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Origami Baby Yoda Printable
January 22, 2020
Author: Adelle Belnap

Make an origami Baby Yoda with this Star Wars printable with folding instructions.

Origami Baby Yoda Kids Craft

Ok! Have you seen The Mandalorian on Disney+ yet? It is crazy popular. The first live action Star Wars series is ridiculously fun to watch. There are new weapons, planets, clans and characters! But, the best part is Baby Yoda. Baby Yoda is taking the internet by storm. I had to add my own shout out to the adorable "possible offspring" of our favorite Jedi Master with this origami Baby Yoda printable. 

Origami Baby Yoda Printable

I actually got this idea from my two boys! They are totally into the whole Star Wars scene. A few days ago, my boys were sitting at the kitchen table doing a craft with paper and markers. My little blogger heart almost burst when I realized they were creating their very own Baby Yoda origami puppets. I was so impressed with their creativity! I had to make their Yoda template official! 

Now, everyone can make an origami Baby Yoda with this easy printable. It is almost as cute at the homemade version that my boys created. I hope you have fun making them!  

Origami Baby Yoda Header

Origami Baby Yoda Printable - Getting Started

Download the file here. It is a PDF file. Print it on regular computer paper. 

Stock up a computer paper HERE.

Invest in a paper cutter HERE.

Origami Baby Yoda Printable

Cut around the outside of the Baby Yoda printable. Keep your cut lines as straight as possible.  

Origami Baby Yoda Cut

Fold the template in half along the green center line. Make a crease. 

Origami Baby Yoda Fold 1

Then, open the paper and flip it over so the printed side is facing down on the table. Fold the bottom edges in towards the center. They should line up to your original fold line. Make a nice crease.

Origami Baby Yoda Fold 2

Open the template again and flip it back over so you can see the printed side. This next step is the only "tricky" part of the whole process! Notice how the template has four triangles at the top. Two are brown and two are green. You need to fold along the triangle lines. Start with the top two. See how the paper in the photo below has a crease that goes from the top corner to the folded line you made in step 2? 

Origami Baby Yoda Fold 3

You can see the crease here as well. 

Origami Baby Yoda Fold 4

Fold along the two green/white edges and then fold between the two brown/green lines as well. Just make sure to stop your new creases at the horizontal line you made in step 2 and you will be set! 

Tuck the triangle you made backwards on each side so it looks like this.

Origami Baby Yoda Fold 5

The green and brown triangle will fold completely together to look like the picture below. Then, tuck the bottom portion (brown strip) backwards so it meets up with the original center line. 

Origami Baby Yoda Fold 6

Bring the two side white edges together. As you fold the sides together, the brown Baby Yoda robe will form. Make the edges meet in the middle of Yoda's body. 

Origami Baby Yoda Fold 7

Crease along the folded edges so the robe stays in place. 

Origami Baby Yoda Origami

Isn't he adorable? Check out "Baby Yoda" in his best moments on The Mandalorian. And then, head on over to Disneyland to see the Star Wars characters in person at Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge! You can find out everything you need to know about Galaxy's Edge on our Packed with Fun blog. Have fun exploring.


DIY Origami Baby Yoda Printable || Get Away Today


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