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Free Disney Descendants Activity Printable
September 21, 2017
Author: Adelle Belnap

This free printable Disney Descendants Activity will help you discover what Descendant character you are. Print, fold and play. It's an amazing game to the core.

Free Printable Disney Descendants Activity

Don't you just love the Disney Descendants movies? When Descendants 2 came out, my kids and I watched the premiere along with 10.5 million other happy viewers. The characters are a lot of fun and being wrapped up in a fairy tale world is always entertaining. 

Because the cast of characters is so popular, I thought it would be fun to create a free printable Disney Descendants Activity that you can use at home! Are you rotten to the core? Or are you chillin' like a villain? Only the Descendants fortune teller will reveal the truth! Get ready to print, fold and find out what character you are! 

The free printable Disney Descendants Activity template can be downloaded here. I recommend printing it with color ink on nice printer paper. 

Printable Disney Descendants Activity Instructions

Get your printer paper HERE.

3-pack of scissors HERE.

Cut the Disney Descendants Activity printable out. It should be a square. 

Free Printable Disney Descendants Activity Print Out

Turn the square so that the printed side is facing down towards the table. Fold it in half by bringing the corners together to make a triangle. Crease the fold. Then, open it up and bring the opposite corners to together to make another triangle. Crease the fold. Open it again. You will see an "X" on the square with the fold lines.

Free Printable Disney Descendants Activity Fold

With the printed side still facing down, bring the four corners to the center and crease the edges. You should now have a smaller square.

Free Printable Disney Descendants Activity How To

Turn the template over and fold the four corners towards the center again. You should see all of the numbers on the same side. 

Free Printable Disney Descendants Activity Party

Now, fold the paper in half to make a rectangle. Make a crease. Then, open it back up and fold the opposite direction to make another long rectangle. Make a crease. Open it again.

Free Printable Disney Descendants Activity Half

Using Your Disney Descendants Game

Now, you get to use your magic to turn regular paper into a 3-D object! Slide your fingers into the four slots under the single word triangles and push them into the center to form a point. The printable Disney Descendants Activity is now ready for you to play!

Free Printable Disney Descendants Activity Hands

I'm going to guess that most of you have made these origami fortune tellers before. They were a staple throughout my elementary and middle school years. This game is played by the same rules as it was in the 80's.

Start with the Descendants game on your fingers. Grip it with two hands using your pointer fingers and thumbs. Keep the middle together so that you can only see the four main words: Beauty, Evil, Rotten and Core.

Then, let the person who is playing choose one of the words on the template. Spell the word out loud as you open and close the fortune teller. Alternate the direction you open the fortune teller with each letter spelled out. It kind of reminds me of a chomping monster mouth!

Free Printable Disney Descendants Activity Numbers

After the last letter is spelled out, leave it open where you ended. The player then chooses a number. Open and close the fortune teller alternating directions as you count out the number that they chose. 

Repeat this step. 

On the third time the player chooses a number, you open the flap and it will reveal what Descendants character that they are! Do you secretly want to be a villain? Or you do like being one of the good guys?

Free Printable Disney Descendants Activity Evie

Read the character description out loud. If you don't feel like it's a good fit, you can play again. And again. And again...until you get Evie. That's what I did. Okay, technically the magic of the printable Disney Descendants Activity will ensure that the correct answer is given the first time every time. Which means if you end up being Uma, you might want to consider buying a ship and rounding up a pirate crew. You're destined to be one jolly, evil sea captain! 

While the Disney Descendants haven't come to Disneyland quite yet, you can meet their villainous parents instead. Watch Maleficent in her dragon form during Fantasmic! or take a picture with the Evil Queen. It's easy to embrace both your good and evil side when you visit Disneyland. 

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