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Groot Party Favors
May 30, 2017
Author: Adelle Belnap

These Groot party favors are perfect for a Guardians of the Galaxy party! Use the Groot Chopsticks and Groot Takeout boxes to create a fun Guardians themed meal that is out of this world adorable.  

Groot Party

The Guardians of the Galaxy are seriously ruling the theaters and creating history at Disneyland right now! Have you seen the new movie yet? Rumor has it that it is even better than the first. It is packed full of enough dry humor, sarcasm, adventure and mystery to keep viewers on the edge of their seats. 
At Disney California Adventure Park, thrill seekers are literally lifting out of their seats on the new Guardians of the Galaxy - Mission: BREAKOUT! attraction. The reviews for the new ride are coming in after the grand opening this past weekend and the ride is a total blast. Rocket is his usual comedic self. He makes the adventure funny and light hearted, just like in the movies. I'd love to hear what you think of the attraction! Is it on your summer bucket list?

Groot Party Guardians of the Galaxy Mission Breakout Disneyland

One of the most popular heroes from Guardians of the Galaxy is Groot. He is a gentle giant. Even though he is a man of very few words, Groot is gaining a lot of attention at Disneyland. I can't believe how amazing he looks in real life. He is one cool tree. Groot signs autographs and greets guests during the Summer of Heroes at Disney California Adventure.

Groot Party Disneyland Groot

With all of the Guardians of the Galaxy stuff going on right now, I thought it would be fun to put together some Groot party favors for a Guardians of the Galaxy party. These favors are perfect for a Guarudians themed meal. After all, if you're going to be out saving the galaxy, you need to fuel up on something more substantial than snacks! 

Groot Party Chopsticks

Craft some Groot party favors with these fun chopsticks and takeout boxes. They are practical, easy and adorable. The perfect trio.
You Will Need:
Start by downloading the free printables for your Groot party favors. There is one for the Groot Takeout Boxes and another for the Groot Chopsticks. Print the Groot Takeout Boxes template onto shipping labels. They are formatted to fit the Avery Shipping Labels that are two inches by four inches with 10 per page. You can find them on Amazon here

Groot Party Print

You can purchase takeout boxes off of Amazon here. Peel the Groot label off of the sheet and stick it onto the takeout box. Make sure to get it centered right where you want it the first time. They do not come off easily!

Groot Party Label

I love how fast this process is. You can decorate a whole lot of boxes in a short amount of time.

Groot Party Boxes

The second part of the Groot party favors are the chopsticks. Chopstikcs are also very inexpensive and can be ordered off Amazon here. Keep the chopsticks in the covers to keep them clean and organized. 
Print the Groot Chopstick faces onto white cardstock paper. One sheet has about 50 faces. Cut around the little Groot heads.

Groot Party Heads

Next, you will need to cut some plain white paper rectangle pieces. They should be about a half of an inch wide by one inch long. Wrap one of the tabs around the top of the chopsticks. Make sure to squeeze them together so they are snug. Then tape the paper tab in place. This will hold the chopsticks together. 

Groot Party Tab

Now, tape a Groot Chopstick face onto the paper tab. Use double sided tape or a looped piece of Scotch tape to secure it in place. 

Groot Party Cute

Repeat the process until you have turned all of the regular chopsticks into adorable Guardians of the Galaxy Groot Chopsticks!

Groot Party Finished

You can serve a variety of fun foods with these Groot party favors. Obviously, Chinese food is a perfect option. But, don't limit yourself to just that! Fill the box with macaroni and cheese or ramen noodles. A tasty mixed fruit salad would be fun too. The possibilities are endless...just like the stars in the galaxy!

Groot Party Guardians

I hope you enjoy these Groot party favors and free printables. They are a lot of fun and really easy to make! You could even use them to hold snacks for your roadtrip to meet the Guardians of the Galaxy at Disneyland this summer. Or, use the Groot party favors to hold different treats and surprises to help your flight go by as fast as possible. No matter how you choose to use them, your little Guardian is sure to love them. 
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