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Disneyland Resort
Top 7 Reasons To Book Your Disney Vacation With A Travel Agent
December 1, 2023

So you’re ready to start planning the big family trip? You’ve saved up, figured out the best dates, and decided on a Disney vacation! Now what?

How do you know if you’re getting the best deals, choosing suitable packages, and creating the perfect itinerary? That’s where the experts come in. Booking Disney vacation packages with a travel agent can save you time and money, and help you plan a stress-free, magical trip.

You’ve Got a Friend in Your Travel Agent

There are many reasons to use the help and support of a Disney authorized travel agent when booking your vacation. Travel agents have a wealth of knowledge and experience, can provide tailored recommendations to fit your family’s interests, needs, and budget, and can lighten your load, taking over some of your research and planning.

1. Extensive Disney Resort Knowledge

Walt Disney World Orlando is made up of four main theme parks, dozens of resort hotels, a sports complex, water parks, a shopping district, and more. California has two theme parks, 3 Disney hotels and a Downtown Disney District. It can all get a bit complicated.

On top of all of these options, things are constantly changing. With park hours shifting, restaurants opening and closing, and changes in booking policies, the best bet is to turn to someone whose job it is to keep up to date on everything Disney.

You'll especially appreciate expert advice with the addition of Disney park technology. From My Disney Experience, Genie+, and MagicBands, if you're not a regular park visitor, these helpful add-ons can cause some confusion. A Disney travel agent will be familiar with everything your family needs to best navigate the parks and resorts.

2. Passion for Disney

A Disney travel agent becomes a Disney travel agent because they love Disney. Disney travel agents bring that love and passion for the parks and resorts into the planning process. Your travel agent will have first-hand experience and will be happy to walk you through all of your questions and provide recommendations. Get your agent's opinions on anything from how long to plan your visit for, age-appropriate rides and attractions, and can't-miss dining options.

3. Time Savings

While planning a family Disney vacation is a lot of fun, it also takes a lot of time and research. It can all be overwhelming, from choosing flights to deciding where to stay, figuring out TEXT HERE, learning about all the optional add-ons, picking the best places to eat, and creating an itinerary that works for everyone.

You can spend hours, days, or weeks reading articles and researching everything on your own, or you can make things much easier on yourself and ask the experts. Leaning into the expertise of a Disney travel agent can make an immense difference.

4. Money Savings

Disney travel agents will be aware of any Disney ticket deals and ensure you get the best price. If you do not have specific dates in mind, be sure to ask your agent about the best times to visit. Different promotions run throughout the year. Many Disney travel agents work directly with Disney and will be in the know about what's coming up.

Not only can they help you save money on ticket prices, but they often have relationships with nearby hotels and other attractions, which allow them to put together perfect Disney Parks and hotel packages. Be sure to ask for any special requests and let your agent know if your family has specific needs.

5. Layaway Plans

Some Disney travel agents, including Get Away Today, may offer layaway plans to clients. A layaway program can make Disney Theme Park vacations accessible for even more families. Those families who find it difficult to pay the total vacation cost upfront will benefit from being able to make payments throughout the year. It is also crucial to ask about cancellation policies and any available insurance plans you should add to your package price.

6. Gifts and Extras

On top of all of the other benefits, some travel agents offer gifts and extras when you book their services. These gifts may include discount percentages, packing lists, printable coupons, and Disney merchandise to take with you to the parks.

7. Concierge Services

Some Disney travel agents also offer dedicated concierge services. These services can include itinerary customization, email correspondence, restaurant recommendations, reservation assistance, transportation information, help planning special events and setting up VIP tours, and assistance setting up My Disney Experience.
Booking through an experienced and knowledgeable travel agent can save you time and money when planning your family's next Disney vacation. It is ideal for first-time visitors to the theme parks, and even more frequent visitors can benefit from an agent's up-to-date knowledge of the ever-changing parks and policies. A vacation should not be stressful - let a Disney travel agent take over the research and planning.

Top 7 Reasons To Book Your Disney Vacation With A Travel Agent || Get Away Today

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