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Disneyland Resort
Holidays at Disneyland Photo Checklist
November 22, 2017
Author: Lex Tingey

Visiting the Merriest Place on Earth this year? Read our complete Holidays at Disneyland Photo Checklist to make sure you don’t miss any Christmas card-worthy shots!

Holidays at Disneyland Photo Checklist

A magical transformation takes place at Disneyland every year. Running from mid-November through the first week of January each year (November 10 – January 7 for 2017), the Happiest Place on Earth becomes the Merriest Place on Earth. Festive décor, deliciously sweet treats and seasonal ride overlays can be found at Disneyland and Disney California Adventure Park.

With so much to see and do, we know you’ll want to document as much of your Disneyland vacation as you can. To help, we’ve put together a list of our favorite photo spots for the Holidays. Even if you don’t choose any of these as your Christmas card picture, you’ll have them to remember the magical memories made. Our Holidays at Disneyland Photo Checklist includes both Disneyland and California Adventure, so that you’ll have plenty of shots to choose from. Check it out below and let us know in the comments what your favorite Holiday picture spot in Disneyland is!

Holidays at Disneyland Photo Checklist

Holidays at Disneyland Photo Checklist: Disneyland Park

Main Street U.S.A. Christmas Tree. This may be the most iconic picture spot on our Holidays at Disneyland Photo Checklist. The tree stands 60 feet tall and has more than 1,800 ornaments among its branches. We can’t imagine the work that goes to put this together all in one night, but sure appreciate it for our Disneyland photos!

Holidays at Disneyland Photo Checklist Tree

Characters in Christmas finery. Keep an eye out for Mickey and his pals, dressed in their holiday best. This is a fun one to capture, especially if you have a collection of the characters in all their different outfits.

it’s a small world Holiday. We recommend capturing this Holidays at Disneyland Photo Checklist spot at night, when it’s lit up for the whole world to see. The entire façade lights up in a myriad of rainbow colors, making it the perfect background for any ensemble.

Holidays at Disneyland Photo Checklist Small World Holiday

Your favorite Holiday treat. Whether you prefer the Peppermint Mickey Beignets or the Peppermint Ice Cream, don’t forget to grab a picture. You can snap a selfie as you take the first delicious bite or snap a shot of the treat in front of the castle. It’s up to you!

A Christmas Fantasy Parade. Don’t miss a picture of the merriest parade during your vacation either. From dancing reindeer and gingerbread to Santa himself, there are plenty of photos to be taken during the fun procession.

New Orleans Square. The cobble-stoned streets of New Orleans Square have been bedecked with holiday spirit. Glittering wreaths, lights and more adorn the balconies and shops found here. Make sure to stop for a picture or two here – you’ll likely be surprised with some live Jazz to make it an even better picture-perfect memory.

Haunted Mansion Holiday. The Haunted Mansion Holiday is another popular spot on our Holidays at Disneyland Photo Checklist. The ride overlay has quickly become a favorite during both the Halloween and Holiday celebrations at Disneyland. Plus, there are a variety of photos to choose from – whether it’s posing in front with the Jack-O-Lantern Scarecrow or a picture of the decked-out mansion alone.

Holidays at Disneyland Photo Checklist Haunted Mansion Holiday

Sleeping Beauty’s Winter Castle. Scratch what we said before, this is definitely the most iconic spot on our Holidays at Disneyland Photo Checklist. Sleeping Beauty’s Winter Castle has become a staple of the Holidays at Disneyland, for both night and day pictures. We personally love Sleeping Beauty’s Winter Castle in the evening, when it glitters with thousands of lights and snow-capped turrets.

“Believe... In Holiday Magic” Fireworks. If you’re able to tear your eyes away from the beautiful spectacular, we suggest snapping a few pictures. There’s just something special about a picture of the fireworks erupting behind Sleeping Beauty’s Winter Castle. It’s a must on any Holidays at Disneyland Photo Checklist.

Holidays at Disneyland Photo Checklist Fireworks

Holidays at Disneyland Photo Checklist: Disney California Adventure Park

Buena Vista Street Christmas Tree. The Christmas tree on Buena Vista Street is another must for your holiday photo album. Bonus points if you manage to capture a selfie with Mickey or his friends with the tree in the background.

a bug’s land. Oversized Christmas lights and holiday décor can be found all throughout a bug’s land in California Adventure. It’s the perfect picture spot for families of all ages.

Festival of Holidays. There are so many great spots for pictures at the Festival of Holidays that we decided just to list the festival as a whole. Whether you’re snapping pictures of the food, the Toy Soldiers performing, or the activities at each kiosk, we’re sure you’ll capture a multitude of amazing pictures. Plus, it may be the only spot on our Holidays at Disneyland Photo Checklist that includes so much delicious food.

Disney ¡Viva Navidad!. The colorful celebration of Latin-American culture also provides many photo opportunities for your Disneyland vacation. Parades, music, activities, Eleanor of Avalon….the list goes on and on for all the photo-worthy fun found at Disney Viva Navidad!

Holidays at Disneyland Photo Checklist Disney Viva Navidad

Santa Claus himself. That’s right, you can meet the big man himself at the Redwood Creek Challenge in Disney California Adventure. The whole family will be able to pose for a picture or two before sharing their Christmas List with Santa. If you visit later in the Holidays, you may find Goofy Santa here instead. Santa can’t be away from his workshop for too long during the busy season, after all!

Cars Land. This may be the most popular spot on our Holidays at Disneyland Photo Checklist this year!  There are so many fun things to capture on camera here, including the Cars Land sign, Mater’s Jingle Jamboree, Luigi’s Joy to the Whirl, hubcap decorations, seasonal treats from the Cozy Cones and more. Make sure to visit Cars Land in the day and night during the Holidays. Cars Land becomes even more magical when the sun sets, and thousands of colorful lights illuminate the land.

Holidays at Disneyland Photo Checklist Cars Land

Paradise Pier. This may not be the most “holiday-themed” of our Holidays at Disneyland Photo Checklist, but you’ll want to make sure you snag a picture or two of your family here. Why? Because Paradise Pier will be closing after the Holidays to begin its transformation to Pixar Pier. This year’s festive celebration is the last chance to see and capture it as Paradise Pier.

Did you know there were so many Christmas card-worthy picture spots in Disneyland and Disney California Adventure? We hope you capture them all and more on your upcoming Holiday vacation.

If you haven’t booked your vacation for the Holidays at Disneyland, there’s still time! Just imagine surprising your family with the gift of a Disneyland vacation this year. A gift like that will create memories to last a lifetime. Plus, our discount Disneyland tickets and reduced hotel rates help make it more affordable. You can book online or give our Disney experts a call at 855-GET-AWAY. 

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