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We Beat All Competitor Pricing!

At Get Away Today part of our Best Price, Best Service Guarantee means that we will BEAT any competitor prices! We regularly check out the competition to make sure that we’re always giving you the best deal and lowest prices. If there is a rare occasion when you find a lower price elsewhere, we will BEAT any price by $10 per package*! Here’s what to do if you find a lower price:
Verify that what you’re looking at is a qualifying, identical package. To qualify, hotels must be the same room type for the same dates and have the same rules. (For example, we can’t match a non-refundable rate with a refundable rate.) Price beating only applies to rates available to the public. Convention, military, government and other membership rates may not qualify.
Take a screenshot or send us a link to the offer you’d like us to beat. Please make sure that the screenshot includes total package pricing, including all applicable taxes and fees charged by the competitor. The total rate should also include the cost of any included Get Away Today extras like free parking, waived resort fees and free breakfast if applicable. If you have already booked your vacation, please send us your invoice number as well. You can send this via email to [email protected] or have an agent verify over the phone at 855-GET-AWAY.
Once your price is verified, we will honor the price for a new booking, plus take an additional $10 off your package price. If you booked a GetAwayToday.com package and found a lower price within 48 hours of booking, we will refund the difference plus give you a $10 credit! We will send you a confirmation email once your adjustment has been made.
All offers are subject to change and availability, which is why we always recommend to book as soon as possible to lock-in your special rate. Our Best Price, Best Service Guarantee is just one more way you can purchase with confidence!

*Package consists of a hotel stay and tickets