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Easy Moana Skirt Tutorial
March 16, 2017
Author: Adelle Belnap

Dress your guests for a magical party with this easy Moana skirt tutorial. Make and decorate hula skirts that capture the true island spirit of Hawaii.  

Easy Moana Skirt Tutorial

Easy Moana Skirt Tutorial

When you are planning the perfect Moana party, everything is by design. Everybody on your party island needs to feel like they belong. Let your party guests make their own costumes with this easy Moana skirt tutorial. It doesn't take the heart of Te Fiti to be able to create beautiful things, just a little bit of imagination, some Disney magic, and a few basic crafting supplies. Follow the instructions below so you will know the way to make these easy Moana skirts. Watch your little island girls sway to the rhythm of the island (or the music) at your party!

Moana Skirt Supplies

I got all the supplies we needed for this easy Moana skirt tutorial on Amazon. Don't you love inexpensive party supplies? I sure do. Plus, there are so many options! So you can take this easy Moana skirt tutorial and make it completely your own! 

Easy Moana Skirt Tutorial Supplies

You will want to prep the skirts before the party starts. Each green plastic table cloth will make four skirts - based on an average 8-11 year old girl. Unwrap the table cloth and unfold it completely lengthwise, but keep it folded horizontally so that it is doubled over one time. Lay it out flat on a table or on the floor. Then fold down 6 inches from the top of the table cloth. Make sure you fold down from the side that has the original fold, not the open edge. I called this action making the belt. The belt goes on their waist when they wears it. 

Easy Moana Skirt Tutorial Cut

Tape the folded piece down periodically using double sided tape. I put a little strip about every 12 inches. 

Easy Moana Skirt Tutorial

Now, cut the table cloth into four equal sections. I counted the creases that were made from the folds when the plastic was in a package. Each of my skirts were four fold creases wide. These easy Moana skirts are prepped for the Moana party guests. 

Give each girl a grass skirt piece, a pair of scissors and a set of Hawaiian flower stickers. 

Create fringe by cutting the skirt into two inch strips. Start at the bottom and slide the scissors up towards the belt. Do not cut through the 6 inch belt section. Encourage the crafters to keep their cuts straight and thick. 

Easy Moana Skirt Tutorial Fringe

Once all of the fringe is finished, let the girls decorate the waist belt area with the flower stickers. I told them to keep the flowers towards the center of the belt because the sides of the skirt will overlap in the back.

Easy Moana Skirt Tutorial Flowers

When the flowers are all in place, this easy Moana skirt is ready to hula! Wrap the skirt around their waist and tape it in place with double sided tape.

Easy Moana Skirt Tutorial Craft

When the sun and the sand and the sea calls, your Moana party guests will be dressed for a magical Hawaiian adventure with this easy Moana skirt tutorial. 

Easy Moana Skirt Tutorial Group

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