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Disneyland Resort
10 Things You Didn't Know You Can Do at Disneyland
December 4, 2023

UPDATED DECEMBER 2023. One of the great things about visiting Disneyland Resort is the extra special touches and details. The closer you look, the more you find. Go on an adventure to find secrets and gems at the Happiest Place on Earth!

Take the time to experience the hidden treasures in Disneyland and be your family’s guide on an amazing adventure. The excitement and treasure hunt will create unique family traditions and memories to last a lifetime. To help you get started, here are a few things you didn't know you could do at Disneyland.

Learn the Names of the King Arthur Carrousel Horses

There are 68 horses on the King Arthur Carrousel and each one has a unique look and name. When Walt Disney purchased the 1875 Dentzel Menagerie Carousel from the Sunnyside Amusement Park in Toronto, Canada each horse was removed and altered because Walt wanted each one to be “prancing.”

This means every horse moves up and down during your spin through Fantasyland. Here are the names of each horse from the last list we obtained from City Hall:
  • Alma
  • Arabian Knight
  • Atlantis
  • Avanti
  • Aztec
  • Baby
  • Bink
  • Blue
  • Brandy
  • Brittany Lee
  • Brittany's Rose
  • Bruce
  • Celeste
  • Centurion
  • Champion
  • Charlie
  • Checkers
  • Checkers Jr.
  • Cinch
  • Claudius
  • Copper
  • Crusader
  • Dagger
  • Daisy
  • Dante
  • Debra Ann
  • Doubloon
  • Duke
  • Eagle Scout
  • Emerald
  • Fern
  • Flash
  • Flourish
  • Frenchy
  • Galaxy
  • Georgina
  • Gypsy
  • Hoot
  • Jester
  • Jingles
  • Kaleidoscope
  • Keiffer
  • King
  • King Richard
  • Lance
  • Leo
  • Leprechaun
  • Liselotte
  • Looff
  • Lori Lyn
  • Lucifer's Rose
  • Lunatic
  • Lusco
  • Marilyn
  • Marley
  • Mary Jane
  • Maurice
  • Merlin
  • M.W.
  • National Velvet
  • Nipper
  • Pegasus
  • Penny
  • Queenie
  • Rally
  • Red Devil
  • Renaissance
  • Romance
  • Sage
  • Sapphire
  • Saxon
  • Screaming Eagle
  • Sea Biscuit
  • Sir Lancelot
  • St. Patrick
  • Tartan
  • Tassel
  • Testy Pat
  • Thistle
  • Tiny
  • Tulip
  • Uncle
  • Unice
  • Valance
  • Did you notice we named more horses than the carrousel can hold? That’s right, there are extra horses awaiting their turn when updates and refreshing needs to be done.

    One name you might be familiar with is “Jingles.” The lead on the carrousel was Walt’s favorite and is known to be ridden by Julie Andrews, aka Mary Poppins. Jingles features Ms. Andrews’ initials and hints to her role as Mary Poppins.

    Map Your Jungle Cruise Expedition

    Get your very own Jungle Cruise map. The Jungle Cruise is a crowd favorite, featuring Disneyland’s own guides / comedians. You can even see the 8th wonder of the world, the backside of water! But watch out for Schweitzer Falls (named after Dr. Albert Falls). Ask a cast member for a Jungle Cruise Map and follow your progress as you explore the jungle rivers of the world. And it’s a fun (and free) souvenir.

    Hidden Mickeys All Over Disneyland

    Go on a hunt for a “Hidden Mickey.” Disneyland Imagineers and cast members have placed a likeness of Mickey’s head throughout the park.

    Each attraction has at least one “Hidden Mickey” and they are found at unique places throughout the park. Look closely, they may be hard to find! Ask the cast members to tell you where you might find one or check out this article on more hidden gems at Disneyland Resort. It is a great adventure to see how many you can find.

    Find “Gone Forever Rides” of Disneyland Past

    Find hidden Disneyland rides from the past! When Walt Disney said, “that age can relive fond memories of the past,” in his opening speech in 1955, he was not thinking of Disneyland’s past.

    But, for several Disneyland aficionados, there is great joy in searching and finding hints and secrets of past Disneyland attractions. When a ride is retired, Imagineers almost always leave something behind as homage to the attraction.

    For example, the current Adventures of Winnie the Pooh attraction used to be the home of “The Country Bear Jamboree.” The original hosts are still in the area, and you can see them! When your “honey-pot ride car” takes you from the “Heffalump” room into the birthday room within the Winnie the Pooh attraction, look behind you and behold, say hello to “Max, Buff, and Melvin!”

    A great memory from the past! Look around the park and you’ll find several other nods to “retired” rides like The Mine Train through Nature’s Wonderland. A tunnel and track can still be found on the banks of Rivers of America in Disneyland. Other references can also be found on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

    See Props from Favorite Films

    Near the exit of the Indiana Jones Adventure, you will discover the military truck that Indiana Jones slid under to save the Ark of the Covenant in the original Indiana Jones movie, Raiders of the Lost Ark. Look closely at the rod on the bumper. Stuntmen used it to guide them safely as they performed this famous stunt.

    Does Jack Sparrow’s rocking chair near the conclusion of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride look familiar? You may be surprised to know that it appeared in the Haunted Mansion, starring Eddie Murphy.

    Speaking of the Haunted Mansion, look on the far side of the ballroom on the ride of the same name for a glimpse of Captain Nemo’s organ from the Disney Classic, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

    Be Part of the Show

    Ask a cast member for the opportunity to wake up Jose’, the red, white and green audio animatronic parrot that hosts the Enchanted Tiki Room attraction. Although magical today, think how amazing it would have been when the Tiki Room opened in 1963. Guests were convinced that the birds were real! Some reported that a few birds had escaped! Look close; the birds even appear like they are breathing.

    Find the Cheshire Cat

    Try on a hat at the Mad Hatter’s shop in Fantasyland. Look in the mirror, the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland will appear for special guests.

    More Hidden Features in Fantasy Faire

    This area of Fantasyland is a great place to meet and greet several of the Disney princesses and see some very entertaining vaudeville-style plays. Periodically, Rapunzel’s 18 foot tower will come to life with lights and sounds, but be patient and ask a Cast Member when to expect the show. In addition, look for the “turn of the century animation machines,” see how many Disney characters appear when you crank up some fun with this unique form of entertainment.

    Explore Walt’s Hollywood

    Buena Vista Street in Disney California Adventure is filled with references to early Hollywood when Walt Disney arrived in the early 1920s. Find the references to Walt’s first cartoon character, Julius the Cat, and his second, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. Walt lost the rights to Oswald and the Disney Company acquired him back and he can now be seen on Buena Vista Street!

    The references can be hidden, so use your super sleuthing skills, for example the Fiddler, Fifer, and Practical Café is a reference to one of Walt’s early films about the Three Little Pigs.

    See if you can find the reference to Walt’s original idea for Mickey Mouse’s name, his third cartoon character. Take a look at the mail boxes, recognize any names? How many stars would have been on the American flag in 1920? See if you can find it!

    Scent-sational Disney Smells

    Disneyland pays attention to everything, even the smells that you encounter in the park. Stop by Soarin’ to get a whiff of pine forests and orange groves. On Main Street, USA the smell of vanilla lingers during most of the year. During Christmastime, the smells of peppermint permeate the promenade.

    Stand in front of the Gibson Girl Ice Cream store to get a great sniff! A classic smell that attracts many Disney guests is the uniquely placed popcorn machines. Within each machine is a tiny character turning the popcorn. They change often and switch out with the seasons and holidays. How many can you spot?

    Talk with a Potato

    Disney spends a lot of effort ensuring that guests are entertained while waiting in line. Near the entrance of the Toy Story Mania attraction in California Adventure, Mr. Potato Head is featured as a “boardwalk barker” and tells jokes, explains the ride and even recognizes guests and interacts with them. Stop by before you hop in line.

    Sing with Snow White

    Visit Snow White’s Grotto near Sleeping Beauty Castle to view the beautiful Italian marble statues of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The sculptures were a gift to Walt Disney and he wanted to find a place to display them. However, there was a problem. Snow White was the same height as the dwarfs.

    Using an engineering and visual arts technique called forced perspective; the park placed the statues in a way that makes you think that Snow White is taller than the dwarfs. While you are there you can hear the echo of Snow White’s voice in the wishing well.
    The magic of Disneyland can be found in each and every detail. Make sure you take the time to enjoy all that there is to see. Speaking of details, there is no one like Get Away Today to ensure every detail is complete for your next adventure! Book any of our discount Disneyland vacation packages online or call our vacation experts at 855-GET-AWAY.

    10 Things You Didn't Know You Can Do at Disneyland || Get Away Today

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    I love and enjoy seeing all hidden mickeys through the parks

    Going to Disneyland next week and for the first time taking 2 grandchildren. Going to be a grand time!

    Years ago (2008) when I took the Walk in Walt's footsteps tour, the tour guide asked if anyone knew where the statues came from and I chimed in with the gift response and she said that the Snow White and Seven Dwarfs were actually not gifts and that that was just a rumor they spread for a long time because they were embarrassed by their mistake.

    Just an FYI it is 'Sleeping Beauty Castel' offically not Sleeping Beauty's Castle. It's the name of the Castel is does not show possession. Otherwise great tips.

    going for the first time in May. So EXCITED !!! Thanks for all of the tips

    Really looking forward to my visit thanks for the great tips

    Hey Robert, there are cats at Disneyland. Many of them hang out in the area by the story book boat ride. They keep the mouse population down (a little ironic to be sure). There is only rumor about Star Wars land. One rumor suggests that it may replace Toon Town. Stay "tooned" for more info....

    Thanks! What about the cats at Disneyland? Also, any word on Star Wars land?


    Chris, always great information! will be in Disneyland Dec 1. going to be a little more fun now if thats possible! Thanks!

    I want to go to Disneyland now. Thanks for sharing. I really appreciate this information. It gives me a great list of things to see.

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