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Harry Potter Would You Rather Game
December 10, 2015
Author: Kimberly Fidler

We are so excited about the Wizarding World of Harry Potter coming to Universal Studios Hollywood in California on April 7, 2016! Hogwarts and Hogsmeade will come to life and immerse guests in the magic of Harry Potter.

Harry Potter Would You Rather Game

One of our most popular games that we've put together on our blog has been our "Would You Rather" Disney themed game. So, of course we decided to make a Harry Potter inspired version to celebrate the upcoming West Coast arrival of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. This version of the game is full of questions regarding your favorite wizards, witches, spells and more! One of the best parts about this game is it can be played with as many or as few players as you wish. You could easily play it at a large party, or even by yourself if you're a true Harry Potter fan. You may find yourself getting to know aspects of your family, friends and even yourself that you didn't know before!


Making your own game is easier than catching the Hogwarts Express. Just print off the free pages below one at a time. There are nine pages each with six cards. We recommend using a card stock or sturdy paper.

Harry Potter Would You Rather Printables

Harry Potter Would You Rather 1
Harry Potter Would You Rather 2
Harry Potter Would You Rather 3
Harry Potter Would You Rather 4
Harry Potter Would You Rather 5
Harry Potter Would You Rather 6
Harry Potter Would You Rather 7
Harry Potter Would You Rather 8

Harry Potter Would You Rather Game Supplies

After you've printed out the questions onto your paper, you may want to consider laminating the cards. If you are laminating the cards, do that before cutting them. If you don't want to laminate them, you can go ahead and cut the page into three columns. If you want to make a book out of your cards, be sure to cut right along the right hand side of the line and leave the left side with the extra border. This will give you space to make a binding or punch holes.


If you choose to punch holes your cards or have them bound together to make a little booklet, you can do this yourself with anything... binder rings, wire, etc. Or, have it bound at your local print shop. 

You could also easily choose to leave the cards loose and keep them in a bag. It can be as simple as that! Whatever you decide to do, we're sure you're in for hours of whimsical fun.

Our Harry Potter Would You Rather Game would make a fun family game night while you're counting down the days until your Universal Studios Hollywood vacation where you'll get to experience the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Make it a Harry Potter party with some butterbeer and magical treats inspired by Honeydukes. Or, if you're taking a road trip, print it off and make the time fly by playing on the road. It would also be a fun (and free) gift if you're surprising your family with a vacation to visit Universal Studios Hollywood.

If you haven't booked your Wizarding World of Harry Potter vacation yet, book now. You can hold your vacation for just $125 down. Stay nearby at one of our Universal Studios Hollywood hotels, or make it part of your Disneyland vacation and take advantage of our free night specials at select Anaheim area hotels. Either way, we're sure you'll have a magical vacation!


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Anonymous- Are you having trouble downloading or printing? We just double-checked the links and they're successfully opening the PDF files for us. Click each link, download the PDFs individually and then print them. Let us know if you need more help.

I cant print them out!!!

Sooooo Excited

Loving all your sets. They are going to be fun to play with my students. Thanks for creating and sharing them.

Thank you!!!

This sounds so awesome I hope you are all as potterhead of a person like me

I am planning some Harry Potter gatherings at school and at home. This is great! Thanks for your hard work, you made my life easier!

This looks absolutely cool. Great for teenagers. I will try it out next week

Hi Megan! The font used for this game was Magic School 1. Please let us know if you have any other questions. :)

could you tell me the font for this please?

Thanks, I loved It. I'll play It with my students someday.

Thank you so very much, our girls will love this

Thank you so much!!!

Soooooooo cool

thank you so much for making this game i am a big harry potter fan and i think your game is amazing.

Hi Shannon! You will want to download each of the pages (underneath the first photo in the blog) and then print them on either regular paper or card stock paper. Please let us know if you have any other questions!

Hi how do you print the cards itself

Me and my daughter are big fans and I am planning her a harry potter 11th birthday party with owl hogwart acceptance letters and a great hall, house colours etc. This will be great fun to play at the party. Thanks


Hi Karen! Yes, there isn't a scoring system or wrong answers. It's a fun game to find out what your family would rather do and why. :)

So the point of the game is just talk through your decisions? There are no right or wrong answer and no kind of scoring system, correct?

What a creative idea! Love it!

Missy, I loooove the idea of a 9 3/4 birthday party! I wish I'd thought of that, I'm doing my daughter's 10th birthday party Harry Potter themed...

THANK YOU, for this fun game! It will add an extra touch for my daughters party, I also printed them off in the house colors (Red,Blue,Green and Yellow)

I am using this for my daughters 9 3/4 birthday party! I love it!

Hi Anonymous, Yes! The cover is on the very bottom right column of PDF 8. :)

hi do you a the very first card that say would rather harry potter edition game



This was amazing, I used it at a party and my friends loved it! Thank you so much!

This was fantastic my potter friends and i had a blast figuring out what to choose thank you so much!

Thank you so much for this!!! My kids (9 & 13) LOVE playing "would you rather". We're a huge Harry Potter family, so this is PERFECT for us! And it's always fun to hear why people choose the options they choose.

Thank you for this!!

Hi Anonymous, Sorry the article was confusing! Yes, to play you just answer the questions. You can play by yourself or with a group. It's fun to think about what you would do. :) Enjoy!

I quietly didn't understand. how it should be played? just answer the questions? Please help me. I really love Harry Potter book. But, I am not American, and I am not so good at English. Please, help me :(((

They always tell you to print on cardstock, but some advice from somebody that worked at staples... most inkjet printers sold these days aren't meant to handle cardstock. You'll eventually strip out your gears and ruin your printer before it's time. If you're laminating, just print on regular paper and take them to Staples or wherever, but cut them out first, because otherwise you ruin the seal when you cut them apart after laminating and the laminate will peel with repeated use.

This is amaziiiinnngg

i need this

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