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Halloween Fun for Kids: Mickey's Pumpkin Dice Game
September 17, 2015
Author: Adelle Belnap

Halloween is just around the corner, so I decided to carve up a little bit of pumpkin fun today for our blog! With this tutorial, you can create your very own Pumpkin Patch Mickey Game with just a few pieces of felt and our free printable dice template. Mickey makes every holiday fun, especially Halloween time! Check out the spook-tacular pumpkin decorations at the Disneyland resort this fall. See how many pumpkin Mickey's you can find during your stay. It is certainly an ear-ry sight.

You will need:
5 Orange Felt Squares
1 Black Felt Square
1 Navy Felt Square
2 Yellow Felt Squares
1 Pink Felt Square
Mickey Pumpkin Pattern
Mickey Pumpkin Extras Pattern
Mickey Dice Printable
Double Sided Tape

Start by printing off the felt piece patterns. I like to use cardstock, but any paper you use should be fine.


Cut the shapes from the paper.

Then, trace the shapes onto the felt.

Cut the felt shapes out. For each Mickey Pumpkin you will cut: one pumpkin head, two pumpkin ears, two eyes, one nose, and one mouth. The extra costume pieces are fun to have for the game. I chose to cut three of each of the extra costume pieces for a five player game. There are bat wings, a pirate patch, vampire teeth, a Minnie bow, and a wizard hat. Players will combine the costume pieces in all sorts of silly combinations during the game.

To make the game dice, print the template onto 11 x 17 inch paper. You can use standard printer paper if you want, but the dice will be smaller than the one shown in the photos. It will still work just fine.

Cut around the border of the dice. Fold it into a cube by following the lines on the pattern. Make a tight crease in the paper on all of the solid black lines.

Place a piece of double-sided tape onto the tabs and then stick the edges together.

The dice will be a nice cube when it is finished.

Playing the game is very simple! Each player starts with a Mickey pumpkin head. Then, they take turns rolling the dice. Each side of the dice is associated with a piece of the pumpkin face. The player gets to build their own Mickey pumpkin according to the roll of the dice. For example, if the player rolls the dice and it lands with the "Eye" showing, then they get to add an eye to their pumpkin face. The play continues around in the circle with each player taking turns rolling the dice and adding items to their pumpkin.

Place the Halloween costume pieces in the center of the play circle. If the dice shows the "Costume" picture, then the player gets to choose a costume accessory to add to their pumpkin. If the "Costume" picture is rolled numerous times during the game, the player can either switch costumes or just add additional costumes to their pumpkin. If the player rolls an item that is already on their pumpkin, then they don't get to play that turn. The player to build a complete Mickey Pumpkin first, wins!

This game is appropriate for boys and ghouls of all ages!


We played the Mickey Pumpkin game at my daughter's 1st Grade school Halloween party last year, and the kids loved it. We had a great time. I love finding inexpensive, simple and treat-free games to play at school parties. You could also bring the felt pieces to church (minus the dice) to use as a quiet activity. Or, instead of carving messy and slippery real pumpkins with your kids during the Halloween season, you could let them cut out their own pumpkin face pieces to put onto their felt pumpkin. It is a safe clean way to make jack-o-lanterns! Have fun with it!
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