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Make Your Own Super Hero Shield
May 25, 2017
Author: Adelle Belnap

Make your own super hero shield with only a Frisbee and our free shield logo printables. Create an iconic Captain America shield or represent your own unique super hero with a variety of super hero shield template options. 

Super Hero Shield Tutorial Captain America

This summer is not like every other summer at Disneyland. Things have evolved. The sky will hold more than a bird or a plane or sparkling fireworks and colorful neon lights. Princess power will be matched with a super power unlike any other. The sound of screams will still echo from the adrenaline pumping loops of California Screamin', but shouts will also be heard radiating from the once quiet streets of Hollywood Land. 
Just when we thought summer at Disneyland couldn't get any better...it became SUPER. Hero Up folks - the Summer of Heroes at Disney California Adventure begins May 27th and it is going to be epic. 
Guests can enjoy meet-and-greet experiences with their favorite Marvel heroes like Captain America, Spiderman and Groot. Do you think he might know more than three words yet? Work side-by-side with Rocket the Raccoon on a mission to break the other Guardians of the Galaxy out of the Collector's Fortress. I am sure he has a great plan put together already! Learn how to be a real super hero at the Avengers Training Initiative where Black Widow and Hawkeye will teach participants what it takes to be part of the Avengers. Do you think you could handle it? 
You won't want to miss the action! Get your family prepared for the event with this simple and fun super hero shield activity. Make a shield like Captain America or create a unique style that fits your own imaginary super powers. Sometimes, all it takes to Hero Up is finding the right outfit or the perfect accessory. These super hero shields might just do the trick!

Super Hero Shield Tutorial Finished

Make Your Own Super Hero Shield

Start by downloading the free super hero shield printables above. There are five options to choose between. Print your favorites onto cardstock paper using color ink. 

Super Hero Shield Tutorial Free Printable

You will need to purchase a coordinating Frisbee to be the base of your awesome super hero shield. Amazon offers a great pack for less than $2 a Frisbee here. I kinda felt like finding a sweet deal might have been my super power. Choose a color that matches your printed logo. You will need one Frisbee for every shield you plan to make. 

Super Hero Shield Tutorial Frisbee

Cut around the edges of the printed super hero shield circle logo. 

Super Hero Shield Tutorial Cut

If you are doing this activity for a birthday party or event, it would be fun to let the party guests choose their own colors. I was surprised at how fun it was for my kids to pick what style they wanted.

Super Hero Shield Tutorial Party

Use clear packing tape to make sticky loop circles. Tape them to the back of the logo and then press the paper logo onto the top of the Frisbee. 

Super Hero Shield Tutorial Tape

Press it down so it is nice and secure. 

Super Hero Shield Tutorial

It is as easy as that! An ordinary Frisbee has been transformed into an amazing Super Hero Shield. Now it is up to you to decide what special powers the shields contain. Are they as strong as steel and can cut like a razor? Fly like a boomerang? Have super spy powers? Make the holder of the shield invisible? The possibilities are endless. 
Have fun and use your imagination with a little bit of Disney magic! 

Super Hero Shield Tutorial Game

Make sure to head on over to Disney California Adventure this summer to be a part of Avengers Campus. Be prepared to dance off with the Guardians of the Galaxy or train like an Avenger. Keep your camera ready in case your favorite hero makes a grand entrance in an armored car or swinging from a web. It is going to be magical in a Marvel-ous way! 
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