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5 Princess Hairdos in 5 Minutes or Less
January 15, 2024

One of our favorite parts of a Disney vacation or just bringing some Disney into your day is by looking the part of a princess or favorite Disney character. Here are some of our best Princess hairstyles, along with other Disney hairstyle ideas to make getting ready for a day in the theme parks or even a day at school part of the magic.

Disney Princess Cinderella Hairdo

Cinderella is one of our all-time favorite stories. We love how she is so sweet and kind. To get Cinderella's up-do, brush hair into a high ponytail.

Then use a bun maker hair styling tool to create the perfect bun and secure it with bobby pins. Finish off your Cinderella look with a cute black headband. It’s a simple way to emulate one of our favorite Disney Princesses.

Beauty and the Beast Hairstyles

If we had to choose a princess to be part of our Disney vacation study group, it would certainly be Belle. She is always ready to learn and is great at making friends.

To look like Belle, start by putting half of the hair up in a ponytail. Leave the bottom section loose for curls. The top can be pinned into a loose bun with bobby pins.

Curl the bottom section into ringlets with a curling iron. Your princess can be ready in no time for any adventure!

Princess Leia Star Wars Hairdo

These easy Princess Leia hairstyles are out of this world—ideal for a day at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

For the classic Leia buns part your hair down the center using the edge of the comb to make a nice straight line. Brush each side of your hair into ponytails. Make sure they are even. It will look like cute little pig tails! Smooth out the bumps and spray any loose hairs with hairspray.

Then use a bun maker hair styling tool to create buns on each side of the head. Pin the hair into place with bobby pins. This will help the buns stay in place as you explore all day at Disney! Princess Leia could fight without looking a mess, so you know it is a great style for roller coasters.

The next hair style is the beautiful Princess Crown Braid. We like this one because you can braid hair right out of the shower! Skip blow drying all together. And as an added bonus, you can undo the braid and have awesome wavy curls for the following Disney day.

Part your hair from the tip of each ear. Half of the hair should fall forward and the other half brushed back.

Secure the hair that falls forward with a ponytail or clips to keep it out of the way during the first part of the braid. Start braiding at the left ear. Separate a small section of hair into three sections. Dutch braid the hair down and around the back of your head.

Add a new section of hair when you braid from the top but not when you are braiding the bottom strand. Basically, you add hair every third twist of the braid.

Continue to add hair and braid around until you reach the top of the right ear. Then, release the sectioned off hair and start including that in your braid.

Pull the braid around the front of your head in the same fashion as the back. When you have all of the main hair gathered into the braid, do a simple braid to finish down to the ends of the hair. Tie it off with a small ponytail.

Tuck the extended braid piece on top of the braid in the back. Hide the end of the hair with a bobby pin.

Disney Frozen Hairstyles

Princess Anna is fun and outgoing. She makes us laugh and is the perfect example of how to be a good sister. If you want to match Anna, then two simple braids are the way to go.

Start by parting the hair in the middle. Braid each side of the hair from behind the ear down towards the shoulder. Secure the ends with a hair tie. This hairstyle is perfect for mornings with wet hair. You can even add in a streak of blonde hair just like Anna!

Princess Elsa has taken the world by storm! We have spent many hours singing "Let it go!" and pretending to have our own icy powers. If you want to look like the ice queen, then give a french braid a try. Start the braid on the right side of and wrap the braid around your head as you go along. It should end on the left side just above the ear.

Another option is to use a hair waver first to give the hair some volume before putting into a braid that drapes over one side. You can also lightly pull at each braided section to give a more full braid look rather than a tight braid.

Minnie Mouse Hairdo Ideas

Minnie always looks chic in her polka dots and high heels. Minnie is so cute and nice. Even though Minnie doesn't have hair, you can still recreate her look with the Minnie Mouse Hair Bow style.

The steps are really simple:
  1. Put the hair in a high ponytail bun on top of your head with excess hair pointing forward. Then split the bun in half. Wrap the remaining hair over the split section and secure it in place with bobby pins.
  2. Split the bun into two and use the excess hair to wrap backwards.
  3. Secure loose ends with bobby pins and spray to hold in place.
This hairstyle is a perfect way to glam up for a day at Disney!
The next Minnie Mouse hairstyle gives two buns fashioned more like mouse ears and you’ll add a bow in the center of the finished product.

To start, pull the hair into two high ponytails on each side of her head. The part needs to be along the center of her head.

Brush the hair so it is smooth and flat. Wrap the ends over the hair donut and spray the ends with water or hair spray (whatever you prefer). Make sure the hair is smooth and start rolling the hair donut down the ponytail towards your head. Pull it tight and smooth the stray hairs as you go.

Spread the hair out all along the donut and clip the snap together.Adjust the hair on the donut so that it covers it completely and then pin it in place with hair pins (bobby pins). Repeat with the other side and add a bow to match, then you’re ready to go!
The next Minnie Mouse hairdo is making a simple set of clips you can add into almost any hairstyle! You’ll need: To start, cut about 8 inches of the black tulle and set it off to the side. You will use it as a tie later in the process.

We used an iPhone for the next step. You could also use a small book or even use your hand if you want. The size of the object should be about the size of the finished tulle puff ball that you create.

So, if you want a tiny Minnie Mouse ear, use something narrow. If you want a bigger one (like for an adult) you may want to use a paperback book or something about that size. This phone worked out to be a great size for kids! Wrap the tulle around the phone 15 times.

Cut the tulle from the remaining roll and set the roll aside. Then, slide the 8-inch section of tulle (that you cut earlier) under the wrapped portion. Try to get it in the center. Then tie a knot right in the middle.

Carefully slide the tulle off of the cell phone. Make sure to keep your fingers on the center because the back side has not been tied together yet! Wrap the ends of your tying piece around the whole center and tie it off with a knot. You should have something that looks like a bow. Pull it tight when you make the knot. You don't want the pieces to slip out later.

Now, slide your finger through one end of the bow. Try to get in the center of all of the loops.

Then slip your scissors through the tunnel you made with your finger and cut along the outside edge of the tulle.

If you happen to have missed any of the loops, you can cut them individually now. Then, repeat the process on the other side. It will look like a flat little weird fluffy thing!

Next, pull the individual strands of tulle apart and fluff the pieces into a nice round ball.

You n

eed two balls. Minnie Mouse has two ears! So, do all of those steps a second time.

Then, heat up the glue in your hot glue gun. Spread the tulle ball out so you find the center. There are lots of ways to make a "center" with a sphere. Just pick a spot that looks good to you! Open it up and flatten the tulle out to make it kind of flat on the bottom.

This is where the barrette is going to attach to the Tulle Minnie Ear. Place a line of hot glue along top of the barrette and then stick it to the spot you have ready on the ear. Hold it in place until the glue gets firm.

Then, you add the bow! Because, Minnie Mouse always looks fancy. She doesn't go out without a bow! Flatten the front part of the ear just above the barrette. Put a little dot of glue on the back of your bow and secure it in place on the tulle. Hold it until the glue sets up. It just takes a minute.

Clip the ears on whenever you need to have a Disney day!

Plan Your Princess Day at Disney

Getting ready like a princess can be a lot of fun! We hope your mornings go more smoothly with a little bit of royal imagination!

And of course, for the most fun, you can bring your princess to meet all of her favorite princesses in person! Get one-on-one time with the royal beauties of the Disneyland Resort or Walt Disney World Resort. When you're ready to plan your Disneyland vacation, book one of our packages online or call our Disney Experts at 855-GET-AWAY.

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