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Disney Churro Toffee Recipe
December 12, 2019
Author: Adelle Belnap

Make a batch of Disney Churro Toffee just like you can get at Disneyland! This Churro Toffee recipe is easy and delicious.

Finished Disney churro toffee

Disney Churro Toffee Recipe

One of the best things about Disneyland during the holiday season is all of the festive and delicious treats and eats! You could spend an entire week eating your way through the park. Doesn't that sound tasty? If you plan to head to the Disney parks during the Christmas celebration make sure to find at least one seasonal treat to enjoy. 

I read some pretty excellent reviews about the Churro Toffee that can be found at Trolley Treats in Disney California Adventure Park and in bakeries around Disneyland. Disney's Churro Toffee is an inside layer of traditional English toffee that is covered in white chocolate and sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar. It's the perfect combination of theme park and Christmas! 

If you want to make a batch to enjoy in your own kitchen, then here is a really easy recipe and tutorial for you to follow. Get ready to create some pretty delicious Disney magic at home!

Disney Churro Toffee Copycat Recipe:

Before you begin cooking, line a baking tray with parchment paper. I used a cake pan and I think it would have been better to use something just a little bit bigger. Even a cookie sheet would work fine! The size of the tray will determine the thickness of your toffee.

Parchment paper in pan

Disney Churro Toffee Recipe - Caramelize the Sugar

Place a large saucepan on the stove top. Add four sticks of butter, two cups of sugar, and a teaspoon of salt to the pan. Set the heat to medium.

sticks of butter and sugar in pot

Now, you can already tell that this is going to turn out amazing because the two best ingredients in baking are butter and sugar! Just wait until the sugar starts to caramelize in the pan. The smell is fantastic. 

Let the butter melt. Stir occasionally with a high temperature spatula. The contents will begin to boil. You will notice that the butter and sugar are not totally combined yet. The melted butter kind of floats around the top and along the edges. That is ok! 

melted butter and sugar in pot

There are a few stages of boiling that you can watch for. When the contents begin to fluff up, you are getting closer to bringing the candy to the right temperature. 

bubbling butter and sugar in pot

Once the candy is really foamy and fluffy, use your candy thermometer to test the temperature. To reach "Hard Ball" stage, the temperature should be 280 degrees. My candy thermometer has little lines for each of the stages of candy making. This is the only tricky part of the whole process. If you don't let the temperature rise high enough, the toffee will be like soft caramel. (Still yummy! Just not what we are going for.) 

holding a food thermometer

See how fluffy and bubbly the toffee is in the pan? When you reach 280 degrees, let the candy stay on the heat for an additional minute or so. Just to be sure you have it ready! 

Take the pot off of the heat. Then, add 1 tsp of vanilla. You do NOT want to add the vanilla before you remove it from the heat. Vanilla can burn and it tastes really yucky. Incorporate the vanilla into the toffee.

Vanilla added to bubbling ingredients in pot

Disney Churro Toffee Recipe - Cool & Cut the Toffee

Then, pour the Churro Toffee into the parchment lined baking sheet. Place it in the refrigerator to cool. Wait about 30 minutes and then pull the pan out to cut the toffee into shapes. I found it was easier to cut the toffee when it was soft. Disney offers big rectangles of Churro Toffee at the park. They are big enough to provide a sweet treat for several people. I made mine like Disney! But, you could totally make them smaller if you are serving more people! 

Cutting brown toffee into large rectangles

Place the toffee back in the fridge for another 30 minutes to an hour. You want it to be firm. When it is ready, pull up on the parchment paper and the toffee will easily pop out! 

pile of toffee rectangles

Disney Churro Toffee Recipe - Cinnamon & Sugar

Make a quick batch of cinnamon and sugar topping. Combine 1/2 cup of sugar with 1/4 cup of cinnamon. Stir them until they are mixed together nicely. 

spoonful of cinnamon and sugar in red Micky Mouse bowl

Ok! So, this next step is one that you can play around with. If you plan to cover the front, sides, and back of all the Churro Toffee rectangles, then you will need two bags of the Ghirardelli White Chocolate Baking Chips. If you just want to cover the tops and sides, one bag should be enough. Pour the chips into a microwave safe bowl and melt them for one minute. When they come out, the chips will still be formed, but soft. Just stir the chocolate until it melts completely. You don't want to overheat it in the microwave. 

White chocolate bag

Cover a baking sheet with fresh parchment paper. Dip the churro toffee one at a time into the chocolate and then place it on the baking sheet. 

toffee covered in white chocolate

Immediately sprinkle the cinnamon and sugar on top. You want to get it on there quickly before the chocolate begins to set up so it sticks! 

sprinkling spoonfuls of cinnamon and sugar on toffee

Continue dipping and sprinkling until all of the toffee is coated! It only takes a few minutes for the chocolate to set. You can serve the Disney Churro Toffee almost immediately! 

Disney churro toffee with white chocolate and cinnamon sugar on top

It tastes kind of like gourmet Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal. I love the buttery flavor of English toffee. I was really happy with the combination of the white chocolate and cinnamon. 

finished Disney churro toffee on red Mickey bowl

I love giving treats to neighbors and friends during the Christmas season. This is a fun gift to give. I packaged the Cinnamon Toffee in cute little paper bags and wrapped them with bakers twine.

Disney churro toffee wrapped in red and white snowflake Christmas packaging

My daughter took the sweet Disney treats to school to give to her teachers. Spreading Disney magic is a great way to make the holiday season merry and bright. I hope you enjoy making and eating this festive Disney recipe!

Disney churro toffee finished in Christmas wrapping

You still have time to experience the Holidays at Disneyland Resort! You can book online or give us a call at 855-GET-AWAY. Giving the gift of a vacation for the holidays is always a good choice.

Copycat Disney Churro Recipe || Get Away Today


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