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Kids Sail Free and More Disney Cruise Line FAQs
March 11, 2024

UPDATED MARCH 2024. Here at Get Away Today we love exploring everything Disney Cruise Line has to offer. From each Disney Cruise Line ship, ports of call all over the world, outstanding on board entertainment and dining experiences, our Cruise team knows every in and out of cruising with Disney.

We also answer tons of Disney Cruise Line questions online and during our Facebook live Q&A sessions. To help make your planning a little easier, we've compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about Disney Cruise Line, including various promotions offered throughout the year.

Disney Cruise Line Basic FAQs

Want to know more about Disney Cruise Lines and how you can make a vacation happen for your family? Let us answer the basic questions about Disney Cruise Line and you’ll be sailing in no time.

How many ships does Disney Cruise Line have?

Disney Cruise Line currently has five ships in their fleet, with three more announced for future sailings.

What are the names of the Disney Cruise ships?

There are currently six cruise ships with names on Disney Cruise Line including:

Where does Disney Cruise Line sail?

Disney Cruise Line sails to various destinations around the world, including the Caribbean, Bahamas, Europe, Alaska, and Mexico. You can see all the announced destinations and itineraries here.

Where does Disney Cruise Line sail from?

Disney Cruise Line sails from various destinations including: You can see all the announced itineraries here.

Disney Cruise Line Discounts FAQs

We love a good Disney vacation discount and are the leading provider of discount Disneyland vacation packages and more. Our knowledgeable team extends their love for saving you money to Disney Cruise Line vacations as well.

From time to time, we are able to offer discounts on select sailings and while availability does go fast, we always keep you in the loop for any available savings.

What’s included in the price of a Disney Cruise?

The price of a Disney Cruise includes your stateroom, meals, entertainment, most onboard activities, various kids’ clubs, lounges, clubs and a visit to Disney’s private island (on most Bahamas and Caribbean cruises). Certain activities may require an additional fee such as spa treatments, shore excursions, and specialty dining just to name a few.

What is not included in the price of a Disney Cruise?

There are some optional activities on Disney Cruise Line that require an extra charge. Those include spa treatments, salon visits, phone calls, photos, video games, babysitting for children 12 weeks to three years old, Internet, shopping, specialty dining, alcoholic beverages, and specialty drinks from select vendors.

How much is a Disney Cruise?

The cost of a Disney Cruise always depends on a number of factors including dates, length of the sailing, and the category you book. The least expensive staterooms are normally the first to go, so you'll want to book first for highly desirable cruise dates like holidays and school breaks.

Shorter cruises are normally less expensive than longer cruises. However, longer cruises often have a lower per night price. Our team can help you compare overall cost vs. overall value. Feel free to give us a call at 877-510-2929 for any of your Disney Cruise Line questions.

What is the average cost of a Disney Cruise?

The average cost of a Disney Cruise varies dramatically depending on a number of factors, but we do keep a current list of sample Disney Cruise prices that can be used to get an idea of cost.

How can I get the best price on my Disney Cruise?

Getting the best price on your Disney Cruise includes being flexible— our agents would love to look at all of the different dates, staterooms, and itineraries to determine which is the best price for your family's Disney Cruise.

Does Disney Cruise Line use MagicBands?

Disney Cruises use similar technology to MagicBands called DisneyBands+. They are lightweight, waterproof wristbands that unlock the magic during your vacation. You can read all about DisneyBands+ on Disney Cruises here.

Does Disney Cruise Line have Kids Sail Free?

No, Disney Cruise Line is not currently offering kids sail free, but may offer 3rd and 4th guests free on occasion. The last time Disney Cruise Line had kids sail free was in 2013.

What ages are considered "kids" on Disney Cruise Line?

Kids are considered from infant to 17 years old on Disney Cruise Line.

How many kids can sail for free?

As noted above, Disney Cruise Line is not currently offering kids sail free. However, most staterooms sleep up to four guests. Typically for any active promotion (kids sail free or 3rd and 4th guest free), the first two guests in each stateroom pay full price regardless of age.

Does Disney Cruise Line have 3rd and 4th Guest Sail Free?

No, Disney Cruise Line is not currently offering 3rd and 4th guest sail free. This limited time offer was in 2022 for Disney+ subscribers.

Disney Cruise Line Stateroom FAQs

How many people fit in one room on Disney Cruise Line?

Most staterooms sleep up to four guests, but larger suites are available. If you have a larger family or group, we can help you price out the cost of a suite and multiple staterooms to see which will offer you the best value for space. Staterooms that sleep larger groups are limited and tend to sell out first.

What are the different types of staterooms on Disney Cruise Ships?

There are some differences between staterooms on each Disney Cruise ship, but generally you can choose from these different staterooms:
  • Inside
  • Oceanview
  • Verandah
  • Concierge

More Disney Cruise Line FAQs

Have more questions? We’re here for you! Read through these Disney Cruise Line FAQs and submit your questions in the comments section.

When is the best time to go on a Disney Cruise?

The best time to go on a Disney Cruise depends on things like Disney’s itineraries, weather and your family schedule. The best overall time to cruise is anytime you can make it work for your family. On top of that, Disney continually moves their ships to the peak destinations during the most ideal travel times for that location.

Do I need a Passport to sail on Disney Cruise Line?

A passport is required to enter or re-enter the United States by air. If you are leaving and returning to the United States via Disney Cruise Line, you can use a Government issued photo ID with an original copy of your birth certificate.

However, we strongly recommend Passports for all travelers in case you need to return to the States by air. Once you've booked, you'll want to download the Disney Cruise Line Navigator app to access all relevant documentation for your sailing

How old does my baby have to be to sail on Disney Cruise Line?

Children must be 12 weeks old on the day you set sail to sail on Disney Cruise Line.

Can I sail on Disney Cruise Line if I'm pregnant?

You can sail on Disney Cruise Line up until your 24th week of pregnancy. Once you're in your 24th week (as of embarkation), you will be refused passage due to safety concerns. Disney Cruise Line will not accept a liability waiver or physician's statement. They also cannot be held responsible or liable for any pregnancy complications during any stage of pregnancy.

What type of activities are available on a Disney Cruise?

There are so many activities for all ages on Disney Cruise Line. Some of our favorites include:
  • Bon Voyage party
  • Pirate night
  • Seasonal celebrations
  • Live shows and performances
  • Clubs and lounges
  • Trivia
  • Games
  • Sports
  • Swimming
  • And more

What type of food is available on a Disney Cruise?

Every type of food you can imagine, and most of it is all included in your cost! From fanciful restaurants, gourmet dining to casual bites—it’s all served with a dash of Disney whimsy at various eateries throughout the ship. You can also order room service at no extra charge, any time of day or night. We love Animator’s Palate, a favorite restaurant found on all of the Disney Cruise Line ships.

Is there a dress code on a Disney Cruise?

In general, most onboard dining locations are "cruise casual,” so casual attire, such as shorts and T-shirts, is permitted, with the exception of swimwear and tank tops. On special theme nights you might also want to bring pirate attire and/or accessories, clothing for optional “dress-up nights"—jacket for men, dress or pantsuit for women.

In addition some adults-only restaurants require casual attire with a polished look such as dress pants, jeans in good condition, collared shirts and blouses and lifestyle shoes.

Booking Your Disney Cruise

Don’t be afraid to jump right in–the water is warm. You’re now that much closer to the Disney Cruise you’ve been dreaming about.

We hope this helps you plan your next cruise and answers some questions about Disney Cruise Line. If you have any other questions, or would like personalized assistance for your Disney Cruise, call our Cruise Specialists at 877-510-2929.


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Samantha - Please call our cruise specialists at 877-510-2929 or send us a direct message on Facebook for a cruise estimate. Thank you!

Budgeting a Disney cruise for 2020. Our family of 5 (2 adults & 3 kids) are flexible with schedule. What price range should we expect? Looking for mid-January. Thanks.

Hi Sue! Currently Disney Cruises is not offering a Kids Sail Free promotion; they haven't been known to do so for a number of years. However, if you'd like to save on a Disney cruise, we recommend booking early to lock in savings (and have a longer period of time to pay off the vacation before travel). We do currently have a Kids Sail Free promo with Royal Caribbean, and you can find more information about that in today's blog article: https://www.getawaytoday.com/travel-blog/virgin-atlantic-cruise-line-virgin-voyages The info about Royal Caribbean's Kids Sail Free in near the bottom of the post!

Hi do you have offer for kids sail free ??

Hi Alice! None of the 2019 sailings will be offering Kids Sail Free. This offer was last heard of in 2013 and hasn't been applicable to any sailings since. You can still save by booking in advance and taking advantage of making payments, though. Give our cruise agents a call at 877-510-2929 for more info!

Which cruises coming up through 2019 will be kids sail free.??

Hi Ann, It's highly unlikely. Disney hasn't done any Kids Sail Free cruises for quite a few years now. The best way to save on a Disney Cruise is to book as early as possible. Disney recently released 2018 dates and they are already booking up! By booking in advance, you can put down 20% for your deposit and the total is due approximately 75-90 before your sail date. It makes it really affordable to spread it out like that!

Any kids sail free days coming up in 2019

Hi Lisa, Disney Cruise Line doesn't have an offer for a single adult. Most cruise lines, including Disney, charge the same price for the first two passengers, regardless of age. Then, they will offer discounted rates for any additional passengers sharing the same stateroom. With that said, Disney hasn't had a Kids Sail Free offer since we published this in 2013 because they are so popular. If you're looking for a good cruise deal, we definitely recommend calling our cruise specialists at 877-510-2929. :)

Hi Jen, Disney has not had any Kids Sail Free offers since this one in 2013. Their cruises are incredibly popular and we don't anticipate this particular offer coming up again any time soon. Be assured that if it does, we will be promoting it like crazy all over our website and social media!

I'm a single mom. Is there anyway I can just pay for one person? I don't have a second adult and would be wasting money

has Disney announced Kids Sail Free dates?

I love it.

Hey Anonymous, no Disney has not released any kids sail free offers for 2016 or 2017. Be sure to follow us on FB, because if they do, we'll be sure to announce it there as soon as it happens. :)

Has Disney Cruise announced any Kids Sail Free dates for 2016-2017?

Ms. Williams - if you booked your cruise through us you'll need to call our cruise department at 877-510-2929 immediately so we can get in touch with Disney Cruise Line. Disney Cruise Line recently made changes to their infant sailing policy, so it will depend on when you booked. Also, we will need to ensure that your cabin will accommodate an extra guest and there will most likely be a fare (although greatly reduced) if your infant is allowed to sail. Thanks!

Hi i book a cruise and 2015 n i just had a baby she will b 12 weeks when its my cruise time so will she free n can she go.

Hi LO, We haven't heard any announcements of any upcoming Kids Sail Free. When they are released they are normally more for shorter booking periods. If a Kids Free Special comes up, we always post it to our Facebook page and website. It's a good idea to follow us there. :)

is there a kids sail free coming up for 2015? When might i start looking

Hi Brenda, If you've booked a Disney Cruise and a Kids Sail Free offer comes out, we can contact the cruise line to see if we can rebook it for you with the new special. Occasionally the cruise line will put a rule that it only applies to new bookings, but most of the time, they'll work with you. We're always happy to help with any questions. :)

If u purchase a vacation and the kids sale free comes available do you get reimbursed that

Julie, it's hard to say. We hope so! If it comes available we'll post it on our blog and social media sites as soon as we hear. The last Kids Sail Free offers from Disney Cruise Line have been for more last minute sailings.

Is there going to be any sail for free for kids in 2014?

Hi Alicia, there may be. When Disney Cruise Line offers Kids Sail Free it is usually for somewhat last minute cruises (normally a couple months in advance) that aren't as full. Because Disney Cruise Line is so popular, Kids Sail Free doesn't pop-up that often and we never get any advance notice. When it does come up, we always post it immediately on our blog, Facebook page, and normally send an email to those on our list as well. So, keep following us and hopefully we'll be posting some great deals!

Hello, hate I missed this sell. Will there be another opportunity for kids sailing free for this year (2013)? Thanks in advance for your help.

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