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Frozen Troll Easter Eggs
March 12, 2015
Author: Adelle Belnap


Frozen Fun is still available at Disney California Adventure Park with regular viewings of Frozen - LIVE at the Hyperion, as well as Elsa and Anna's Royal Welcome. Visitors get to immerse themselves in the make believe city of Arendelle with all of the characters that make the movie so lovable. With Spring and Easter just around the corner, we decided to create some Frozen Fun at home! These Frozen Troll Easter eggs are the perfect combination of simplicity and playfulness for everyone in your family to have a rockin' time! 

Frozen Troll Easter Eggs

This Easter egg tutorial is not only a wonderful way to celebrate the holiday, but a great way to teach the kids about plants and be crafty at home! We love this idea for keeping kids busy inside.

Frozen Troll Easter Egg Supplies

To start, crack a small opening in the top of a brown egg. Make the opening about the size of a quarter. Drain the egg filling from the shell. Be sure to rise the shell out well with water. You can use the egg for cooking so you're not being wasteful; whip up an omelet or scrambled eggs while the kids "plant" their troll Easter egg! 

Filling Troll Easter Eggs

Then, fill the egg half way up with potting soil.  Now add a tablespoon of wheat grass seeds to the soil. Shake the egg so the soil surrounds all of the seeds. Add a little bit of water to the soil so that it is damp, but not flooded. 


Decorating Troll Easter Eggs

Cut shapes out of colored felt to glue onto your troll eggs. We looked at a picture of the trolls from the Frozen movie to get inspiration for what we wanted our eggs to look like. The trolls have big noses and really big ears!  Here is where you can be really creative. We added some flowers and shells to some of our eggs. One troll in the movie grows a mushroom another earns a fire crystal. There are just so many possibilities! 

Glue your cut our shapes onto the troll eggs with a glue gun.

It will take about 1 week for the wheat grass to sprout and grow. After the first few days, you will be able to see some spouts appearing out the top of your egg shells. 

Keep lightly watering the soil to keep it moist. Put your Troll Easter eggs in sunlight, but not direct sunlight.

Once the grass is thick and full, you can proudly display your trolls! We had a great time trimming the "hair" with scissors. The grass will keep growing back! 


These Frozen Troll Eggs are such a fun and easy activity that your whole family can have a good time with! It is such an enjoyable way to celebrate a holiday by getting everyone together and being creative. I hope you have fun making your Frozen Troll Eggs this Spring! 

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