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Princess Leia Hairstyles Tutorial
June 6, 2019
Author: Adelle Belnap

Easy Princess Leia Hairstyles Tutorial for a day at the Galaxy's Edge! Choose between the traditional double bun style or braid crown. 

Princess Leia Hairstyles Cute


Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Disneyland is open for exploration at Disneyland and the positive reviews are coming in at light speed. It is hard to deny the magical wonder that Disney creates. Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge overflows with adventure and excitement for an out of this world experience. If you plan to visit the Disney Parks, you are going to want to step foot into the next galaxy.

Princess Leia Hairstyles Tutorial 

Visiting Galaxy's Edge is much more fun if you go in style! Princess Leia has two classic looks that you can create in under five minutes. Because, let's face it, no one wants to waste time getting all dolled up when that time could be spent at Disneyland! This easy Princess Leia hairstyles tutorial will show you how to make Leia Buns and a Princess Crown Braid. Who knew that a galactic princess could be a trendsetter?! Crown braids are all the rage right now!



Princess Leia Hairstyles Tutorial - Princess Leia Buns

Gotta start things off with Princess Leia Buns! Princess Leia Buns are ridiculously easy. You will need a magic bun maker! I got mine of Amazon for under $10. Part your hair down the center. Use the edge of the comb to make a nice straight line. 

Princess Leia Hairstyles Center

Princess Leia Hairstyles Tutorial - Getting Started

Brush each side of your hair into ponytails. Make sure they are even. It will look like cute little pig tails! Smooth out the bumps and spray any loose hairs with hairspray.

Princess Leia Hairstyles Pony

Tuck the end of the ponytail hair into the magic bun maker. 

Princess Leia Hairstyles Slot

Then roll the hair around the magic bun maker until it meets your head. Fold the bun maker into a circle and spread the hair out to cover the foam. 

Princess Leia Hairstyles Roll

Princess Leia Hairstyles Tutorial - Pinning

Pin the hair into place with bobby pins. This will help the buns stay in place as you explore all day at Disneyland! Princess Leia could fight without looking a mess, so you know it is a great style for roller coasters. 

Princess Leia Hairstyles Circles

Princess Leia Hairstyles Tutorial - Princess Crown Braid

The next hair style is the beautiful Princess Crown Braid. I like this one because you can braid hair right out of the shower! Skip blow drying all together. And as an added bonus, you can undo the braid and have awesome wavy curls for day two of Galaxy's Edge.



Princess Leia Hairstyles Tutorial - Getting Started

Part your hair from the tip of each ear. Half of the hair should fall forward and the other half brushed back. 

Princess Leia Hairstyles Part

Princess Leia Hairstyles Tutorial - Braiding

Secure the hair that falls forward with a ponytail or clips to keep it out of the way during the first part of the braid. Start braiding a the left ear. Separate a small section of hair into three sections. Dutch braid the hair down and around the back of your head. Add a new section of hair when you braid from the top but not when you are braiding the bottom strand. Basically, you add hair every third twist of the braid. 

Princess Leia Hairstyles Dutch

Continue to add hair and braid around until you reach the top of the right ear. Then, release the sectioned off hair and start including that in your braid. 

Princess Leia Hairstyles Section

Princess Leia Hairstyles Tutorial - Finishing Up

Pull the braid around the front of your head in the same fashion as the back. When you have all of the main hair gathered into the braid, do a simple braid to finish down to the ends of the hair. Tie it off with a small ponytail. 

Princess Leia Hairstyles Long

Tuck the extended braid piece on top of the braid in the back. Hide the end of the hair with a bobby pin. 

Princess Leia Hairstyles Tuck

Think of how perfect this Star Wars Princess Leia hair style is for a hot day of park hopping at Disneyland and California Adventure Park! It is so cute in the front for pictures too! 

Princess Leia Hairstyles Top

Visiting the Star Wars Galaxy's Edge is a totally out of this world experience. I hope you have fun getting dressed up in your fav Star Wars attire with cute Princess Leia hairstyles to match. 

Princess Leia Hairstyles Two

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