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Make Your Own Halloween Minnie Ears
September 6, 2017
Author: Adelle Belnap

Make your own Halloween Minnie Ears in under 10 minutes! These cute and easy ears are sure to dress up your Halloween look with a bit of Disney magic.

Halloween Minnie Ears

Minnie Mouse is one of the most popular Disney characters. She is cute, sweet and completely lovable. Just ask Mickey! She also loves to dress up. During Halloween Time at the Disney Parks, Minnie trades in her polka dots for a pointed hat and frightfully fun garb. Minnie may not be a wicked witch, but she is wickedly adorable in her costume. 

You can use a bit of Disney magic at home to transform a regular witch hat headband into Halloween Minnie Ears in about 10 minutes. Even though it is Halloween time, this is not a trick! It is a great costume accessory to wear during a visit to Disneyland or a Halloween event at home. Minnie is always a party favorite. You don't have to sew a single stitch and even little witches can be involved because these Halloween Minnie Ears are so easy!

Halloween Minnie Ears Hold

To make your Halloween Minnie Ears, you will need:
Witch Hat Headband
Black Wired Tinsel
Glass Cup or Can
Wire Cutters

Start by purchasing the supplies. I saw a big selection of the witch hat headbands at the craft store. Halloween products are out and ready for purchase! You can also buy witch hat headbands online from Amazon, at Halloween costume stores and sometimes even the dollar store. Black tinsel and craft wire can also be found at the craft store or on Amazon. Make sure that your black tinsel is the wired kind so you can manipulate it. Don't get the draping kind.

Use a kitchen glass or even a tin can as a mold for the wire. Wrap the wire around the mold three times. Secure the end in place by looping the end of the wrapped wire around the starting end to secure the loops in place. Unroll a 15-inch tail at the end of the wire before cutting it with some wire cutters.

Halloween Minnie Ears Wrap

Pull the loops up off of the glass or can. Use the 15 inches of wire to wrap around the loops to keep them together and make your Halloween Minnie Ears sturdier. You will need to make two. These are the ears! 

Halloween Minnie Ears Two Rings

Next, wrap the black tinsel around the wire rings. You need about 3 feet of tinsel for each ear. Wrap it tightly and scoot the tinsel so it covers the wire completely. You want your Halloween Minnie Ears to look full and sparkly.

Halloween Minnie Ears Tinsel

If you have leftover tinsel after you’ve wrapped the entire loop, you can cut it off with the wire cutters. Make sure to leave about 5 inches of leader tinsel attached. You will need it for the next step. Attach the ear to the witch hat headband by wrapping the extra 5 inches of tinsel around the headband. Wrap it tight and then tuck the end up in the ear tinsel so it doesn't poke your little witch's head when she wears it!

Halloween Minnie Ears Attach

Repeat the step on the second Minnie Mouse ear. The witch hat headband that I found had the hat attached on the side of the headband. It is not in the center. I like it, because the hat doesn't look like a unicorn horn. It does add an extra step to adding the second ear, though. You have to cut a slit in the hat so that it can lay over the ear. 

Place the ears on the headband so they are centered and look even. Then, find the spot on the hat that needs to be slit. 

Halloween Minnie Ears Slice

Take your scissors and cut a piece of the hat fabric out. Keep the cut out piece! 

Halloween Minnie Ears Hole

Lay the hat over the ear so it lays naturally. You can leave it just like this if you want. I think it works out just fine! If your hat fabric frays, you can use fray glue to prevent it from getting crazy. But, if you want a totally finished look, then add these extra steps. Cut a small piece of black sticky felt that is just bigger than the slit you cut from the hat. 

Halloween Minnie Ears Felt

Peel off the back of the felt so it reveals the sticky side and place it on the under side of the hat brim. It should cover the hole from the bottom. The sticky side is facing up towards the slit. Then, replace the little hat piece that you cut out earlier. Stick it to the felt. If you want some extra sticky help, place a little blob of hot glue on the felt before you attach the hat piece back in place.

Halloween Minnie Ears Finished

Your adorable Halloween Minnie Ears are ready for a party! Disneyland and Walt Disney World are hosting some pretty spooktacular Halloween parties during Halloween Time. Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party happens in Disney World while Mickey’s Halloween Party happens in Disneyland. No matter which one you choose to visit, you’ll need a separate ticket from your park admission. Both include the opportunity to trick-or-treat, meet your favorite villains and enjoy some exclusive Halloween Party entertainment. Either party is the perfect opportunity to show off your Halloween Minnie Ears!

Halloween Minnie Ears DIY

You don’t have to visit Mickey’s Halloween Party in Disneyland for a good time, though. The park celebrates Halloween Time like no other, with ride overlays, delicious treats and not-so-spooky décor. Halloween Time at Disneyland kicks off on September 15th and runs through October 31st. Book your Halloween Disneyland vacation online now or by giving our travel experts a call at 855-GET-AWAY. Our discount Disneyland tickets and reduced hotel rates will have you screaming from excitement!

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