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Disneyland Resort
10 Things Every Princess Must Do at Disneyland
March 4, 2024

UPDATED MARCH 2024. The Disneyland Resort is a magical place for everyone. It's an especially magical place for princesses of all ages! If you have a princess in your life, you'll want to make sure to do these top 10 things every princess must do at Disneyland. It’s time to dress the part and play the part at Disneyland Resort!

Stay Like a Princess at Disneyland Resort

To set the royal stage, we’ll start off with the most magical places to stay during your Disneyland vacation. The good news is, Get Away Today knows how to stay like a princess at various royal accommodations at any budget.

Royal Hotels Near Disneyland

Some of our favorite royal hotel experiences include:
  • Castle Inn - perfect for a princess on a budget with the royal look of a castle, just a short walk to Disneyland
  • Anaheim Camelot Inn & Suites - another with a cute castle look to the outside, just across the street from Disneyland
  • Disneyland Hotel - enjoy your own castle headboard with musical fireworks, you’ll also get the royal treatment with Early Entry
The best way to have the full princess experience is to bundle your hotel with your discount Disneyland tickets from Get Away Today.
Photo Courtesy of The Castle Inn & Suites

Dine Like a Princess at Disneyland Resort

After you’ve booked your hotel and tickets, the next thing to look forward to is dining like a princess at Disneyland Resort. There are many restaurants and quick service dining options to choose from, but for any sit down restaurants we recommend making reservations 60 days in advance.

Disney Princess Breakfast Adventures

The absolute top princess dining choice at Disneyland Resort is enjoying breakfast or brunch with the actual Disney Princesses themselves! Disney Princess Breakfast Adventures is a full experience that includes a 3-course meal, one on one time with multiple princesses, exclusive Disney princess story telling and activities, and a premium gift to take home (included for kids ages 3-9).

Red Rose Tavern

Be our guest at this quick-service restaurant in Fantasyland. Serving up casual fare with a dash of French flair at this charming Beauty and the Beast tavern. The adorable decor inside and the ease of mobile order is tres magnifique!

Tiana’s Palace

Tiana’s Palace has arrived! You may recognize the location (formerly the French Market) in New Orleans Square but the ambiance and menu is all newly inspired by Tiana herself!

This new restaurant is serving up can’t-miss classics like gumbo and beignets, but with a tasty twist you can only get here. Princesses can also use mobile order to get all the new bites at their leisure.

Inspired by “The Princess and the Frog” movie, you know gumbo and beignets are on the menu, and at Tiana’s Palace,these aren’t your average beignets! The House-filled Beignet features a delicious lemon icebox pie filling topped with lemon glaze for the perfect bite. Another hit is sure to be The Ray Firefly Glow Cube available with the purchase of a beverage.

The Mint Julep Bar is still next door but you can also order Mint Juleps at Tiana’s Palace.

Dress Like a Princess at Disneyland Resort

Anyone can wear Princess-inspired clothing at Disneyland, but costumes are only permitted for guests 13 and under. For our older princesses we suggest adding a tiara and a cute dress or skirt to your ensemble.

For younger princesses, schedule a princess makeover at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique inside Sleeping Beauty's Castle. Charming lads can be knighted here as well. You can also opt to buy a princess dress beforehand, and do any of our quick and easy princess hairdos at your hotel. We have five princess hairdos you can do in five minutes or less. Your princess is bound to get extra attention and will feel like royalty.

Explore Like a Princess at Disneyland Resort

What princess rides and attractions can you enjoy at Disneyland Resort? So many royal attractions await! Here are some of our favorites.

1. Walk through Sleeping Beauty's Castle. Every princess dreams of living in a castle, and one of the most beautiful of them all is inside Disneyland Park. IInside the castle, the story of Briar Rose unfolds as you wind through the castle walls.

2. Make a wish in Snow White's wishing well. Every princess or princess-to-be has a wish in her heart. That wish is most likely to come true with the help of Snow White's magical wishing well, found just off to the right of Sleeping Beauty's Castle. You'll know you're there when you see the seven dwarf statues. Listen carefully as you may hear Snow White's song.

3. Ride The Little Mermaid Ariel's Undersea Adventure. Unlike some of the other fairy tale rides where you may only catch a glimpse of the princess, Ariel makes multiple appearances throughout this attraction. From a festive performance of "Under the Sea," to a romantic recreation of "Kiss the Girl," to a celebratory wedding scene, it's the perfect happily ever after.

4. Spent some time in the Fantasy Faire, an area of the park entirely dedicated to princesses and their stories. Here you can meet up to three princesses at a time in the Royal Hall, watch a retelling of Tangled and/or Beauty and the Beast at the Royal Theatre and enjoy a snack from Maurice's cart. You'll definitely want to have your camera handy!

5. Ride Tiana’s Bayou Adventure (formerly Splash Mountain) when it debuts at Disneyland Park in 2024. This new attraction will take you down the Bayou with a whole new story, along with favorite Princess and the Frog characters, music and more.

We hope this list gives you some great ideas for your next princess Disneyland vacation. If you haven't booked your Disneyland vacation yet, let our Disney Experts help. Our Disneyland packages can all be booked online or by calling 855-GET-AWAY.

10 Things Every Princess Must Do at Disneyland || Get Away Today

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