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Walt Disney World Resort
Get Your Family Even More Excited For a Walt Disney World Trip
February 24, 2024

Planning a big family vacation to Walt Disney World can put stress on the person doing all of the organizing. If you’re the one who makes the daily itineraries, reserves hotel rooms, and books transportation, finding ways to get the rest of your family involved in the process can lessen stress and help build anticipation and excitement for the trip.

Include the whole family in vacation preparation. Get everyone involved in creating wishlists, doing research, and taking part in pre-trip activities. Here are some ideas to get your family even more excited about your next Disney vacation booking.

1. Must-Do Wish Lists

Each member of your family is going to have different interests. Perhaps one person can’t wait to ride the newest roller coaster, but another dreams of dining with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Have everyone create their own wish list to include their top three must-do activities on the trip. These can be new rides, shows they want to see, fun foods to try, or characters they want to meet. Even if you don’t end up fulfilling every wish, creating the lists helps build excitement about the fun to come.

2. Recruit Research Assistance

When you are ready to buy Disney World tickets, you’ll have a treasure trove of resources to help you plan your trip. The My Disney Experience app allows you to create your family’s itinerary, view park maps and dining menus, and locate character meet and greets. If you search online, you will find videos of park overviews and ride-throughs. There is also a vast range of guidebooks and blogs full of helpful tips, including the ones you’ll find at Get Away Today.

With so much information out there, your research crew (your family) will have plenty of excellent resources to help discover all the best Disney has to offer. Give adults and older kids specific tasks to look into, and get the younger kids involved by asking about their favorite Disney movies and characters.

3. Create a Countdown

Creating a countdown calendar is one of the best ways to build excitement for upcoming Disney World vacation packages. A calendar keeps the trip at the top of everyone’s mind with a visual reminder. Consider the fun and anticipation of a Christmas advent calendar, and make it Disney.

The calendar can be as simple as marking down the number of days until Disney on a whiteboard or peeling off a stack of prepared Post-its. Make it more special by adding a Disney-themed surprise or a bit of trivia each day.

Other fun countdown calendar ideas include:
  • Making a digital version for your phone or children’s tablets.
  • Creating a paper chain to be pulled apart
  • Getting a Mickey Shaped chalkboard to mark the days
Recruit creative ideas and crafting help from the rest of your family.

4. Make a Disney Playlist

Singing along to Disney songs can get anyone excited. Ask the music lovers in your family to put together a playlist to listen to on the trip. They can add songs from everyone’s favorite Disney movies, including all the classics and the newest hits.

Did you know that every attraction at Disney World has its own theme music? Consider including the Splash Mountain soundtrack or “Grim Grinning Ghosts” from the Haunted Mansion on your playlist. Those who’ve visited Disney World before will love the memory flashbacks they bring. And for first-time visitors, this can help build up more anticipation.

5. Vacation Shirts, Crafts, and Gifts

Wearing matching outfits to Disney World is almost a family right of passage. Make shopping for matching t-shirts or coordinating Disney accessories a pre-vacation whole-family activity. Extra creative family members may even enjoy designing their own custom shirts to wear on the trip.

Every trip to Disney World should include Mickey Ears and an autograph book for character signatures. You can get the whole family involved in picking the perfect items to bring or crafting some creative DIY alternatives.

6. Pack Early

Having everyone in the family pack their bags early will cut down on last-minute stress before the trip and can help build enthusiasm. Once the Disney World parks tickets have been bought, consider placing an open suitcase or basket in each person’s room where items can be tossed in as they’re acquired. These items may include Mickey ears, Disney shirts, bathing suits, rain ponchos, etc.

Seeing the items pile up over time will build excitement in the family, and essential items are much less likely to be left behind. Check out Disney World guidebooks and planning blogs for helpful packing lists and tips.
Getting the whole family involved in planning your next Disney World vacation will help build up more excitement and ensure everyone’s interests are covered. From grown-ups to small children, everyone can help make wish lists, count down the days, and craft for the trip.

Get Your Family Even More Excited For a Walt Disney World Trip
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