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Make Magical Disneyland Fireworks in Your Own Home!
September 10, 2015
Author: Adelle Belnap

One of the most magical things about Disneyland is the nighttime fireworks display. For a limited time, the Disneyland Diamond Celebration is taking place and they have created Disneyland Forever fireworks show for the event. It is simply spectacular and a must see. It will complete your night at Disneyland with a bang! I can't ever decide what to watch...the beautiful show in the sky, or the look on my kids' faces while they are watching. It is pure joy.

We thought it would be fun to create a little nighttime Disney magic of our own with indoor fireworks. But, since explosives, kids, and the indoors are not a great combo, we had to get creative. I hope you enjoy lighting up your evening with a bright and sparkling flashlight fireworks show!

You will need:

Single Bulb Flashlight (One Per Participant)
Black Cardstock
Push Pin
Cork or Styrofoam
Black Acrylic Paint

To start, screw the top off of the flashlight and remove the shiny reflective cone. It is easy to pop the pieces out with just a little bit of pressure. Paint it black. I just rubbed the paint on with a cotton Q-tip. It doesn't need to be perfect. The black paint is necessary to make the shapes show clearly.


While the paint is drying, use the clear plastic circle part of the light as a pattern. Trace around the circumference onto black cardstock.

Cut out the circle. You need at least one black circle per flashlight. I cut out several extra circles so that my kids could have multiple "fireworks" to use in their show.

Place the paper circle onto a piece of cork or styrofoam. You could even use your carpet, if you aren't too picky. Use a push pin to poke holes into the circle. Make shapes, patterns, or designs. My kids had a great time designing their stencils. They took it very seriously.

When the paint is dry, you can put the flashlights back together again. Place the black circle into the top of the flashlight when the clear plastic would typically go. It should stay in place nicely once everything is screwed back together.

When the flashlights are ready for the show, turn off the lights and let the kids shine their fireworks flashlights onto the ceiling. Flip them on and off to make the light burst! We turned on a little bit of music to make things exciting and the kids added their own exploding sound effects.

Since I love a good value, I also thought it would be fun to use our amazing fireworks flashlights for Halloween. (A two for one craft! Awesome, right?) The dark and spooky holiday is fast approaching and we want the kids to be safe as they are out on the town collecting tasty goodies. Make carrying a light fun and cool with flashlight silhouettes.

Making them is simple. I cut out a basic Mickey Mouse shape from black cardstock. You can trace a pattern onto the paper, or do it freehand. Take the fireworks stencils out of the flashlight and replace the clear plastic cover to the front. It will look like a regular flashlight again! Then, tape the silhouette onto the center of the light. Ta-Da! Instant cool light. Note: This craft only works with a single bulb flashlight that has been painted black on the inside.


I thought it would be appropriate for Halloween to add black teeth to the edges of the light or maybe turn it into an eye. Wouldn't that be creepy? The possibilities are limitless.

I hope you enjoy your flashlight crafts. At Get Away Today, we love adding extra value to all our vacation packages with free night stays, extra day free tickets and so much more! Halloween Time at Disneyland begins September 11th with an all new themed fireworks display only on the nights of Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party! Book your Disneyland package online or call our travel experts at 855-GET-AWAY. 
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