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Frozen Inspired Troll Valentines
January 20, 2015
Author: Adelle Belnap

With Valentine's Day fast approaching and Frozen Fun in full force at the Disneyland Resort, we thought it would be fun to bring the Love Experts to the blog -- the Trolls from Frozen! These cute rock creatures are full of great love advice and would love to help you give your special Valentine an extra level of authenticity this year with some of their best troll wisdom. 

Our Frozen Troll Valentine Bags are very easy to create. All you will need is:
Candy Filling
An Iron
Small Piece of Wax Paper
A Towel
To start, download the Troll Valentine Template and print it onto the transfer paper. Make sure you purchase the paper that is intended for light fabric and that goes on transparent. You can use the link that we provided above to get the exact kind of paper we used. The template image is flipped backwards so it will look funny when you print it out. When you iron it onto the bags, it will magically be turned the right way!

Cut out all of the troll images you need while leaving just a small border of white around the whole design.

Place a small square of wax paper inside each of your muslin bags. This will prevent the image from bleeding through onto the back of the bag when you iron it on.

Center the image, or place it how you like best, onto the front of the bag. Turn your iron on to a hot setting and turn off the steam. The steam will ruin the paper.  Next, lay a towel down on a hard surface. Place the bag on the towel then press the iron onto the transfer paper. Keep the iron pressed down firmly for at least 30 seconds to make sure the whole image transfers.

Once the paper is cool, peel the back part of the paper away from the bag and the image will appear! It is actually a lot of fun.

Repeat the process until all of the bags you need have been completed. The image transfers are very durable and will last through several washings.  That way the little sweethearts you give them to can fill the bags with goodies again and again! The love keeps on going and going.

Now you can fill the bags with whatever candy you like. I picked Whoppers because I thought they looked a lot like rocks.  Since the Trolls in Frozen are rocks, it felt like a good fit.

I hope you enjoy making these Troll Valentine Bags! The people on your love list will certainly think you "rock" for throwing a little love their way this Valentine's Day.
As always, the best place for love is Disneyland and they are fixin-up all sorts of magic with the new Frozen Fun at California Adventure. The Trolls would love for you to roll on over to the Happiest Place on Earth to meet all of their Frozen friends! We would love nothing more than to help you and your family experience the fun and excitement of Disney with any of our Disneyland packages. Book online or call our experts at 855-GET-AWAY! 
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