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Free Printable Disney Craft
March 14, 2024

With our free printable Disney craft, you will capture a magical vacation in a new, fun and creative way. You want your Disneyland Resort memories to last a lifetime - and now they can!

The things you see and experience at Disneyland and Disney California Adventure Park are moments you will want to remember forever! Riding the attractions, meeting famous characters, watching Broadway-style shows, viewing dazzling parades and nighttime fireworks displays, shopping for souvenirs, and eating the best theme park food on the planet are all sure to create priceless experiences. Disneyland is magical, and so are your memories.

This easy and free printable Disney craft will help you reflect back on your vacation and preserve the memories you made as a family through each person's unique perspective. What did you see at Disneyland?

Free Disney Craft Printable and Supplies

Print each of the templates onto 11x17 inch paper. You’ll also need crayons or markers, scissors and tape.

You can download them here:

Creating your Disney Craft

The first part of the project is the face. You can choose a Mickey or a Minnie hat template. Draw a face onto the blank section of the paper. It should look like you! Add hair, a nose, and a mouth that look like yours. But no eyes are necessary... they will be covered up by the giant sunglasses!
Next, color the sunglasses. The inside of the glasses where the lens would be is reserved for Disneyland vacation memories! You can draw the favorite things you saw, did, or experienced at the Disneyland Resort. It is a "reflection" of your vacation. This is a perfect way for your kids to journal special things about the magical trip.

We loved seeing what the kids drew into their lenses. They drew their favorite rides, Mickey Mouse, World of Color and all their favorite activities and food they tried. You can record some of their comments on the back of the paper in writing if you want to remember it as well.
When your lenses are full of memories, cut around the edges of the sunglasses and leave the inside lens intact!
Tape the sunglasses to the face.
Your Disneyland reflection is complete! We hope you have fun reliving some of your magical vacation experiences with this free printable Disney craft.

There is nothing quite as special or magical as a trip to Disneyland with your loved ones. We hope you can capture your magical memories and learn what everyone else loved about your adventure. There is so much that can be drawn in your view of Disneyland, but everyone will have a different perspective. There is a whole lot to love at the Happiest Place on Earth.

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Remember, your perspective of Disneyland will also change depending on the time of year you visit! Each time of year is so unique and will create completely different Disneyland vacation memories!

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Free Printable Disney Craft || Get Away Today

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