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Disneyland Resort
Captain America Countdown Chain
February 27, 2020
Author: Adelle Belnap

Use this Disney Vacation Captain America Countdown Chain to count down the days until your Disney Vacation! Captain America wants you to go to Disneyland. You have to listen to Captain!

Captain American Countdown Chain Header

There are always new and exciting things happening at the Disney Parks! The Summer of 2020 is no exception! Marvel Land Avengers Campus is set to open at Disney California Adventure Park and I am pretty stoked about it. 

The section of the park has slowly been transforming into Marvel Land over the past few years, starting with the conversion of the Tower of Terror attraction to Guardians of the Galaxy - Mission: BREAKOUT! It was a huge improvement and is now one of my favorite rides in the park. I think Rocket is hilarious. 

The Summer of Heroes in 2017 introduced some amazing new eats and treats that were Marvel themed like the huge Hulk Donuts, Groot Bread, and the Most Dangerous Tacos in the Galaxy. I am excited to see what new foods the Disney crew will bring to the menus this time around! I love that the heroes are becoming permanent. 

Guests at the new Avengers Campus will get to experience a Spider-Man themed ride, fight alongside the Avengers, meet their favorite heroes and so much more! Get ready to rub shoulders with the greatest defenders of humankind! 

Captain America Countdown Chain

If you are taking your crew to Disneyland this Summer, here is a fun Captain America Countdown Chain activity that will bring a little marvel magic into your house before your adventure begins. Captain America is the leader of the pack. (And super handsome!) He wants you to join the Avengers at Disney California Adventure Park!

Captain America Countdown Chain Supplies: 

You can buy all the supplies at Michaels Craft store. That is where I went to get mine! I am sure you could find these items at any big craft place. Or, just look in your scrapbook supply bin! I used the 12x12 inch paper. It had the best selection. You need at least one sheet of the red and white striped and one sheet of blue. 

Free Captain America Printable

Download and print the Captain America Countdown Chain template here. You can print this on regular or cardstock paper. I like the thicker paper for crafting projects. 

Captain American Countdown Chain Printable

Captain America Countdown Chain - Cut the Strips

Set the printed page aside. Then, use your paper slicer or some scissors to cut the 12x12 inch paper into 1.5 inch strips. You should get 8 strips per page. I liked cutting across the stripes on the lined paper instead of in line with the striped pattern. It looks better!

Captain American Countdown Chain Red and White Striped Strips

Link the strips together like you are making a paper chain. Because, that is what you are doing! Start by making a loop with the first blue strip. Overlap the ends and use the double sided tape to secure them in place. Then, thread another blue strip through the center of the one you just made. Connect the ends together and secure them in place with tape. 

Captain American Countdown Chain Blue link

I used the pattern: blue, blue, red stripe, red stripe. I think it worked out cute! Continue adding the strips until all of them are part of the Captain America Disney Countdown Chain.

Captain America Countdown Chain - Cut the Stars

Then, use the cute little star shape punch tool to cut out a pile of little white stars. 

Captain American Countdown Chain Punch

Attach a star to each blue link. I did this with a little strip of double sided tape. 

Captain American Countdown Chain White Star on Blue paper

It feels so American! Next, cut out the template so it is just the circle part with the design on it. You will need to get the template to attach to the cute chain. The easiest way to link them up is to use a small section of ribbon. Five inches should work great.  

Captain American Countdown Chain Red ribbon loop

Trim the ribbon to the correct length and then thread it through the top link on your countdown chain. Center the ribbon with the template. And then attach the ribbon to the back of the template with tape. 

Captain American Countdown Chain Middle

Captain America Countdown Chain - Finished Product

Your fancy Captain American Countdown Chain is ready for action! Remove one chain per day as you work towards the vacation. When there are no chains left to remove, it is time to go on vacation!

Captain American Countdown Chain Links

I hope you have fun with this SUPER activity. The new Marvel Land Avengers Campus is sure to be a total blast. What are you most excited for? 

Captain American Countdown Chain Finished



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