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Frozen Elsa Wand Tutorial
November 7, 2019
Author: Adelle Belnap

Make a Frozen Elsa Wand in less than five minutes with this cute and easy tutorial. 
Frozen fever is back and stronger than ever! The second movie in the Frozen franchise is set to hit theaters in just a few weeks. From the looks of the previews it is going to be an exciting adventure. Do you think the soundtrack will be able to compete with the first movie? I can't wait to find out.

Elsa Wands Finished

Frozen Elsa Wand Tutorial

Frozen 2 has inspired a whole new line of Frozen merchandise. The store shelves are stocked with stuffed Olaf dolls, Elsa and Anna costumes, plastic Sven reindeers, Frozen board games, Arendelle snow globes, and more! I even saw a light up snowflake Elsa wand. The wand got me thinking about creating a DIY Elsa wand tutorial. Some things are just better when you get to make it yourself. This craft is perfect for a Frozen 2 movie bash, a birthday party, or even just to create some Disney magic at home. 

So, I'll ask the question, "Do you want to build an Elsa Wand?"

Frozen Elsa Wand Supplies:

I do realize that Elsa doesn't really need a wand to work her icy magic. But, every little girl dreams of having a magic princess wand, so I couldn't resist a Frozen version. I know you understand!

Frozen Elsa Wand Tutorial - Getting Started

Gather up your supplies. You might not be able to find an exact match to the things I picked up at Walmart, but just look for items that are close. There were a ton of cool ornaments in the Holiday section at the store. It was hard to pick what I wanted. I've linked a lot of the items on Amazon above, so you can find some things and have them delivered right to your door.

Blue Elsa Wand supplies

Start by cutting the glitter wire fringe so that you have lots of little pieces. The fringe makes the snowflake at the top of the Elsa wand look like it is shooting out magic! Pretty cool.

blue Elsa Wand fringe

Frozen Elsa Wand Tutorial - Assembly

I picked up some long bamboo skewer sticks from the craft section. They were 32 inches long! So, I used my wire cutters to trim them down to 12 inches in length. It felt like a better size for an Elsa wand. 

Use a hot glue gun to attach the fringe to the top of the bamboo wand. Be careful not to get burned by the glue. 

firework blue sticks for Elsa Wand

Roll out the 1 inch ribbon and cut a section of it to match the length of your stick. Mine measured 12 inches. Then, fold the cut edges under so that they are tucked inside at the ends. 

measuring Elsa Wand

Squeeze a row of hot glue along one long side of the ribbon. Place the wooden skewer on the glue and then roll it tight so the ribbon wraps around the stick. When you get to the end, add another row of hot glue to finish it off and hold the ribbon in place.

glitter wrapped Elsa Wand

Then, snip the snowflakes off of the ornament so that they are all individual pieces. 

3 blue crafty snowflakes

The snowflakes I found were super easy to work with because they already had wire attached to them. I just ran the wire in a loop around the top of the wand. Then, squeezed the wire so it was wound nice and tight. The snowflake stayed in place perfectly without having to add any glue. Your wand should be starting to look fancy!

blue snowflake on else wand top

Frozen Elsa Wand Tutorial - Finishing Touches

The final step is to add the flowing ribbon. I used a 1/4 inch white ribbon and then a super thin 1/8 inch glitter turquoise ribbon. Cut them to be about 24 inches long. Since the turquoise ribbon was small, I decided to include two pieces of it and just one of the white. 

Tie the ribbon around the top part of the wand. Just do a nice little knot. It makes the wand fun to use because the ribbon flows like a nice snow flurry!

Ribbon tied on Elsa wand

This Frozen Elsa wand is super lightweight and extra sparkly! I swished it around the house for a minute and it handled quite nicely. I am sure your little princess if going to love making her own. Maybe you can even take it to the theaters to see Frozen 2! 

Pretty single finished Elsa Wand

Frozen at Disneyland Resort

Have you seen the Broadway show Frozen - Live at the Hyperion in Disneyland? It's an amazing, hour-long performance the whole family will love. If we can help plan your Disney vacation, give us a call at 855-GET-AWAY.


Easy Frozen Elsa Wand Tutorial


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