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Super Easy, No-Sew Disney Drawstring Bag Tutorial
August 24, 2017
Author: Adelle Belnap

An easy no-sew bag will have your kids ready for school, trick-or-treating and more. You'll be able to transform a cotton T-shirt into a cute Disney drawstring bag in minutes with this tutorial. No sewing skills necessary! 

Disney Drawstring Bag Tutorial

I ran into the cutest Marvel shirts on clearance while we were back-to-school shopping and thought to myself, "These would make really awesome trick or treat bags!" I love it when my kids' trick-or-treat bags coordinate with their costumes. It just makes the costume so much cooler when everything ties together perfectly. Since my boys are into Marvel super heroes right now, I had to grab them and see what I could do. I'm so excited to show you how easy it is to transform a regular T-shirt into a totally functional Disney drawstring bag! 

Disney Drawstring Bag Tutorial Pull

To make your Disney drawstring bag, you will need:

Start with a nice cotton T-shirt. I picked a Marvel shirt because I made this Disney drawstring bag to coordinate with my son's Iron Man costume! Speaking of Iron Man, are you loving all of the super hero movies that are being released lately? Marvel Studios, and the super hero trend, is on a roll. 

Disney Drawstring Bag Tutorial Shirts

Speaking of super heroes, have you been to the Summer of Heroes at Disneyland? The big event is wrapping up on September 10th, but Disney has confirmed they will be working on a Marvel-inspired land in Disney California Adventure in the coming years. How amazing will that be?! Your kids will love having their own Disney drawstring bags to match the super heroes, whether you visit now or later. 

Honestly, you could choose any screen printed design for your no-sew Disney drawstring bag. I think a Beauty and the Beast or Princess Sofia design would be adorable for a little girl. There are so many options! 

Turn the shirt inside out. Lay it flat on a cutting board or on a table. If you are making the Disney drawstring bag for a child, I would cut about 2 inches off of the bottom of the shirt. I didn't do this in my tutorial because I was doing it for the first time, but it would have made it a tiny bit smaller to fit on a child-sized back. 

Cut slits from the bottom of the shirt up towards the top. Each strip should be about 1/2 inches wide by 3 inches long. Travel all the way across the bottom of the shirt. Leave the sides of the shirt intact. 

Disney Drawstring Bag Tutorial Shirts Strips

Then, cut off the sleeves at an angle. You want about 2.5 to 3 inches of fabric left on the outside of the sew line.

Disney Drawstring Bag Tutorial Shirts Sleeves

Cut the sleeve into strips just like you did along the bottom of the shirt. 

Start with the sleeves and tie the top layer of the strip to the bottom layer of each cut strip. Make a square knot and pull it tight. Work your way across both sleeve openings.


Disney Drawstring Bag Tutorial Shirts Sides


Then, move to the bottom of the shirt. Tie the strips just like you did on the sleeves. Note: Leave the two side strips along the bottom of the shirt alone. Do not tie them into a knot during this step. You will need them later in the process. 

Disney Drawstring Bag Tutorial Shirts Buttom

Some of the holes between the tied strips might be a little bit too big. If you feel like you need to close them up, then you can do an extra little step here. Tie the top layer of one strip to the bottom layer of the strip right next to it. This "cross tying" will close up any gaps in the seam. You may want to do this along all of the knots just to make a nice tight closure everywhere.

Now, cut a slit in the side of the neckline. You will need a slit on both sides of the neckline just above where the shoulder seam attaches to the collar. 

Disney Drawstring Bag Tutorial Shirts Snip

Cut two pieces of thin rope into 60 inch strips. You can melt the ends of the rope with a match to prevent fraying. 

Hook a safety pin onto the end of one of your rope sections. Thread the rope through the slit in the neckline and feed it around the entire loop of the shirt.

Disney Drawstring Bag Tutorial Shirts Thread

It should enter and exit the shirt on the same side. 

Disney Drawstring Bag Tutorial Shirts String

Then, thread the second rope onto the safety pin. Repeat the process, but enter the shirt from the opposite side than the first time. This rope will travel all the way around the neckline to exit out the same side that you started from. Each side of the shirt should have two strands of rope coming out of the cut neckline seams. 

Tie each of the ends of the rope in a knot.

Now turn the shirt so it is right side out. Pull the two untied end strips from the bottom of the shirt through so they are hanging out the bottom.

Wrap the side strip around the knotted portion of the rope and tie it into a knot securing the rope in place at the bottom of the shirt. Make sure the knot is tight. Then, tie the second rope end to the shirt in the same fashion on the opposite side.   

Disney Drawstring Bag Tutorial Shirts Attatch

Tuck the rope and the strips back inside of the shirt. There will be a little hole that you can poke them through. Turn the shirt back inside out. Tie the end strips to the strip of shirt that is just next to them to close the hole. Kind of like how we closed the gaps earlier.

Turn your Disney drawstring bag back right side out and it is ready to go! 


Disney Drawstring Bag Tutorial Shirts Top


This no-sew Disney drawstring bag tutorial is super easy and it really only takes about 10 minutes from start to finish.

Disney Drawstring Bag Tutorial Shirts Finished

You can take your cute no-sew Disney drawstring bag trick-or-treating or use it for a vacation backpack. Fill it with dance shoes or sports equipment. You could even use it for a beach bag. There are so many options. 

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