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Disneyland Resort
The Inside Scoop on All Things Frozen at Disneyland
September 15, 2014
Author: Adelle Belnap

Update: As of this date the details of Frozen Fun at Disneyland have changed - check our Everything Frozen at the Disneyland Resort article and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the most up to date information! 

One of the most popular attractions at the Disneyland Park is the new Frozen Royal Reception where families get to meet Queen Elsa and Princess Anna. It is located in Fantasyland in the cottage where Rapunzel used to live before she found a new home at the Princess Fantasy Faire. The outside of the cottage is covered in a blanket of white sparkly snow. A cute animated Olaf entertains guests who are waiting in line with clever jokes and comments from his cozy spot on the roof.

Unlike all the other princess meet and greets in the park, you must obtain a ticket to reserve a time to see Elsa and Anna. You cannot get in line without a ticket. The tickets are distributed each morning just outside the Frozen Royal Reception cottage. The ticket is similar to a FastPass, but is is not qualified as one, just like the tickets distributed in Disney California Adventure Park for the World of Color show. They are free and you'll need to have your park entrance ticket with you to get a Frozen experience ticket. That means you can't send Dad to pick up tickets for your family. I was told that the tickets have been sold out within the first few hours after the park opens each day, so get there early! Your ticket will display a time for you to return and get in the line to meet the princesses. You must display your pass to get in line and then again as you enter the Frozen Cottage. The average wait time in line is about 45 minutes to an hour, which is way better than the previous 2 - 4 hour wait times!

Here is a photo of where you can pick up your pass in the morning. I was told they distribute them under the two umbrellas. Remember to be there as early as possible to get your ticket.

When we visited the park, the ticket process was only a few days old, and we didn't know to get a ticket in advance. The good news was that, even though we weren't able to meet the real Anna and Elsa personally, we were still able to have a lot of Frozen fun at Disneyland. And so can you!

There are several shops around the park that sell Frozen merchandise. Due to extreme popularity, each guest is limited to five items. We found a darling Elsa/Anna doll. One side is Queen Elsa and the other side is Princess Anna. It is two princesses in one! My daughter loves it and it made up for missing the real ones.

You can also catch a glimpse of the Frozen stars in the pre-parade down Main Street. Ten minutes before Mickey's Soundsational Parade begins, the Frozen float makes an appearance. Just note that it is not part of the parade, so you have to be there early to see it! Anna saw my daughter's Frozen shirt and was very cute to point her out and wave. Both princesses were very attentive and cute with our group. It is well worth the effort to see them. If you are short on time, this might be a better option than waiting for the meet and greet in Fantasyland.

Even more Frozen fun can be had at Downtown Disney with the opening of Anna & Elsa's Boutique! This thrilling boutique is located inside Studio Disney 365. The right hand side of the front of the store is dedicated to all things Frozen - clothes, toys, accessories and more.

UPDATE: As of October 6, 2014, Studio 365 has been completely transformed into Anna and Elsa's Boutique!

             Photo credit: Brittany Aldana

You can find a wide variety of Frozen themed merchandise, have your pictures taken at a number of photo ops - including with Olaf, who loves warm hugs!

You can even call 714-781-STYLE (7895) to schedule a transformation with new styles:

Elsa - Elsa inspired coronation hairstyle with a blue color streak, makeup, nail polish and choice of tiara

Anna - Anna inspired coronation hairstyle with a green color streak, makeup, nail polish and choice of tiara

Olaf (for boys) - Olaf inspired hairstyle with "snow" glitter hair gel and choice of Olaf t-shirt

Olaf (for girls) - Olaf inspired hairstyle with a top hat headband, orange color streak, shimmering make-up and nail polish

Cool as Ice - Choose two color hair streaks with your hairstyle, face gem shimmering make-up and nail polish

As of the boutique opening, the Elsa and Anna transformations were $35 each and Olaf was $19. Prices are subject to change at any time. Availability is limited, so you'll want to make your reservations ASAP - up to 60 days in advance by calling 714-781-STYLE (7895).

Or, if you want to save in advance and have some dress-up fun before your vacation, you can get our discounted Anna and Elsa inspired gowns! They're comfortable, durable and machine washable - plus, similar dresses start at $60 a piece in the park.

If you're traveling during Holidays at the Disneyland Resort, you'll miss the Frozen pre-show because Mickey's Soundsational Parade is replaced by A Christmas Fantasy Parade. BUT, it's the only time of year you'll be able to watch World of Color - Winter Dreams, which is hosted by everyone's favorite snowman, Olaf!

I hope this information helps as you plan your Disneyland vacation so you can have a lot of Frozen Fun! Of course, with Get Away Today the fun begins as soon as you book your vacation and our Disneyland packages can't be beat. Book online or call our Disney Experts at 855-GET-AWAY for any of our discount Disneyland packages!

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Hi Anonymous, yes, sorry, this information was accurate when it was posted last fall, but it changed in January with an all new Frozen Fun area and additions. We wrote about the updates in a separate article: http://www.getawaytoday.com/blogs/2015-01-07/everything-frozen-at-the-disneyland-resort

We went in june 2015..and unfortunately this info is incorrect. They ARE NOT on disneyland..they are in california adventure. After waiting early to get in..and hustling to where they were supposed to be, the cast member told me they are located in Ca. Adventure. To which we went the day before, and due to cost didnt buy a park hopper. But we got the fast pass for the frozen play..which was cute..and even though my girls didnt get to meet anna and elsa, they did get front row seats and they were happy

All things frozen are now located in California Adventures until May 2015. The Freeze the Night Dance party is located at the Mad Tea Party.

Hi. What about the frozen concert at night. Do you know anything about entry to is.

I wish we would of known this before we went. Bummer we couldn't get in!

I am so happy to hear about this new "system". I took my kids in March, for my youngest daughters 4th birthday, and after 2 days of constantly "checking" on the line, I decided to wait the 4 HOURS on day #3. There were no "tickets" in March, it was get in line.....and wait. I'm taking my kids back, in 3 weeks. I'll be able to compare and check back in with updates. I'm thrilled to know that Disneyland is constantly working on "systems" to make things better.

Nicole, Each park ticket needs to be activated in order to get a return time ticket, which means each family member needs to be inside the park in order to get a return pass. The Cast Member will scan each park ticket when distributing the return tickets and then again when the guests come back to use their return tickets. So, technically you could send someone from your group to the distribution line as long as everyone in your group has an active park ticket and is inside the park.

You said "you can't send dad ahead to get tickets for the family". What if dad has everyone's Disneyland ticket in hand, can he pick one up for each pass he has?

Theresa, yes, you can get tickets for the Frozen Royal Reception during the Magic Morning hour. There aren't any tickets that are better than others, they're just for different times throughout the day. You have a 20 minute return window on each ticket, so there is a little bit of flexibility there. This process is still new, so it could change by the time you visit in November, but so far it's been really popular. :) We hope you have a great trip!

We are going in Nov. thank you for this info. I have a question. Can you get better tickets for entering the park earlier for the pre- hours? If u stay in the Disney resort,they allow u in an hour earlier, for a resort some days...they call it magic hours,so r they distributing the tickets then do u know?

Melissa, Disneyland does get them on a regular basis, but it seems like they go as quickly as they come in. Because they haven't been able to keep the dresses in-stock consistently, Disney has put a cap on how much merchandise can be purchased.

I meant at Disneyland!

Melissa, yes, we have Frozen dresses available on our site - and they're even on sale this week! You can click the image in the picture or this link: http://www.getawaytoday.com/Merchandise

Any Frozen dresses yet?

Great info! We're going in December and both our girls are Frozen-obsessed! :)

Hi Beck, There's not an Olaf meet-n-greet, but you can easily see Olaf outside of the Anna and Elsa Royal Reception. He talks to guests and is a lot of fun. He's also on the float that's part of the pre-parade and there is a lot of Olaf merchandise around as well. We hope your boys love it!

what about Olaf? Does the park offer Olaf? I have all boys and well they would rather see the snowman.

Anonymous #2: If there is only one parade, the Frozen pre-show will be before it, so you're good to go. Right now you won't see the pre-show on the second showing on nights when there are two parades. Have a great time!

Anonymous #1: The meet-n-greet is inside Fantasyland at Disneyland Park, the pre-parade winds through Main Street U.S.A. in Disneyland, and the new Boutique will be in the Downtown Disney District, located outside Disneyland and Disney California Adventure Park. Hope that helps!

glad to see this! going in October. thanks for the tips, i'll keep to keep a ear out to see if this ticket thing still will be in October.

So with the frozen float before the first parade, if there is only one parade the night we are there @ 7:00. It would be before that or is it only on the nights with the two parades. And it's only before the 1st parade? Just making sure I understand. We're going in a couple of weeks

Where is this exactly?

Thank you so much for the tip! We're going next week and my daughter is excited to meet Anna and Elsa. I have read about the crazy wait times so we did plan on going there first thing when the park opened. Thank goodness I saw this post about getting tickets prior to getting in line!!!

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