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All About DisneyBand+ on Disney Cruise Line
April 12, 2024

Leave it to Disney Cruise Line to grant even more magic at sea with just a flick of the wrist. DisneyBands+ are the latest tech to take to the ocean.

DisneyBands+ are lightweight, waterproof wristbands that unlock the magic during your vacation. They come in one adjustable size for adults and children.

In this article we’ll explore why you might add a DisneyBand+ to your Disney Cruise Line vacation and how it can add to the magic!

Do You Need a DisneyBand for Your Disney Cruise?

The first thing you are probably wondering is, “Do I need a DisneyBand for my Disney Cruise Line vacation?”

That depends, and we’re here to help you navigate those waters. First, it’s important to note which ships currently use DisneyBand+.

While use of DisneyBand+ is not required, it sure does make things simple and magical! Our Get Away Today team loves the ease of DisneyBands+ because they allow guests to do so many things, at every step of your vacation.

Why We Love DisneyBand+ Aboard Disney Cruises

We’ve used them for years at Walt Disney World Resort, and now that they’re onboard at Disney Cruise Lines, we want to share a few of our favorite DisneyBand+ perks.
  • DisneyBands are a wristband you wear during your Disney Cruise, and they’re waterproof!
  • Board at US ports with your DisneyBand
  • DisneyBand+ give your hands-free convenience on the ship and on shore at Disney Castaway Cay.
  • DisneyBand+ can unlock your room! No lost keys or struggling to find them when you return late at night, just tap and unlock.
  • DisneyBand+ makes it easy to buy souvenirs on board, just enter your custom 4-digit code and tap to pay.

Of course there’s even more tricks DisneyBands+ can do, but you can get started with by booking your Disney Cruise Line vacation now.

Disney Cruise DisneyBand Designs

So many people love swapping out MagicBand+ designs during their Disney vacations, but now we’re seeing exclusive Disney Cruise Line DisneyBands and they are simply adorable!

We love the idea of choosing and customizing your DisneyBand+ as a family to count down to the next cruising vacation.

DisneyBands+ come in classic colors, trendy hues, and tons of Disney character options! These wrist bands are available in one size and can be adjusted to fit so everyone can enjoy the magic.

Be sure to purchase your DisneyBand+ as early as possible to avoid shipping delays and have it ready and charged for your sailing.

DisneyBands+ FAQs

Do you have more questions about Disneyland DisneyBands+? We have gathered the most frequently asked questions and answers below to help you have an even better vacation.

Are DisneyBands the same as MagicBands?

DisneyBand+ has the same technology as MagicBand+ and as such, you can use either one interchangeably on Disney Cruises (select ships), Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort.

Are DisneyBands+ free?

DisneyBands+ are not free. We recommend purchasing your DisneyBand+ as soon as your vacation is booked. Start your Disney Cruise vacation planning here.

How much do DisneyBands+ cost?

DisneyBands+ range from $20-$50 or more, per band. Be sure to place your order early so it arrives in plenty of time.

Will an original or earlier version of MagicBand work on a Disney Cruise?

DisneyBand+ and/or MagicBand+ will both work on select Disney Cruise sailings. Former versions of MagicBands will not work onboard Disney cruises.

What does my DisneyBand+ include?

Your DisneyBand+ includes:
  • New, enchanting interactions on board and at Disney’s private islands
  • Rechargeable battery (remember to charge each night!)
  • Waterproof
  • Customizable options

Can I use my DisneyBand+ again?

Yes, you can use your DisneyBand+ over and over, making it part of future Disney vacations on board, at Walt Disney World or at Disneyland.

Can one DisneyBand+ be used for my entire party?

No, you will need one DisneyBand+ per person. However, DisneyBands+ are not required for your sailing. Some in your party may choose to use DisneyBand+ and some may not, that’s ok.
Are you ready to book your Disney Cruise with Get Away Today? Getting started is easy! You can call our cruise specialists at 877-510-2929 or click here to book online now. No matter how you book your Disney Cruise vacation, we can't wait to help!

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