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Make Your Own Mal Descendants Costume
October 5, 2017
Author: Adelle Belnap

No-sew Halloween costume tutorial for Mal from the Disney movie, Descendants. Make your own cute Mal Descendants costume jeans with just an iron and a few supplies from the fabric store. 

Mal Descendants Costume

Mal is one tough girl. There are so many ways to be wicked and Mal has mastered them all. I guess this is a side effect of being the daughter of Maleficent! But, she certainly isn't rotten to the core. In fact, by the end of her on screen adventures, the most wicked thing about Mal is her awesome wardrobe. She is always looking fierce. Mal knows how to make a statement with her purple hair, leather jacket and ripped jeans. 

Create your own Mal look for Halloween this year with this easy Mal Descendants Costume Tutorial. It doesn't require any sewing, so it's something that everyone can create! Once you pair your awesome crafted jeans with a purple jacket and some ankle boots, you will be ready to cast a spell this Halloween. 

Mal Descendants Costume Tutorial - You Will Need:
Pair of jeans (Preferably purple! But, any color works.)
1/2 yard Wonder Under iron-on transfer paper
12 inches 45 inch wide knit funky pattern fabric

Mal Descendants Costume Supplies

I have provided a pattern template for you to use on the thigh patch. If you look at Mal's outfit, her jeans have a leather patch just above her knee. You are going to need to adjust the template to fit the size of jeans that you have! This pattern was for a size 14 girls pants. 

Mal Descendants Costume Pattern

Print the template and cut it out. Place the pattern on the leg of the pants and check to see if you need to make it bigger or smaller. You could trace the template onto a new piece of paper and adjust the size, or just make adjustments when you are drawing on the transfer paper.

Wonder Under is really cool iron-on transfer paper that is sticky on both sides. I love using it for projects. You can buy it by the yard at the craft store. Cut a section of Wonder Under that is large enough to fit two of your patch pieces onto it. 

Iron the rough side of the Wonder Under onto the back side of the black fabric. There are instructions that come with the Wonder Under, but be sure to use dry heat and press the iron firmly to get a nice tight seal. 

Do not buy fabric that is too thick. The one I chose was a thin leathery looking fabric, but not actual leather. It stood up against the heat just fine. 

When it cools, you can trace the thigh patch pattern directly onto the paper backing of the Wonder Under. 

Mal Descendants Costume Trace

Cut around the traced lines. The Wonder Under prevents fraying in addition to making the fabric stick to the jeans. 

You need two of these pieces.

Mal Descendants Costume Cut Out

Peel off the wax paper layer and then lay the patch on the jeans where you want it to be.

Mal Descendants Costume No Sew

Now iron the patch in place. Again, make sure to press hard with the iron. Pay special attention to the edges. Iron a patch on both legs.

Iron the rough side of the remaining Wonder Under onto the back side of the knit fabric.This knit fabric will be the funky material that completes the jeans for your Mal Descendants costume.  

Mal Descendants Costume Iron

Mal's jeans have kind of a black and white spotted design on the torn sections. I found a fun snake skin pattern that worked for me! I don't think you need to be too picky. Just choose something funky. 

Cut the "ripped" sections out using scissors. I didn't have a pattern, so I just cut a bunch of different strips by hand. They don't need to be perfect! The ones at the top of the leg were a little bit longer than the ones by the ankles.

Mal Descendants Costume Fabric

Fold the first leg in half so that the front of the jeans are split down the middle. Then, peel the waxy back off of the Wonder Under and place the strips on the pant leg. Space them out how you want them before you iron them on. Then, iron them in place!

Repeat the process on the other side of the same pant leg. Then, do the other leg. It is pretty fun designing where you want the strips to go.

Once you are happy with how your strips look, you are ready to rock your wicked Mal Descendants Costume! 

Mal Descendants Costume Teens

You can finish the look in a variety of ways. A purple jacket or sweater would work for this Mal Descendants Costume. You can also get a Mal Descendants Costume wig from Amazon. If you aren't into wigs, then pick up a can of purple hair decorating spray from the Halloween store and have fun with it!

Mal Descendants Costume

This Mal Descendants Costume is perfect for trick-or-treating or attending Mickey's Halloween Party in Disneyland! If you weren't able to get tickets, check out 13 things you can do if you don't have Mickey's Halloween Party tickets here. As you can see, there's so much to see and do during the spooky season that you won't want to miss. Book your Disneyland package online or give our agents a call at 855-GET-AWAY. 

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