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Disneyland Resort
How Many Days Do I Need at Disneyland?
March 16, 2023

UPDATED MARCH 2023 "How many days do I need at Disneyland?" is one of our most frequently asked questions at Get Away Today. In fact, it's probably asked just after "When is the best time to go to Disneyland?" and "Where should I stay for my Disneyland vacation?" and "Which Disneyland Park is the best?" We have the answers to these questions and more.

How Many Days Do I Need at Disneyland?

After you've figured out when you are going to visit Disneyland, you may find yourself asking "How many days do I need at Disneyland?" The answer can vary greatly and will depend on a few things. The first thing that really matters is how long you can stay at Disneyland.

There are so many things from rides to attractions to shows and entertainment, that it's impossible to see it all in only a couple of days. If you're going during a busier time, you'll of course want to stay longer. But, even if you're not, we always recommend going for as many days as you can.

How Many Days Do I Need at Disneyland? - Most Popular Ticket

We should start by saying that the shortest length of ticket we recommend is the 3-day ticket. In fact, this is our most popular ticket, and our Disneyland packages come standard with 3-day Park Hopper tickets.

A Park Hopper ticket is a great choice if you can't choose which Disneyland Park is the best! Don't limit yourself and instead spend a couple of hours in each park on the same day! This is especially helpful if it rains during your Disneyland visit. If you can only do three days, we recommend spending one full day in Disneyland, one full day in Disney California Adventure Park and splitting your third and final day between the two. Of course, you can have a little variation to your Disneyland vacation depending on when you're traveling and what shows are available.

How Many Days Do I Need at Disneyland? - Our Recommendation

Although a 3-day ticket may be our most popular, it's not the one we recommend the most. So when you ask "How many days do I need at Disneyland?" Our answer for the best experience is to purchase the longest length of stay possible. And that's a 5-day Disneyland ticket.

Five full days may seem like a lot, but we promise it flies by when you're at Disneyland Resort. There are so many reasons why we think the 5-day Park Hopper ticket is optimal, but here are just a few:

1. Nighttime Shows

There are a ton of awesome nighttime shows between the two parks with no way to see all of them in one night. For example, it's almost impossible to do World of Color, and any of the shows in Disneyland on the same night.

Between the Fantasmic! World of Color, the fireworks, parades, projections and more, that's five shows right there! If you love the entertainment at Disneyland then the answer to "How many days do I need at Disneyland?" is definitely five. You'll be able to plan a show for each of your five nights.

It's also important to note that World of Color at Disney California Adventure may require use of a Virtual Queue for better viewing options. New attractions and entertainment often use Virtual Queues as well.

2. Weekend Entertainment

Going along with all of the entertainment, if you're going during a non-peak season time, the fireworks and other daytime entertainment may only be available on the weekend. By having a five day ticket, you're guaranteed that at least one of your days will have fireworks, unless there is wind.

3. Disneyland Weather

Unfortunately high winds or too much rain can cancel the day's parades and shows. If you were really looking forward to the Magic Happens parade that is playing during Disney100 but it was canceled one day because of rain, you'll have more opportunities to try again with a 5-day ticket. If you know you'll be visiting during possible rain, then five days should be your answer to "How many days do I need at Disneyland?"

4. Disneyland Food

Both the parks and Downtown Disney have so many restaurants that you will really want to enjoy. There just aren't enough meals in three days for you to enjoy them all! If you consider yourself a foodie, the only answer to "How many days do I need at Disneyland?" is five. By spreading out your vacation over five days, you can easily enjoy one really good meal at one of the restaurants inside the parks.

Our personal, Get Away Today recommendations for table service restaurants are:
  • Blue Bayou
  • Carthay Circle
  • Lamplight Lounge
  • Wine and Country Trattoria

Additionally, there are some amazing quick service restaurants that you'll want to try. Downtown Disney also has some amazing restaurants that you'll want to enjoy and with five full days, you have the luxury of leaving the parks to eat.

5. Breaks and Lower Crowds

You need five days at Disneyland to avoid the busiest parts of the day. By having five days, you don't have to feel like you have to spend every minute of the day at the parks to get the most out of your trip. With a 5-day ticket, you can get to the parks early to beat the crowds. Then as the day goes on and the parks get busier, you can take a break.

Go back to your hotel for a nap or a swim, have a leisurely lunch at one of the themed restaurants in Downtown Disney or even hit the beach! Then, come back at night for World of Color or the fireworks.

Extending to five days can make your Disneyland vacation relaxing. Well, maybe not quite relaxing, but at the very least, super enjoyable and not rushed. Does a laid back Disneyland vacation sound good to you? Then five days is your golden answer to "How many days do I need at Disneyland?"

6. Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

This new area of Disneyland opened May 31, 2019, and as the largest Disneyland expansion in recent history, you'll need an extra day just to explore it all! Give yourself plenty of time to enjoy the attractions, rides and food in Star Wars land Disneyland by purchasing the 5-day Park Hopper ticket.

7. Save the Most on Your Disneyland Tickets

Did we mention our Extra Day Free Disneyland tickets? That’s right, with 5 days one of those could be free! Coupled with our Extra Night Free hotel specials, you don't have an excuse to not get the 5-day Disneyland Park Hopper ticket. It is by far the best value for your Disneyland vacation, and gives you the best experience possible. So the next time you ask yourself "How many days do I need at Disneyland?" The answer is five.

Book Your 5 Days at Disneyland Vacation

With Get Away Today as your travel partner, there has never been a better time to visit the Disneyland Resort and experience all of the fun. Book your Disneyland package online or call our travel experts at 855-GET-AWAY. Either way, you'll get our Best Price, Best Service Guarantee.

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Shaikh- That depends on what your priorities are! Do you want to fit in as many rides as possible? Then purchase Disney MaxPass so you can maximize the time you have. Do you want to see shows? Do you want to just explore Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge and interact with the land using the Play Disney Parks app? Are you traveling with young kids? Adults? We'd love to help you plan based on your expectations.

Heyy... May I know what are the best places/areas we are supposed to go in Disneyland if we have shortage of time????

Hi Abby - that's so great to hear! We don't offer one day tickets at a discount, but can help you purchase those over the phone at 855-GET-AWAY.

We can only manage one day due to time constraints. ... we managed to do everything we wanted to do which was great! Does Get Away Today offer one day tickets at all?

Hi Clara! One day is definitely not enough to enjoy all the attractions. We'd suggest at least two at the bare minimum, but tend to see 3 and 5-Day tickets purchased the most. Please let us know if you have any other questions!

is one day enough to enjoy all the attractions

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