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Butterbeer Fudge Copycat Recipe
April 12, 2016
Author: Adelle Belnap

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is finally open and one of the best things about it is the Butterbeer! You can get Butterbeer in so many forms, regular, frozen, a potted Butterbeer cream, and even Butterbeer fudge. We wanted to bring some authentic Butterbeer home, but liquids just don't travel that well, so we had to settle for a slice of Butterbeer fudge from Honeydukes.

Butterbeer Fudge Honeydukes

It is a creamy, sugary melt-in-your-mouth kind of dessert. The combination of butterscotch, rum, and butter create the golden base with a light vanilla layer on top to balance the richness of flavors. It is soft and moist and dissolves nicely on your tongue. Wizards sure know how to create magical desserts. We decided that a copycat Butterbeer fudge recipe would be a nice addition to our muggle world.

Butterbeer Fudge - Wizarding World of Harry Potter Copycat Recipe

I have found that using high quality ingredients while baking makes a big difference in the overall finished product. My favorite chips are the Guittard brand. The chocolate is pure and doesn't contain the waxy oils that some cheaper brands do. Also, be sure to use real butter instead of margarine.  Better ingredients make better fudge both in the wizarding and muggle worlds!

Butterbeer Fudge Chips

Place a square of wax or parchment paper into the bottom of an 8x8 inch glass pan. Coat the pan with cooking spray. Set it aside.
Add the butter, evaporated milk, marshmallow cream, sugar and salt into a saucepan. Use medium heat to bring the ingredients to a nice boil. Stir constantly.  

Butterbeer Fudge Add ingredients

Once the mixture starts to boil, set a timer for seven minutes. Stir and simmer for the full seven minutes.

Butterbeer Fudge Combined

When the timer goes off, remove the pot from heat. Working quickly, pour, 1 cup of the mixture into a glass bowl.  

Butterbeer Fudge Glass Bowl

Add 1/2 cup of white chocolate chips and 3/4 tsp of vanilla. Stir it together until it is nice and smooth.

Butterbeer Fudge Vanilla


Butterbeer Fudge Whip

Shift your attention back to the pot with the remaining fudge mixture. Add 1 1/2 cups butterscotch chips, 1 tsp rum extract, and 1 tsp butter extract. Stir until the ingredients are all combined together.  

Butterbeer Fudge Butterscotch

The rum and butter extract give the fudge that wizardy butterbeer flavor. Don't worry, like Butterbeer, the rum extract doesn't have any alcohol in it. 

Butterbeer Fudge Rum

Pour the fudge into the prepared glass pan. Spread it evenly.

Butterbeer Fudge Spread

Place another layer of wax paper on top of the butterscotch fudge layer. This is the only way I could get the white vanilla layer to go on without combining too much with the butterscotch one! You can see in my picture below a drop of white fudge that started sinking into the bottom layer. That inspired the wax paper trick.

Butterbeer Fudge Waxpaper

Spread the vanilla fudge onto the top of the wax paper. Try to get it as close to the edges as possible. 

Butterbeer Fudge White Chocolate

Once the white layer is smooth and even, flip the entire layer over so that the wax paper is on top. It's just like turning a pancake!

Butterbeer Fudge Peel

Then scrape the fudge off of the wax paper with a spatula and smooth out any major bumps. Let it finish setting up in the fridge for a few hours or covered on the counter overnight.  
Loosen the edges of the fudge from the sides of the pan and then flip it upside down onto a cutting board. It should pop out fairly easily. Slice the fudge into serving sizes. The nice thing about fudge is that you don't need to eat a whole lot of it to feel satisfied. It is sweet and rich. Take small bites and savor it.  

Butterbeer Fudge Cut

The two layers of the fudge make for a pretty presentation and I liked having the duel flavors, just like you do with the real Butterbeer. Store it in an airtight container.  

Butterbeer Fudge Cubes


Butterbeer Fudge Multicubes

If you cook fudge correctly, it will be moist, but firm. If you find yours is dry or crumbly, reduce the cooking time. If it is soggy, increase your cooking time by a few minutes! This treat seriously just dissolves on your tongue.  I hope you enjoy it.

Butterbeer Fudge Bite

When you're ready to try your homemade Butterbeer fudge against the real thing, we'd love to help you get to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Hollywood! We'll help you save on your Universal Studios tickets and hotel stay. Book online or call our agents at 855-GET-AWAY.

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Jen- Thanks so much for your tip! This is definitely a good suggestion for a fudge that has more than one layer.

When I make double layer fudge, I let the first layer set for a bit in the fridge before putting the second layer on. It does take a little longer, but it ensures that my layers don't mix :)

Lisa- Good question! This recipe calls for white, granulated sugar. We've updated the recipe list to be more clear.

When you say white sugar, do you mean regular or powdered?

Karen- Thanks so much for checking out our recipe! We've updated the instructions to include the specs on the marshmallow cream. Use a 7oz jar for this Butterbeer Fudge. Enjoy!

What size jar of marshmallow cream do you use??

MM - We sure hope you enjoy it!

Love this I'm going to try to make this first chance I get

HC- I haven't tried it that way; it is really tricky to do the flip! Maybe you could do each layer in their own separate dish, and let them harden a bit in the fridge. Then try transferring one layer onto the other when they're both more solid. I hope it was as least tasty!

The spreading of the white topping then flipping it like a pancake proved to be disasterous for me. Have you tried spreading the topping into the pan first then pouring the butterscotch mixture over it?

This is a Great recipe! I made this for my daughters Harry Potter wedding. I used a piping bag with a large flat tip to put the top layer on. (oven mitt to hold it) It worked like a dream.

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