and foodies still love Mrs. Knott's fried chicken and boysenberry creations.

No matter where you spend your time during your Southern California vacation, Get Away Today is here for you.

We would love to help you plan your day at Knott's Berry Farm. It's a great addition to any of our Disneyland packages, or part of a fun weekend getaway to Buena Park. And, if you're visiting during the summer, plan a day at Knott's Soak City. There is so much fun to be had in and around Knott's Berry Farm!

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