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DIY Minnie Mouse Scrunchie
October 24, 2019
Author: Adelle Belnap

Make your own Minnie Mouse Scrunchie with this easy tutorial and pattern. 

Minnie Mouse Scrunchie Single

I know you might be tempted to check the publish date on this article to see if it was posted in the 1980s! But no, hair scrunchies have made a killer comeback and they are better than ever. I attended an assembly at the Jr. High the other day. It felt like I was going back in time! The classic 80's style was in full force. Even the boys had scrunchies on their wrists! I loved it.

DIY Minnie Mouse Scrunchies

So, today we are giving a darling Disney spin to the trend with Minnie Mouse Scrunchies! They can be worn in so many ways! One thing we all know for certain is that Minnie Mouse has serious style. This cute accessory in her name would make her proud! Ready to get sewing?!

Minnie Mouse Scrunchie Basket

Minnie Mouse Scrunchie Supply List:

First of all, don't be nervous to make these cute scrunchies. It looks like a lot of steps when you read through the tutorial. But, it really isn't very hard! I just wanted to show every part of the process to make it easy follow. Each one should take about 20 minutes tops for a very beginning level seamstress...like me!

I used Fat Quarter fabric. You can buy a Fat Quarter on Amazon. Fat Quarters are 18 x 21 inches. I like polka-dots for the Minnie Mouse scrunchie, but you could totally use any fabric for the project and it would be darling.

Minnie Mouse Scrunchie Quarter

Minnie Mouse Scrunchie - Getting Started

Open the Fat Quarter and then fold it in half so the fabric is approximately 10.5 inches across. Then, slice a strip off the end that is 5 inches wide. It will open up to be 21 x 5 inches. 

Minnie Mouse Scrunchie Tutorial

If you are making multiple Minnie Mouse Scrunchies then cut all of the fabric strips at this time. Iron them to get all the wrinkles out. The iron is always a good friend to have around when sewing! Don't skip the ironing steps. 

Minnie Mouse Scrunchie Strips

Minnie Mouse Scrunchie - Fold the Fat Quarters

Fold the strip in half with the right side of the fabric facing in to the middle. It should be 2.5 inches wide and 21 inches long. Sew the open long edge of the fabric together. I used a 1/4 inch seam allowance. Make sure to start sewing about 1.5 inches down from the top and leave a 1.5 inch section at the end as well. You need to be able to combine the ends together later and it won't work if you sew clear to the ends of the fabric. 

Minnie Mouse Scrunchie Inches

Next, turn the fabric tube right-side-out so the seam is on the inside of the tube. I use my finger to grab in the hole and pull the fabric. It is pretty easy. There are also fancy scrunchie turners available online if you plan on making a whole bunch! 

Minnie Mouse Scrunchie Turn

Minnie Mouse Scrunchie - Iron, Fold and Sew

Feel free to press your project with the iron again if it looks wrinkly. Then, fold the tube in half. The two open ends should be laying on top of each other. You need to sew the edges together so that the tube turns into a loop! Place the right sides of the fabric together. 

Minnie Mouse Scrunchie Combine

Start on one end and sew along the edge using a 1/4 inch seam allowance again. I had to take this part kinda slow. Just sew a little bit and then get the fabric lined up and then do a bit more. It is like you are sewing in a little circle. 

Minnie Mouse Scrunchie Sew

It will look like this when you are finished. 

Minnie Mouse Scrunchie Lines

Minnie Mouse Scrunchie - Inserting Elastic

Now, cut a piece of 1/4 inch stretchy elastic to measure 9 inches. Hook one end of the elastic to a safety pin and connect the other end of the elastic to the fabric along the opening in your loop. Feed the elastic through the inside of the scrunchie using the safety pin a your "needle." It should gather the loop into a scrunched up loop...hence the name scrunchie!

Minnie Mouse Scrunchie Pnning

Hold both ends of the elastic together and then tie them in a knot. Just wrap the elastic around your finger and thread the ends through. Pull the knot tight!

Minnie Mouse Scrunchie Elastic

Tuck the elastic inside of the hole in the Minnie Mouse Scrunchie. Then, close the hole with the sewing machine. Fold the raw ends so they are tucked inside and then stitch the hole right along the outside edge. You should be holding a complete scrunchie! But, since we are making a Minnie Mouse Scrunchie, there is still work to be done!

Minnie Mouse Scrunchie - Free Pattern

Download and print the pattern HERE. Cut around the pattern so you only have the part that looks like half of a bone. You will need two of this pattern to make the ears for the scrunchie. 

Fold the leftover fabric from your Fat Quarter in half (right sides facing in) and then in half again the opposite direction. The "stick part" of the pattern should be placed along the fold. The goal is to end up with two full ear pieces when you unfold the fabric!

Minnie Mouse Scrunchie Bow

They look like this! Iron them nice and flat.

Minnie Mouse Scrunchie Iron

Place the two pieces together so the right side of the fabric is on the inside. 

Minnie Mouse Scrunchie Right

Minnie Mouse Scrunchie - Sewing Together

Then, use some straight pins to secure them together so they don't slide when you start to sew. Sew around the "bone" starting at the straight edge just before the ear. Sew around the ear, along the entire straight edge and around the other ear until about 1 inch of the straight edge that you started on. You need the majority of one side to be open so you can turn it right-side-out. 

Minnie Mouse Scrunchie Side

Before you turn the fabric, use your scissors to cut little snips from the edge of the fabric towards the thread line. Make sure not to cut through your stitch! This will help the circle part of the ear lay flat when you turn it.

Minnie Mouse Scrunchie Slice

Then turn the ears so the right side of the fabric is showing! 

Minnie Mouse Scrunchie Bone

Tuck the fabric along the open seam under so that the rough edge is hidden and sew it closed. Give it another run with the iron.

Then, slide the Minnie Mouse ears piece through the scrunchie hole and tie it into a knot. I covered the spot where my seam was on the scrunchie. 

Minnie Mouse Scrunchie Knot

I think they look totally cute just laying around. 

Minnie Mouse Scrunchie Two

Minnie Mouse Scrunchie - Styling

But, get ready to see the Minnie Mouse Scrunchie in action. You can wear it several different ways. First, I wrapped it around a high messy bun with the ears facing up to have a classic Minnie Mouse look.

Minnie Mouse Scrunchie Back

Or, you can point the ear portion down under the bun. This takes away from the Disney Effect, but it still looks so cute!

Minnie Mouse Scrunchie Low

Or, wear the scrunchie in the front of a bun and use the ears as a bow! I think Minnie would totally approve of this style too. 

Minnie Mouse Scrunchie Front

I hope you have fun making your own Minnie Mouse Scrunchies! Once you get the hang of it, you can really go to town on them. They would be perfect for a day at the Disney Parks or to give as a gift to your favorite Disney loving friend. Happy Sewing!

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