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Disneyland Resort
How to Get Over the Post Disney Blues
June 23, 2023

When it’s time to leave The Most Magical Place on Earth and head back home, how do you fend off the post Disney vacation blues? Returning to a world of school runs and office jobs, a world that is disappointingly low on castles, characters, and roller coaster rides can be rough. To avoid turning into Eeyore, here are some ways to keep the Disney spirit going until your next Disney vacation booking.

Keep The Disney Magic Alive

1. Foods to Transport You

One of the best parts of any vacation is the food! Disney treats can be fun and exciting and really add to the charm of spending time at the parks. Enjoy some Disney snacks at home when you are missing the Disney magic. Many grocery stores carry products like Mickey waffles or Mickey ice creams, and you may even find the sweet park favorite Dole Whip!

For those with the culinary talent of an at-home chef, consider re-creating some fun Disney park recipes. You can find all sorts of recipes online, including how to make the Blue Milk from Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, chocolate churros, or The Grey Stuff from the Be Our Guest experience. For a real treat, splurge on a cookbook of Disney recipes.

2. Put on Your Favorite Film

For most of us, the love of Disney started with the films. What better way to hold onto the enchanting feeling of your last Disney vacation than by watching one of your favorites? Whether you choose to go with a classic viewing of Dumbo or Cinderella, or you really love the newer films like Encanto or Turning Red, why not make an event out of it? Grab the whole family, invite some friends, pop popcorn, decorate the living room, or dress up like the characters to fully embrace the fun.

3. Continue the Stories with Disney Books

Many of your favorite Disney films have books to accompany them. Revisit all the classic stories or enjoy continuing adventures featuring the most popular Disney characters. There have also been many books written about the Disney parks themselves. Reading about the history of the rides and attractions at Disney World and Disneyland can bring back all the memories of your last adventure. Plus, a family trip to your local library might be the next best thing to having Disney tickets! Well, it’s worth a shot anyway!

4. Disney Dance Party

No one can resist a Disney dance party featuring all the hit songs. Put on a playlist and reenact musical numbers from the movies, or make up new moves of your own. Try adding the Space Mountain or Haunted Mansion theme songs to your playlist to really reminisce and remind yourself of all the fun you had at the Disney parks.

5. Relive the Memories

Write down all the memories of your recent Disney vacation while they are fresh in your mind. If you journal, consider creating a dedicated Disney journal for the trip. If you’re more of a visual person, reminisce over all the photographs taken on your vacation. Consider putting a photo book together of all the best shots. Disney vacations create memories that will last a lifetime for your whole family, and a beautiful photo book to look back on can help bring back the Disney magic every time you look at it.

6. Virtual Park Visit

If you can’t be back at Disney World or Disneyland right away, try an online virtual tour. There is so much Disney park content out there, including behind-the-scenes magic, stage shows, parades, and more. You can even watch roller coaster ride-along videos that make you feel like you’re on Space Mountain or the Indiana Jones Adventure. If you’re curled up on the couch or stuck at a desk, you can still feel a little bit like you’re part of the Disney action.

7. Plan Your Next Trip

The best way to fight the post Disney vacation blues is to buy Disney tickets for your next trip! Research shows that vacation planning increases happiness and reduces stress. If you’re feeling down about not being at Disney World or Disneyland right now, planning another trip to Disney can help cheer you up. Make a list of all the best parts of your last trip that you can’t wait to do again and any changes you want to make next time. Maybe you’ll stay at a different resort? Is there a restaurant you missed? A ride you didn’t have time for? Replay all the highlights in your mind and make a game plan for the best visit ever.

All the magic, fun, and adventure of a Disney vacation are hard to let go of once you return to the real world. The Disney nostalgia is real and will have you longing for Main Street, character breakfasts, and roller coaster rides. Beat the blues by bringing a touch of Disney into your home and planning your next trip!

7 Tips to Get Over the Disney Blues || Get Away Today

How to Get Over the Post Disney Blues

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