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Harry Potter Water Bottle Labels

By Adelle Belnap 03/01/2016
Chances are pretty good that spending a day enjoying the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is going to make you thirsty! The best thing to do in that situation is purchase a nice chilled mug of Butterbeer, put your feet up, and relax for a while. The next best thing, however, is to quench your thirst with water from your own personalized Harry Potter water bottles. Or, if you feel like "being up to no good," then you could bust out the frosty root beer instead.  
It is so easy to transform a regular plastic bottle into a magical one. You don't even need to use a magic spell. All you need are a few supplies you probably already have around the house and the instructions below.
What you'll need:
Regular printer paper
Bottled water
Clear packing tape
First, print the labels onto regular paper.  You can download the file here.

Then, peel the existing labels off of the water bottles.

Cut the labels into strips. Do NOT cut off the white tabs at the ends of the label. You will most likely need the length for the paper to wrap around the bottle completely. Test the wrap around the bottle to see if it fits properly. Different brands of bottled water make varied sizes of bottles. With the right adjustments, these labels will fit most standard watter bottle sizes.

Roll out a strip of clear packing tape onto the table. Place the label face down onto the tape leaving a small amount of tape at each edge. The tape serves two purposes. First, it sticks the label onto the bottle. Second, it acts as lamination for the paper to keep it nice in your cooler and protects it from spills.

Wrap the label around the bottle and secure it in place with the tape at the ends.

And voila!  Just like that, your water bottle goes from "muggle" to "wizard"-- in a manner of speaking.  
Since all forms of soda pop are usually banned from our house, my kids think it is fantastic when they get a taste of the bubbly sugary beverage. I must have felt like being "up to no good" today at the store because I couldn't help but toss a pack of bottled root beer into the cart. It felt a little bit more wizard-like than water! If you want to make your little witches and wizards happy, you could certainly use these water bottle wraps to wrap something a little bit more tasty.


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Adelle Belnap