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Make Your Own Avatar Treat: Night Blossom Drink Recipe
February 15, 2018
Author: Adelle Belnap

Pandora - The World of Avatar just got even cooler with its signature Night Blossom drink. Make your own Night Blossom drink at home with Lime Rickey sherbet and Boba balls. It is literally bursting with flavor!

Night Blossom Drink Recipe

Have you been lucky enough to visit Pandora - The World of Avatar at Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Florida yet? It’s like stepping into an entirely new world.  

Disney has a way of making their food almost as exciting as their theme park rides. Guests can experience total immersion into new worlds with tastes, smells and sounds on top of the amazing visual surroundings. The food found at Pandora does just that. And one of the most popular items on the menu, making quite the appearance on social media, is the Night Blossom drink. It has layers of purple and green slush, with flavors of apple limeade and desert pear, topped with passion fruit Boba balls.

Night Blossom Drink Recipe Walt Disney World

The Night Blossom drink is tart and sweet, kind of like a really cold sweet tart candy. Its sweetness level has been compared to the Butterbeer at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. When it's hot outside and the Florida heat is turned up, the frozen Night Blossom drink is certainly refreshing. Just sip slowly so you don't get brain freeze!

My favorite part, however, is the topping! Just like a milkshake not being complete without a cherry on top...this space-themed beverage is not complete without its passion fruit Boba balls. Boba balls are seriously the coolest thing in the universe. They have been around for a while in Taiwan but are now bursting with popularity in the states. Each ball has juice trapped inside of a thin layer of tapioca. When you put a little bit of pressure on the ball, the skin breaks and the juice gushes out. They are yummy and so cool. It is just weird enough to be sort of alien. Perfect for an Avatar drink!

You can make your own Avatar Night Blossom drink with this super easy copycat recipe. It has the same sweet tart-esque flavor as the original but with a slightly different twist. 

Night Blossom Drink Recipe Boba

Night Blossom Drink Recipe:
Lime Rickey Sherbet Ice Cream
Thick Milkshake Straws

Start by scooping some tasty Lime Rickey sherbet ice cream into a cup. I chose slightly smaller cups than you would get at the Walt Disney World parks because we didn't want too much of a sugar rush. If you can't find Lime Rickey ice cream, then pick out some bright colored sherbet as a substitute. The key is the tart and sweet combo!

Night Blossom Drink Recipe Sherbet

Now, pour a little bit of lemon lime Sprite over the top of the sherbet. It will bubble and foam and make all sorts of yummy flavor. 

Night Blossom Drink Recipe Sprite

Add a scoop of Boba balls to the top of the sherbet float. These give the burst of flavor that we are looking for! Plus, they are just so fun to eat. I got mine on Amazon in a three flavor pack.


Night Blossom Drink Recipe Boba Balls

Stick in a thick milkshake straw so you can sip up your Night Blossom drink like a true Avatar. 

Night Blossom Drink Recipe Finished

Aren't they fun? The Night Blossom drink can be found at the Pongu Pongu Lounge in Pandora – The World of Avatar at Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Florida. Pongu Pongu translates to "Party Party" in Na'vi (the Avatar language)! So, you know that this Night Blossom drink was created for people who are looking to have a good time. 

Night Blossom Drink Recipe Taste

The float colors are bright and vibrant, and the Boba balls give it that extra touch of extraterrestrial magic. It would be a perfect beverage for a birthday party or space-themed event. I am sure the Guardians of the Galaxy would totally dig a taste. Grab some friends, serve these Night Blossom drinks up and have a fun Party Party! 

Night Blossom Drink Recipe

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